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How Much Does a SylvanSport Go Camper Weigh?

How Much Does a SylvanSport Go Camper Weigh?

Several people select the lightweight SylvanSport Go camper because of their easy handling. You can set up these small-sized campers with unique shapes and lightweight frames.

How Much Does a SylvanSport Go Camper Weigh? The average weight of the 2004 to 2024 SylvanSport Go camper is 840 pounds (381 kg), GVWR is 1640 pounds (748 kg) with a tongue weight of 70 to 85 pounds (31.7 to 38.5 kg) and size of 140x75x52 inches (LXWXH).

You can tow this camper with vehicles with 4-cylinder engines because they can withstand their frame and interior weight.

What is the average weight of a SylvanSport Go camper?

Tom Dempsey is the manufacturer of these campers. Tom Dempsey launched the first SylvanSport Go camper in 2004.

You can select its models and variants in 2023 because the manufacturer continued making them since 2004. Tom Dempsey owns a large factory that manufactures these lightweight trailers.

It has enough hauling space for the boxes, boards, and variable-sized boats in the cargo.

The 4-cylinder engine-based vehicles can tow these trailers. However, they have a single and sustainable axle with a pair of wheels.

They have dry weight and curb weight properties according to the manual recommendations. Furthermore, they have an average weight of about 840 pounds (381 kg).

The variants from 2004 to 2023 are 840 pounds (0.42 US tons). It is the limit of these trailers with the equipment inside their interior.

Their maximum range reaches 1000 pounds (453.5 kg) because of the high quality and appealing package with several interior accessories.

However, the dry weight of the variants from 2004 to 2023 is around 1640 pounds (748 kg) which is the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR).

In addition, they have an appealing cargo area and can haul several things. Their cargo hauling space has a limit of about 810 pounds (367 kg).

You can haul bicycles, boats, food items, boxes, water containers, and coolers in them. They have a pop-up tent property, and you can sleep inside them.

Furthermore, they have an accommodation capacity for about four adults. The number of interior amenities varies according to the type of package.

They have three appealing packages with different interior accessories. Also, their interior is comfortable with high-quality mattresses with inflating characteristics.

Things that affect the weight of SylvanSport Go camper

A few things can increase the weight of these SylvanSport Go camper variants.

Different packages

They have three different and versatile packages. These packages have variable accessories for the interior.

They have various facilities to make camping and traveling comfortable.

They weigh according to standard range and manufacturing limits. The first two packages of these camper trailers include the standard poles for the tents.

The three poles for the tents and pods for stability are part of these packages. They weigh more because of the racks and pins for the frame retraction because of the specifications of these packages.

The 1st and 2nd package includes beds for four adults and poles for stability. They have panels for the tables, and you can eat food inside their interior.

They comprise cargo boxes and keys for their safety from thieves. They have bungee and a step at the tailgate.

The handles, rods, and jacks are essential components of these packages. They have strap-based ratchets, and identify four of them in these packages.

In such circumstances, the SylvanSport Go camper weighs 840 pounds because of the standard equipment. Their variants have a Go Big or Go all-out package with several amenities and weigh more than other variants.

These packages can increase the weight of these camping trailers. Moreover, they weigh around 1000 pounds (0.5 US tons). It includes the interior amenities and the trailer.

Kitchen and solar panels

Several people use the SylvanSport Go camper for camping and long-distance traveling.

The All Go Out deals or packages of these trailers have kitchen facilities. They have solar panels that can work for the electric circuit of the trailers.

Their solar system has a specific kit with multiple solar panels, and they attach to the trailer roof. These kitchen facilities and solar systems increase the weight of these trailers from the standard limits.

Also, their kitchens have various facilities and utensils. These specifications increase their weight, and they weigh more than 840 pounds.

The kitchen has dine-in facilities with chairs and tables with their panels.

Several interior things

Accessories make them heavyweight, and reduced amenities keep their weight within standard limits.

They have beds for four adults with durable mattresses with specific weights. They have curtains according to the All Go Out package, and the beds have panels.

They have sleeping pads for four individuals that make them heavy. Moreover, their interior comprises tables with their panels.

The poles of the tents and cargo boxes make them heavier. They have racks for bicycles and boats that increase their weight.

Their variants comprise the spare wheels according to the particular package. They have straps for the ratchet and cushions.

They have a set of soft and durable rugs for maximum comfort. Their All Go Out package has an awning and adaptor for the drill, which makes them heavy.

The curtains are available for individuals’ privacy, and they have poles for hiking.

Exterior manufacturing material

The SylvanSport Go camper is an appealing trailer with green frames. Their manufacturing factory makes the frame with aluminum, which increases their weight.

The high-grade aluminum is heavy and increases the weight of these campers. They have a length of about 11.6 feet because of their designs.

Furthermore, their width for 2004 to 2023 variants is about 6.25 feet, and their height is around 4.3 feet. Their average dimensions are 140x75x52 inches (11.6×6.25×4.3 feet).

The manufacturing factory requires more aluminum to make their frames in larger sizes. Therefore, their weight increases from the stock-determined ranges.

They have a heavy axle with torsion properties and a specific coating. The factory makes their racks with cast iron, which increases the weight of these campers.

The wheels are heavier, and their rims have high-grade aluminum.

What is the tongue weight of the SylvanSport Go camper?

All the campers and traveler trailers have a specific tongue weight, which includes the total curb and gross vehicle weight.

This camper applies the force on the connected hitch. It is the tongue weight with static force and safe towing.

The SylvanSport Go camper has a tongue weight of around 70 to 85 pounds. It is the unloaded weight because of the static pressure and force of the trailer on high.

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