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How to Open Ford F-150 Hood From Outside?

How to Open Ford F-150 Hood From Outside?

A hood covers the Ford F150 engine compartment. Many people do not know the methods to open this hood from the outside of the truck.

How to Open Ford F-150 Hood From Outside? In general, you can open the Ford F-150 hood from the outside by using the inner releasing latch. Insert a screwdriver and tug the outside hood latch. Tap the outer surface of the hood and then open the hood manually.

These techniques can be tricky, and you can take help from your friend.

How to Open Ford F-150 Hood From Outside?

Multiple methods are beneficial to open the Ford F150 hood from the outside. Three simple procedures are below with all necessary instructions. 

Park the Ford F-150

Park the Ford F150 in the garage or any open ground. Turn off the electric supply and leave the system to cool down. 

The stability of the structure is necessary to assess the inner and outer devices. You can get in and out of the truck through the entry doors. 

Never perform this process right after the driving conditions. The engine and other devices are warm after these circumstances. 

When you touch them with or without protective gloves, and the wounds are dangerous.

Use a latch

The use of a latch is necessary for such procedures. It is a quick and less time-consuming activity. You can perform the method without any external help. 

The professional guidance and absolute guidance about the technique lead to excellent results.

You have to access the hood releasing compartment.

Locate the structure near the door of the Ford F150. It is beneficial to pop the hood upwards with one pull.

Push and open its hood

Get yourself out of the truck when the hood compartment is slightly open. Observe the open edges and then access the precise spot to insert hands.

Find the other central latch in the half-opened hood. You can access it due to the permanent design of this structure. 

When you pull the latch of the hood, then it moves upward. Every upper movement is a sign of excellent performance. 

You have to repeat the activity with gentle pulls. 

It is not a desirable condition because the hood is in one spot. You cannot open it from outside with multiple techniques.

Spend time on such pulling procedures. If you find the hood moving backward, then pull the inner latch once again and then remove the front hood latch. 

Hold the latch and pull it upwards under this compartment. It comprises the locks in the form of cylindrical devices. The opening of such locks is necessary for the upward movement of the hood.

Insert hands in the opening and pull the latch and hood. Repeat such movements until you get the sound of the click. It takes time to open when there is no lubrication. 

There are chances of breakage, and you have to perform the process carefully. It is an indication that the cylindrical locks are now open.

Use Handle inner latch to open the hood

Take help of a friend or any other helper. You have to access the inner and outer latches simultaneously. 

Ask your friend to locate the inner latch; he can handle it while sitting inside the structure. 

The disconnection of the cable is necessary, and you have to press the hood from outside. Push it downwards, and the assistant must pull the inner latch.

Repeat the process until both structures work in an alignment.

Use a Handle cable

The constant press of the hood from outside the cable moves inside the Ford F150. You can access and pull it from the driver or passenger seat. 

Move it outward and pull the inner latch. It makes a slight opening in the engine section. You can handle the exterior cover of the machinery manually. 

Adjust your hands in the small opening of the engine section.

Locate latch 

Locate the latch through the front grille. You can use a searchlight to access the structure. It is present according to the design of your Ford F150. The approach of the grille is another challenging task.

You have to change your angles and positions to find these inner structures. 

There is a small object inside such structures, and you can only approach them with the appropriate light source. 

It is beneficial for the performer to handle them accurately. The latch is also present near the driver’s seat side. It exists near the driver-side fender. 

Pull the cable and the latch in one straight line. 

Get yourself in front of the hood and handle the cover manually. Pull it upwards and hear the clicking sounds. 

It is beneficial for a user to handle both structures together. 

In this step, you can use a sharp thin tool to tug the latch of the hood compartment. 

Adjust it inside the grille and then locate the latch. Push and tug the structure repeatedly with this tool. 

You can also take mechanical help at this step. The process becomes convenient for you. 

Pull the Ford F150 hood upward

The observation of the hood is all about locating the release latch of the compartment. 

You have to check the grille and inner machinery. Read the manual and understand the directions of materials. This is also used to open the hood of the Mack Anthem truck.

If you find that the hood is not stable, then change the location of your structure. 

Locate and handle the releasing latch inside the structure. In few designs, it is not present in the fender. You have to find it near the door of the driver or passenger side. 

Lean downwards and then check near the glove box. You can find the latch releasing device there and then handle it carefully. 

Pull the hood upward and then tap it. Repeat the process for the loosening of the hood compartment.

Push it downwards to allow upward movements. Never tap on the cover with sudden jerks. It can break the vulnerable parts of your Ford F-150. 

Take help in this procedure for the pulling of the hood. Pull it upwards slightly when the latches are under control.

Never neglect the surrounding sounds of the hood. They can damage the whole structure within minutes. It is not advisable in these simple activities.

Push hand in the inner section and hold the outside latch. Pull it upwards and then open the relevant structure with a sudden pull.

Keep the strength low and slightly grab the hood cover. It results in the opening of the setup.

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