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How much does it cost to Change Fuel Filter on 6.7 Powerstroke?

How much does it cost to Change Fuel Filter on 6.7 Powerstroke?

6.7 Powerstroke is a V8 diesel engine with a fuel and water separator and electrically controlled pistons. It is expensive to replace its high-cost fuel filters due to complicated configurations.

How much does it cost to Change Fuel Filter on 6.7 Powerstroke? According to our experience, the average cost to change a fuel filter on a 6.7 Powerstroke is $92 to $210, $127 to $158 for a super-duty F250, $85 to $107 for a Ford F350, and $85 to $86 for an F450. A filter costs you $3600 to $3650, and its replacement cost is about $120 to $122 on a Ford F550, labor charges are around $59 to $74, drainage costs you $32 to $35, and oil change is about $52 to $77. 

You should replace the fuel filter on 6.7 Powerstroke after 16000 miles to 26000 miles and change it on F250 after 11000 to 26000 miles; the filter has a life of 51000 to 52000 miles on an F350. It lasts 10 to 11 months on a Ford F450 and requires change on an F550 after 21000 to 22000 miles.

People replace them due to internal clogging, inappropriate acceleration, loud clicking sounds, and unpleasant cabin odors. With their replacement, they maintain high pressure in the injectors and prevent idling. 

What is a 6.7 Powerstroke?

It is a V8 turbo diesel Scorpion engine, launched by Ford Motors in 2011 and works in all super duty Ford models. It is a part of the Ford 250, F250, F450, and F550.

Also, the manufacturing companies use them in commercial grade pickups and other vehicles. They have a specific Overhead Valve design with a V shape.

The turbo diesel engine controls the Exhaust gas recirculation with an EGR valve. As a result, it regulates the emission of nitrogen Oxide during internal combustions. 

The management of EGR flow happens before the gases enter the Cooling system. However, the post-cooling mechanism can reduce the dirt, minimizes sludge, and reduces maintenance.

6.7 liter systems utilize a fuel conditioning module that mounts on the engine. Also, it draws tank fluid with an electrically empowered and regulated pump. 

What is a fuel filter, and how does it work?

It is a filtration gadget that removes dirt particles, dust, and debris from the fluid. 

Also, it provides clean fluid to the engine components for maximum performance. It maintains the performance of cylindrical chambers, pistons, and camshaft with specific fluid flow. 

The fluid passes through the filtration medium and leaves dirt particles on its surface.

The filtration papers work as a separating medium for cleaning and controlling properties. 

The filtration medium has metallic or plastic containers with l connectors. The cartridge-style equipment is replaceable due to manufacturing specifications. 

The advanced, modern, and super-duty vehicles have a separate filtration system with versatile internal features. 

What is the average cost to change the fuel filter on 6.7 Powerstroke?

The average replacement cost is around $92 to $210 nationwide. Its maximum cost is about $190 to $210. Also, you can change it to a minimum price range of around $92 to $112. 

However, the prices vary according to the variant, truck design, manufacturing specifications, and Powerstroke. In addition, several dealerships offer versatile packages with discounted price ranges.

Also, these are expensive filtration tools, and you can purchase them from auto part stores and online portals. A 6.7 Powerstroke filter costs you around $3600 to $3650.

A Ford F250 is a super-duty truck with a turbo 6.7-liter engine. You can replace the filtration equipment for around $127 to $158 on an F250. Also, it does not include the prices of machinery and involved tools.

However, the dealership charges around $67 to $84 for the tools and other parts. You can change it on a super-duty F350 for around $85 to $107.

However, the prices vary according to the year of variants. The old-age trucks have vulnerable equipment that requires expensive repairing and maintenance.

The procedure is less complicated, and the parts cost you around $32 to $40. However, the replacement is expensive for a supper Duty Ford F450.

It costs you around $85 to $86, and the package includes the charges for side parts. You can replace it on a Ford F550 for about $120 to $122.

The cost changes according to the condition of the truck machinery, its model, and the dealership’s policies.

What is the labor cost to change the fuel filter on 6.7 Powerstroke?

The expert labor can replace it for around $59 to $74. However, the price varies according to the state rules, type of dealership, and features of a pickup truck engine system.

The professional workers drain them and remove the rust. The procedure involves the repairing of broken components.

Also, they replace the damaged fuel lines, connectors, and other parts. The labor cleans and removes the rust from the surface of filtration components.

Moreover, an oil change is part of the procedure, and the labor charges extra dollars for these complex activities.

The average cost to drain the filtration gadgets is around $32 to $35 and varies in different states. However, the oil change and cleaning cost you about $52 to $77.

However, the prices are high due to the complex configuration of the filtration equipment. The alteration procedure requires appropriate knowledge and expertise.

The labor charges for their skills and transportation. Also, you can facilitate the pick and drop service and save around $15 to $20. 

What are the DIY method and the cost to change the fuel filter on 6.7 Powerstroke?

The procedure is complex, but you can replace it with appropriate skills and guidance. The average cost of this procedure is about $92 to $100.

However, you can hire the required tools and save $20 to $30. You can purchase the filtration object according to your budget, desired choice, and required specifications. 

You can perform this procedure in your backyard or home garages. However, I have explained a step-wise guide for changing the filtration gadget on a 6.7-liter turbocharged engine.

You can use this method for changing the equipment on all super-duty pickup trucks. 

Select the primary and secondary filters for your 6.7-liter engine. Wear precautionary gloves and gather all the tools.

Stabilize the truck on a leveled surface and turn off the ignition. Jack up the pickup with a hydraulic lifter and adjust the stands under its frame.

Then, access the primary filter on the driver’s side. Now, access the sensor and remove the entire internal fluid, collect it in a container and keep it aside for future use.

For engine safety, fluid drainage is essential and consumes around 40 to 45 seconds. Now, find out the plastic housing around the filtration equipment.

Use a 32mm wrench, adjust it on the bolts and rotate it anticlockwise. Also, rotate it for around 4 to 7 turns and remove the filtration assembly.

Then, use a lint-free fabric, rub it on the housing and remove the dust particles. Remove the O-Shaped ring and install a high-quality gadget for better performance.

Then, use a high-quality lubricant and apply it around the ring. In addition, rotate the separator drain and close it.

Moreover, install a new and high-performance separator cap and tighten it. It can keep the fuel and water in the turbo engines.

Never tighten the cap with excessive force because it can break it. Access the filter and adjust a rag under the fluid lines.

Also, adjust a dark clip on the line and pull it towards the filtration gadget. Then, push the mounting tabs together, instantly release the clip and pull the lines off. 

Now, adjust the new gadget, connect the bolts, tighten them, and fix it in one position. Then, reinstall the sensors and check their standard performance.

Then, adjust the clip, push it into the equipment and assess the clicking sound. Then, connect the mounting tabs and clip them down in one spot.

Then, run the pump by turning it off and switching on the ignition 4 to 6 times. Now, start the engine and check the leakage. Finally, repair the malfunctioning components, and carry out engine cycling. 

Remove the fuel lines from the engine, and disconnect both connectors manually to replace the secondary filter. 

Then, rotate the fuel assembly clockwise and loosen it. Then, install the new equipment, fix the connections, and re-adjust the fuel lines. 

How often should you change the fuel filter on a 6.7 Powerstroke?

Its average life span is about 16000 miles to 26000 miles. However, the shelf life depends on the usage, performance of filtrating gadgets, and equipment quality.

The road conditions determine the performance of these separating tools.

However, they have a maximum lifespan of around 20000 to 26000 miles with regular service and maintenance conditions. With a minimum shelf life, they can last up to 16000 miles.

It requires replacement after 11000 miles to 26000 on the 2016 to 2019 Ford F250. Moreover, the filter has a life of about 9 to 14 months on a Super Duty Ford F350. 

However, regular cleaning, repairing, and troubleshooting are essential to maintain day-to-day performance.

It has a long lifespan of around 51000 miles to 52000 miles on an F350. People change the filter on their Ford F450 after 10 to 11 months.

Also, you can change it earlier according to its working condition and rusting. Replace it on a Ford F550 after 21000 miles to 22000 miles with excessive usage conditions, 

Why would you replace the fuel filter on a 6.7 Powerstroke?

It is dangerous to drive a pickup truck with a broken fuel filter on a super-duty truck because it causes brake failure. Also, it cannot separate the dust and debris from the fuel.

As a result, the contaminated fluid flows towards the pistons and other rotational components. It causes poor engine performance and breaks its internal parts.

A broken filter decreases the truck’s fuel economy due to excessive combustion and high-pressure conditions. In such circumstances, engine failures are common due to continuous driving at high speed.

Moreover, the combustion unit does not get enough clean fuel. The acceleration becomes challenging, and the cylinder chambers undergo high-pressure conditions.

Moreover, the broken components require immediate repairing and replacement. However, non-replacements can block the passage of fluid flow and alter the pressure in the fuel injectors. 

The Powerstroke engine cannot work effectively due to these faulty and modified pressure conditions.

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