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How to Enable Mobile Apps on Ford SYNC 3?

How to Enable Mobile Apps on Ford SYNC 3?

Several people enable the applications of their mobiles on the Ford SYNC 3. I pair my android phone with it to enjoy Pandora and Spotify through the voice command feature. 

How to Enable Mobile Apps on Ford SYNC 3? You can enable mobile apps on Ford SYNC 3 by connecting the iPhone through a USB cable, connecting the Android phone through Bluetooth pairing, selecting settings, opening apps, and moving the toggle to the right to enable. Select and exit through the voice command button.

Many individuals keep their smartphones away from the Ford infotainment system. But, I connect my phone immediately with the SYNC 3 after entering my pickup truck. 

What is the method to enable mobile apps on Ford SYNC 3?

You can use your favorite smartphone applications on your Ford SYNC 3 AppLink. The connection between the phone and SYNC 3 is possible within seconds. 

You can connect your phone directly to the infotainment system of your pickup truck. However, you can use Bluetooth connectivity when you have an android phone. 

You can activate Bluetooth on your smartphone and activate this feature on SYNC 3. You can wait for the option pair on your android phone. 

However, it shows OK during the pairing condition. Therefore, you can pair them to access the available mobile applications on the screen of your Ford. 

Then, you can open its settings by using the button or voice control. You can push the option for smartphone apps.

Now, you can select the enable option. You can move the toggle to the right side and enable the connection. 

You can push the icon apps and open the available options. Then, you can select them and use them according to the requirements. 

You can use them on it until the Bluetooth connection is stable. However, you can connect the iPhone to the SYNC 3 through a USB cord. 

One end of the cord connects to the smartphone port, and the other to the screen port. It establishes a connection between them which supports the standard functions without interruption. 

You can access the iPhone applications on the screen and use them according to your needs. Furthermore, you can select them on the SYNC 3 of your pickup truck through the voice command. 

You can turn on the toggle and enable them on the system. Then, you can approach the voice command button on the steering wheel. 

You can push it and speak their names. It directly enables them on the screen. Then, you can use it without interruption. 

You can change the app through the voice command feature. You can push the button again and say exit application. 

As a result, it deactivates, and you cannot use it until it activates through the voice command. Then, you can press the button again and speak another name to enable that on the screen.

You can use these techniques to enable available and favorite applications on the infotainment system.

You can enjoy your favorite music and access the radio through this system. 

Why would you enable mobile apps on Ford SYNC 3?

I connect my android phone with SYNC 3 to use mobile applications, which improves my driving attention. You can enable them on your Ford infotainment for the following reasons.  

Easy access

It can identify the running applications of your Android mobile or iPhone. It can show these apps on your screen, and you can use them through the voice command. 

You can select one available app at once. However, you can change it by sending voice command signals to the infotainment system. 

The system instantly exits from the app. The voice command and front screen make the smartphone apps easy to access. 

You can select them within seconds without even looking at the truck screen. Moreover, you can place your iPhone or android mobile aside because your phone applications remain available on display.

You can use the similar adjusted channels of your smartphone radio on your infotainment system. Moreover, you can easily access smartphone media in a few seconds. 

More driving focuses

Many people use mobile maps to identify their driving routes. In such circumstances, they look at their phones multiple times. 

It distracts them because their focus reduces. I cannot maintain focus on the road while keeping the maps activated on my smartphone. 

However, you can reduce such problems by connecting the mobile with the Ford SYNC 3. You can enable the applications of your smartphone on the system. 

You can find the map information of your phone on the screen. You can access the navigation and maps by looking at the screen. 

However, you can send voice signals to the system and turn off the maps anytime. It increases the driving focus, and you can remain attentive during long drives. 

The system provides maximum protection because the driver can keep the focus on the steering wheel. You can control the truck at adjusted accelerations. 

The maps remain available for better route safety. It prevents wrong turns and reduces the time to approach your destination.

Interaction with people

Many people connect their mobile apps with the Ford touchscreen to utilize the media. However, I pair my android phone with this system to receive calls and texts. 

You can connect the smartphone through Bluetooth to the SYNC 3. Then, you can enable the text-receiving settings. 

The system shows the texts on the screen whenever you receive a message on your android phone. The screen shows multiple options before providing the information in the text.

It provides the option of reading the text and viewing it. However, iPhone does not enable the call-back option on this system. 

You can view the message through the voice command. For example, you can push the button and say view the message. 

A slide appears on the screen which shows your texts. It makes driving comfortable for a professional person. 

You can receive texts through the system and call back the relevant person through the truck sound system. The call-back option is available for android users.

Fast connection

It is a fast connection between both systems. Bluetooth connectivity of android mobiles consumes a few seconds to establish a stable connection. 

iPhone connects through the USB cord, which maintains continuous connectivity between the infotainment and iPhone. 

I use Bluetooth for a fast connection. You can disconnect the smartphone by turning off Bluetooth.

You can disable it by removing the USB port from the iPhone. You can re-adjust the cord within seconds, and it establishes the connection again. 

What mobile apps work with Ford SYNC 3?

You can see Pandora and Spotify on the Ford SYNC 3 when you connect the android mobile or iPhone with the infotainment. Pandora is a media-based application on your mobile phone. 

It can stream music to different sound gadgets like truck stereos through the SYNC 3. However, Spotify is a podcast service that offers a video facility. 

You can approach thousands of songs through Spotify. It can provide free music, and you can get premium packages. The screen shows iHeartAuto or iHeartRadio. 

It provides music and facilitates the customization of radio channels. Domino’s application for android and Apple phones work on this system. 

You can order food through this option. You can use it with the truck infotainment system and give the correct location. 

Furthermore, Glympse works on this system. It is a location-sharing application. It is easy to share your location with your friends and family through GPS-sharing. 

It shows song streaming applications like Tidal music and Livio. Waze navigation and Live travel work with it. 

You can use news and weather on the truck screen.

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