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How To Set Up a SylvanSport GO Camper?

How To Set Up a SylvanSport GO Camper?

SylvanSport GO camper is famous because of its multipurpose and lightweight. Its average weight is 840 pounds. Moreover, because of their lighter construction, you can easily tow them with pickup trucks, SUVs, and cars.

How To Set Up a SylvanSport GO Camper? You can set up a SylvanSport GO camper by detaching it from the vehicle. Open the front storage lid to remove accessories, lower stabilizing jack, and extend the tent taut. Adjust the bed panel supporting poles and release the rear step. Get inside, release the cable, and adjust the gray and orange poles. Secure the tent with clips and adjust the awning.

Many people prefer to tow these campers with their cars because these can haul several pieces of equipment and also provide shelter. It is a convenient option for traveling and is also smaller and more affordable than larger RVs.

How do you set up a SylvanSport GO camper?

You need help from your friend while adjusting these SylvanSport GOcampers. Select a suitable location while opening them.

Detach camper

Select the leveled campsite to open up the Go campers in stable and smooth places. These are connected to towing vehicles with several screws and safety pins.

You have to unhitch them from the towing vehicle for their proper setup. Remove the safety pins from the trailer hitch to release the camper.

In addition, it is also necessary to remove the electric connections to disconnect the power supply. You can stabilize them by pulling the dolly jacks that are located on the front side.

Pull the pins and move the wheel side of the dolly jack toward the ground surface to maintain stability. Crank the handle until the wheel touches the ground surface.

Open the front storage lid

Move towards the rear side of the Go camper and open the front storage lid by grabbing the lid in your hand. You can see several accessories in the storage area used for their exterior and interior adjustment.

You can see two green-colored inflating mattresses there. These are present in folded form, and you have to inflate them for their adjustment in the interior cabin.

Gray and orange tent poles are also in the storage area, maintaining the stability of the exterior structure.

Moreover, 4 bed adjustment poles are also located there, and you have to adjust them inside the mounting holes. You can see the large black bag there, which contains an awning for the outdoor camping experience.

You can retract the awning to enjoy the outside view during the rainy season. Bungee cords, ratchet straps, Velcro, and bed repair kits are also present.

The lid of the storage area contains a crank handle and stabilizing jack rods. The Owner’s manual is also present in this storage area. You can see two holes in the bottom of the storage area for water draining.

Lower stabilizing jacks and raise the camper

You have to raise and stabilize the SylvanSport GO campers using the jacks beneath them. These help maintain their stability and contact with the ground surface.

4 stabilizing jacks are located beneath these, one on each side. You can see these jacks on the lower side at an angle of 45 degrees.

Grab these jacks and properly adjust them on the ground surface by releasing the lever. Release the front side jacks by slightly raising the jolly jack.

Take out the jack rod that is located on the front-end storage lid. Insert the rod on the highest point of the jack and push it down to maintain and connect the foot with the ground surface.

Raise tent taut

The tent taut is the exterior structure; you can raise it to set up the camper. You can raise it by removing the quick-release tones on their four sides.

Remove these keys with your hand to release the tent taut. Take these keys out and save them at a safe location so you can reuse them.

I prefer to hang these keys on the front hook of the dolly jacks to keep them in front of my eyes. Remove the crank handle from the storage box and move toward the rear side.

Crank the handle to raise the tent taut up to the marked position.

Adjust bed panel support poles

The front storage lid contains four metal bed poles, and you have to adjust them on all its corners. You do not need any screws or bolts for their adjustment.

Moreover, you have to adjust them at an angle of 45 degrees. Bed poles are identical and are not specific according to the specific location.

You can see mounting holes on all four sides. Insert the poles in the mounting bracket holes and twist them for locking.

Remove the straps from the bed platform to adjust them with poles. Wrap the straps on the front side of the dolly jacks for reuse.

Open the bed panels and adjust them according to the bed support poles. You can see keyhole slots inside the bed platform to insert the other end of the pole to secure their position.

Release the cable

You can see the rear step on the rear side of the camper to make the entry and exit easy. Open the rear step to step inside and open the release cable.

You can see the orange color release cable on the tent pod and release it. Pull the tent pod forward directly for its adjustment.

Carefully come out and move around to secure the tent pod. Turn the crank handle to slightly lower the tent taut for proper adjustment of canvas material.

You can see nylon loops on the sides of these tents. Use these nylon strips to secure them with its body. Insert these nylon loops into the spaces on the bed panels.

Install tent poles

Take out the range and gray-colored tent poles from the storage area. Attach the gray colored poles to make a long stick, which is necessary to maintain the structural integrity of the tents.

You can see black openings on these tents and insert the long pole in these sleeves. Secure the tip of the poles by inserting them in grommets on both sides.

Now, you have to combine the orange-colored poles to give the door the proper shape. Insert the long poles at the door and secure them inside the grommet.

Secure clips

You can see small straps on the bottom side, which attach the tent to the exterior side of the campers. These are necessary to secure the tent’s position for a safe and comfortable experience.

Hold the fabric straps tightly and attach them with clips. Repeat the same procedure on all other sides of the tents to secure their position.

You can also see hooks on these tents and secure them with bed panels. Move towards the door, wrap up the fabric, and secure them with a book and ring for easy entry and exit.

Adjust the awning and interior

Go campers also have removable awnings for enjoying outdoor activities during rainy days. Unzip the awning and position them at the entry point according to the presence of the zipper.

You can adjust their position by inserting orange poles inside the sleeves. Secure both ends of the poles on the ground surface.

You also have to set the interior for resting purposes. Inflate the mattresses to put them on the bed panels and locate the tables in the interior cabin.

Things to consider while setting up SylvanSport GO Camper

You have to consider various things to set up campers. Select a suitable and stable location to extend them fully. Moreover, it is also necessary to ensure that you have enough place in your surroundings for their proper retraction.

Select the spots with proper water drainage to avoid water puddles in the surrounding area. Remove the debris or obstacles in the surrounding area so they do not cause obstruction.

Check the weather forecast while opening them. Check the weather forecast on your mobile phones so windy and stormy weather cannot affect their structure.

Setting up SylvanSport GO campers usually takes 15 to 25 minutes, depending on several factors. You need approximately 30 to 35 minutes if you do this procedure for the first time.

You only require 15 to 20 minutes if you are a frequent traveler and have done this procedure several times. Moreover, the time required for the whole procedure also depends on your experience and the number of people doing this.

You need more time to handle all accessories when you do this alone.

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