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How Much Does it Cost to Paint a Ford F-150?

How Much Does it Cost to Paint a Ford F-150?

Painting a Ford F150 is a challenging procedure; it involves a lot of tools and expertise. In this article, I have explained the breakdown of the total cost involved in this process.

How Much Does it Cost to Paint a Ford F-150? In general, it cost between $2700 to $4200 to paint a Ford F-150. The professional person takes charges per hour, and it can lead up to $150 per hour. The tools of the painting process are around $1800 to $2500. On average, it takes $3300 and around 23 hours to paint the Ford F-150.

The overall cost varies according to the condition and design of the structure. The technical support reduces the above rates up to $400. 

How Much Does it Cost to Paint a Ford F-150?

It changes according to the paint selection and involvement of professional help. The quality of products and paint layering modify the estimate of the performer. 

A chart of labor team charges per hour and overall budget.

Labor and team Per hour cost of the paint job The Overall cost of the paint job
1 person in labor team – moderate package $40 to $55 $800 to $1200
1 person in labor team – expensive package $60 to $95 $1500 to $1900
2 -3 person in labor team – moderate package $100 to $120 $2200 to $2600
2 -3 person in labor team – expensive package $150 to $200 $3500 to $4500
Professional person – moderate package $500 to $700 $10000 to $12000
Professional person – expensive package $900 to $1200 $20000 to $23000

Labor and mechanic cost

The professional team includes the supervisor and the labor team. The individual of the painting team changes according to the structure. 

These people charge money according to per hour pattern. 

The labor teams are according to the branded shops. You can observe the packages of paint and then select them. The packages involve various categories of moderate to expensive rates.

The moderate price of such labor teams is according to per hour. It can lead up to 20 to 30 hours. They cost around $25 to $45 per hour. The total cost is approximately $700 to $1000.

The expensive labor teams with well-known experiences can cost up to $65 to $85 per hour. They complete the paint job in 20 to 25 hours. 

The maximum range of the total package reaches up to $1700. It can also enhance according to the demands of the head supervisor. 

Few labor teams work professionally according to the square feet rations. They charge money per square foot. The design of the Ford is around 210 feet to 315 feet.

The average cost to paint a Ford F150 with insurance

You can save money on the overall paint job for your Ford F150 if it has an insurance policy. Contact the manufacturing company and ask for the insurance cards.

It provides an excellent discount on the total budget. You can reduce the average cost of the painting process from around $600 to $700.

It is an attractive policy for all the users of these structures. The company also provides its labor team and professional supervisor. 

They provide high-quality services to reduce money consumption. You can leave the structure for at least 2 to 2.5 years without repainting. 

What is the cost of tools to paint a Ford F150?

You will need few tools to do the paint job on your Ford F150 truck; let me explain all the details here.

Paint types with cost

You have to utilize weather-resistant paint, and it may cost you more than in other circumstances.

The average cost of a paint container is around $200 to $450. It changes according to the packaging as well.

The spray paints are different according to the color range. The dense colors are expensive, and the light range is moderate. 

The average price of spray paint is around $8 to $35. It can reach up to $120 due to multiple spray bottles. It depends on the area and painting techniques. 

The overall purchase of the product may cost around $10 to $400.

Price of Paint Brushes

The narrow corners of the truck require precise tools. The insertion and movement are convenient for the performer. You can also purchase a brush kit according to your requirement. 

These are cheap products with an average cost of around $4 to $13. Few of them are inexpensive than $3. It happens when you purchase a single brush. 

A brush kit can cost you up to $24. It changes according to the number of brushes and the brand name of the brush kit. 


Sandpaper is essential for the scraping and smoothness of the truck walls. The adjustment of paint enhances due to these papers.

The average price of the sandpaper is around $3 to $12. It varies according to a per piece of dimensional changes of the product. 

You can purchase them online due to their vast range of colors and qualities.

Covering tape

The covering tape is beneficial to hide the surrounding material while painting. It prevents excessive paint from spreading on its surface.

These are cost-effective products due to their excessive demand. 

The average price is around $3 to $35. The quality of the product causes an increment in the prices. 


The paint primers are inexpensive items, and a ford F150 requires more than 4 to 5 gallons of primer. 

The maximum cost of a one-gallon primer is approximately $16 to $18. It can reach up to $20 due to high-quality branded primer containers. The overall cost is up to $90 that can cover the whole structure. 

Mixing bowls and containers

I like to mix various colors and then adjust them on the truck.

The mixing bowls and containers are sufficient to mix paint volume for one layer. The approximate price of these structures is around $4 to $30. 

The quality of the material is a determining factor in the actual rates. You can select them according to your budget. 

Protective gloves

The protective gloves are cheap items and prevent staining problems. 

The maximum prices of the protecting gloves are around $12 to $17.


The solvents are beneficial to decrease the thickness of paint. 

It provides an appealing appearance of walls and all other parts. The average cost of the solvent is according to the volume and manufacturing brand. The maximum cost ranges from around $7 to $53.

Masking filters for painting

The masking filters of paint are around $2 to $10. The cost can increase due to the excessive use of such materials. 

What are the factors that affect the cost of painting a Ford F-150?

Many factors affect the average price of painting your truck.

Quantity of paint

The paint quantity is one of the leading factors to enhance the cost of the total procedure. 

It requires maximum coating and layering to hide every part. The price range of the package increases with every gallon of this material. 

It decreases when you from 1 to 2 layers. 

The spray bottles are non – expensive items but multiple bottles fulfill the needs. 


The budget also determines the number of layers. One layer or coat is sufficient in most cases. 

Few of the procedures utilize a 2 to 3 layer pattern. In this way, the price range enhances and can reach hundreds of dollars. 

Technique used

People prefer DIY procedures to reduce the charges. 

In few circumstances, the possibility of errors gets high due to unprofessional methods. 

The expertise and excellent techniques resolve such issues. Hiring a labor team and professional people is a better choice. It helps to adjust the budget at moderate levels. 

Color of paints

The colors of the paint for a Ford F150 vary. They are approximately 11 to 13, and every color has a specific function. 

Few of them have specificity for the front structures. The other paint colors require mixing to generate the required shade. 

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