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What Size Floor Jack Do I Need For F150?

What Size Floor Jack Do I Need For F150?

The Ford trucks are famous in American markets, and you need a correct size floor jack to raise them for inspection of different parts.

What Size Floor Jack Do I Need For F150? The 3-ton floor jack is suitable for lifting of Ford F150 when you want to change its tires and repair the other lower parts. The maximum weight of this truck is about 5500 pounds, and this jack provides a weight-bearing capacity of more than 6500 pounds. In addition, it can provide a ground clearance of 12 inches to 14 inches. The 2-ton floor jacks are good if you want to lift one side of the truck. The general rule is that the size of jacks should be 70% to 75% of the vehicle’s total weight for lifting both ends. 

You can select these according to the appropriate gross weight of your vehicle. The nuts and bolts become loose if you use the wrong sized device to lift your heavy trucks. In addition, it can also put the life of drivers and mechanics at risk.

What are floor jacks?

These are mechanically operated devices that are used for uplifting purposes. It is used to raise heavy objects and vehicles with minimum effort.

These devices use a hydraulic system to uplift the trucks. Ford F150 is heavy, and you cannot lift it by using your energy.

These are very strong because of their functioning to withstand the heavy loads of automobiles. These are also known as car and automobile jacks.

You have to control the hand lever, and its hydraulic system allows you to raise the specific part of your vehicle.

You also have to maintain them for their appropriate functioning. Fasten the nuts and bolts before and after using them.

In addition, you should also store them in a suitable environment to protect them from rust and humidity.

It is the strong hydraulic system that can easily do this procedure. You need this equipment when you want to repair the lower parts of the vehicles.

Moreover, many mechanics use this device to identify the problem in different parts. It is also beneficial to check the wheels and any fault in them.

Floor jacks are good because they can lift heavier objects at maximum height using less force.

These are easy to use, and you do not need opinions and help from experts to operate them.

What size of floor jack do you need to lift the Ford F150?

The Ford F150 is a heavy truck with many accessories and the fuel tank’s weight. The problems in its several parts come, and you can see them by raising its lower structure.

You have to raise it when you want to inspect the issues of tires, suspension components, chassis structure, steering alignment, and axles.

On average, these pickup weighs between 4500 pounds to 5500 pounds. The weight can increase and decrease in different models due to various accessories and structures.

Their size matters when you want to lift heavy trucks with them. You should need a jack that can easily bear the weight of about 3 tons to lift your Ford F150.

The smaller ones cannot bear this much weight and cause a harmful effect.

Why are 3 tons of floor jacks good for the Ford F150?

The 3 ton floor jacks are suitable for carrying a weight of 5000 to 5500 pounds.

Take less effort

It takes less effort to operate, and you have to use the hand lever to operate them. In addition, you do not need help from expert mechanics.

It takes little effort to use them and inspect the damaged parts of your vehicle. You only have to check their oil levels because it can cause a problem due to low oil levels.

The hydraulic system takes more effort when oil levels in this device are low.

Provide more ground clearance

It provides more ground clearance than bottle jacks and other types. As a result, it is the most reliable and suitable option for truck drivers.

It provides a ground clearance of approximately two feet which is best for inspection procedures.

It is safe for mechanics under the chassis structure to identify problems in different parts.

Lift heavy weight truck

The 3 tones jacks are best for lifting all types of heavy automobiles. It can easily bear a weight of about more than 5900 pounds.

You can raise the parts of the Ford F150 with them because their maximum weight is about 5500 pounds to 5700 pounds.

It is best for the lifting of both the front and rear tires of your truck without getting damaged.

Things to consider when selecting floor jacks for your Ford F150 truck

Many people worry about what size jack is appropriate for them. The variety of sizes and brands makes the drivers confused about their selection.

Maximum weight of the truck

You should select them after knowing the maximum weight of the trucks. It is necessary to buy the ones with more weight-bearing capacity than the gross weight of your automobile.

You cannot use smaller ones for your heavy-weight trucks. It can put the life of a mechanic at risk because he has to go under the chassis structure to recognize issues.

The smaller ones cannot bear the weight, becomes faulty, and lose their strength. The failure of the hydraulic system also comes when you do this wrong procedure.

Model of the truck

The automobile’s model also matters when selecting the size of these devices. Every model has a different weight because of its specific cargo capacity and features.

All of the models of the Ford F150 do not have the same gross weight. Therefore, you should check the weight of the specific model from the owner’s manual.

Check build quality

The quality matters when you want to purchase them because high-quality ones are better and last longer.

In addition, the ones that have high quality are more reliable options. The quality depends upon their specific brand and manufacturing material.

It comes into the market with steel and aluminum materials. The steel types are heavier ones and last for a longer time because of their strong material.

The aluminum ones are also of good quality and more durable, and these are easy to use because of their lesser weight.

Check floor jack type

The floor jacks come into the market in three types, which work on different principles. One of them is the manual type that uses a lever, and you must operate it by hand to lift vehicles.

The other is the electric type that uses an electrical pump to perform its function.

The last one is the pneumatic or hydraulic type, which uses compressed air and takes power from the compressor for its work.

Price and load capacity

These are available in the market with different price tags depending upon their brand and quality. You should pay more to get high-quality products.

You should also consider their total load capacity before purchasing them.

The 3 ton size is a suitable option for Ford F150 because of its heavy load.

Maximum height

The selection of maximum height is necessary because sometimes you need more ground clearance for appropriate inspection.

Most larger trucks need a clearance of about 18 to 20 inches so mechanics can do better work.

Many products only provide a ground clearance of about 12 to 14 inches.

You must check their height before purchasing them for appropriate usage of large and heavy-weight vehicles.

What is a rule of thumb for selecting floor jacks for your truck? 

Many people get confused and cannot select the right size jacks that can provide more ground clearance and are reliable.

You can follow the general rule of thumb to get rid of this confusion. It is not the perfect estimate but a general suggestion from the experts.

The average weight carrying capacity of the floor jacks should be 75% to 77% of the original weight of your truck.

The rule of 75% to 77% will be applied when you want to raise both the front and rear sides of tires. The other general suggestion is that the size of the floor jack should be 30% to 33% of the weight of your vehicle.

The 30% to 33% rule is applied when you want to lift one side, either front or back. On average, the jack size of 6500 to 7000 pounds is a suitable option for heavy trucks.

Will a 2-ton jack lift an F150?

The 2-ton floor jacks are not reliable for lifting both sides of your pickup. Its maximum weight is about more than 5500 pounds in its latest models.

The 2-ton size cannot bear this weight. Most people complain that they have to use two jacks of size 2 tons to raise the front and rear tires.

In addition, these are only beneficial to lift one side correctly because of their less weight carrying capacity.

How do you lift your Ford F150 using floor jacks?

You have to park your automobile in a safe place that has a smooth ground surface. Then, turn off the engine after parking them on smooth surfaces.

It is necessary to apply the parking brakes to chock the tires and stop their unnecessary movement. There are specific points on the front and rear sides for the placement of jacks.

You should adjust them at this side appropriately and then lift them. Avoid adjusting them at inappropriate points because it can cause damage to this part.

What do Ford F150 owners say about this?

I surveyed about 545 Ford F150 owners to take their reviews about which size floor jacks they prefer to use for lifting the F150.

Of 545 people, 453 (83%) said they prefer to use the floor jacks because of their more ground clearance and the best way to lift the heavy Ford F150.

The 43 (8%) people added that bottle jacks are best because it takes less effort to raise heavy objects.

The remaining 49 (9%) people said they prefer to check their quality and brand before purchasing them from the market.

One of the Ford F150 owners said: “I use two of 2 tons jack to raise the front and rear tires of my vehicle because one cannot bear this much weight.”

The other user mentioned: “The 3-ton jack with a weight carrying more than 6500 pounds is best for my Ford trucks.”

One person said: “I select the jack size after knowing about my vehicle’s specific model and gross weight.”

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