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How much does it Cost to Powder Coat Truck Rims?

How much does it Cost to Powder Coat Truck Rims?

Many people like powder-coated truck rims, but they do not know their average cost according to the size and category of their objects.

How much does it Cost to Powder Coat Truck Rims? The cost to powder coat truck rims of 22 to 23 inches is around $125 to $130, and a pair costs you $250 to $260. Also, the procedure for four-rims may cost you $400 to $600 with a size range of 19 inches to 26 inches. Furthermore, their size, hanging conditions, handling, pigment quality, and the number of layers increase the total cost for powder coating.

Powder coating upgrades the rims with a deep look, covers the sharp folds, and makes them attractive.

Moreover, it improves their durability, secures the surface from corrosion, and adheres to versatile material without any disturbance.

It can cost you a lot due to the complexity of the procedure. It is better to take professional help because the labor can perform the activity precisely with long-lasting results.

However, the low-end price lists indicate the coating of small to mid-size wheels. They acquire a single layer of coating material that damages due to light exposure and other pressurized conditions.

Moreover, the costly activities provide a glossy appearance to the metal surface with a smooth texture and appealing look. The protection layer prevents rusting, cracks, and sudden chipping.

It is stain free material and resists water effects. Moreover, it is more beneficial than regular traditional paints. Besides, it improves the lifespan of the rims that attract truck users.

What is powder coating and how long does it last?

In these procedures, people use electrically charged particles of resin and pigments.

They fill the mixture in spray guns with safe nozzles. Moreover, they have electrostatic charges between them that make them sticky.

People spray it directly on the metal or aluminum surface after thorough preparation.

The particles adjust on the surface smoothly and make an appropriate layer. It works as a permanent covering for the wheels.

Moreover, they are durable and last around 15 to 21 years. But, exposure or ultraviolet rays, excessive use, and lack of maintenance damage them.

In addition, their lifespan depends on the type and color of the material.

What is the average cost to powder coat truck rims?

The average cost to powder coat truck rims is around $122 to $130.

However, a few people provide this service in a minimum price range of around $100 to $110 per rim.

Moreover, the highest procedure cost is approximately $145 to $150 for a single object. The list varies according to the condition of used rims.

What are different sizes of rims with their powder coating costs?

In general, the procedure has different cost ranges based on the size of the rims and the specifications of the service center.

But, it is an economical procedure for people with smaller rims with minimum coating surface.

Powder coating cost for different rims sets

A few people coat two rims, and the other chooses a package for a set of four. A local small coater costs you around $55 to $70 for one rim.

Also, they charge you approximately $110 to $140 for two truck rims.

The larger circumferences require more material, extra care while handling, and specific hanging racks. In these procedures, the staff, and labor work with more effort and precision.

The average cost of such rims is higher for a single item. On average, the mechanics offer you around $90 to $100 per rim.

The estimated cost increases by their removal, and transportation charges of a pair are part of the package.

A few custom coater powder coats the rims for around $125 to $130, but pigments are durable with maximum efficiency.

You can spend around $400 to $600 for a set of four rims. Moreover, a few colors are expensive and require mixing and preparation during the procedure.

The selection increases the cost per rim of a truck. In a few conditions, it becomes around $700 to $720, but it happens rarely.

Powder coating cost for different rims sizes

Its cost varies with the type of truck and the surface of your rims. The larger objects have more circumferences and comprise different folds.

The following chart represents the different price lists and provides an estimated calculation. Moreover, you can consult with a mechanic and ask for discounted packages.

In such conditions, the service station does not provide a warranty about its durability.

A chart of rims Size and cost of Powder coating

Rims Size

Cost of Powder coating per rim

Cost of Powder coating for two rims

Cost of Powder coating for four rims

19 Inches




20 Inches




21 Inches




22 Inches




23 Inches




24 Inches




25 Inches




26 Inches




What are the factors that affect the cost of powder coating for rims?

Different factors increase the cost of powder coats on the truck rims. However, it is an economical procedure, but high-quality material and long-lasting properties make it expensive.

Size of rims

The rims have variable sizes according to the type of vehicle. However, large items require more powder coating, and the total cost increases. Moreover, they require more maintenance and complex cleaning techniques.

On average, the 18 inches to 20 inches rims require 2 to 3 layers of powder coating. As a result, the mechanics use multiple containers and add prices to the total budget.

High maintenance

Typically, people apply a primer on the surface of their metal and aluminum rims. It has different price ranges according to quality, package size, and performance.

The corrosive layers appear on the surface of the metal in the absence of a primer. Moreover, the rust damages them internally, and they cannot support the tires.

A layer of primer is necessary on such a surface for long-term control. But, it adds several dollars to the total procedure.


The selection of pigments and resins depends on the type of rims. The owner selects them according to desirable outcomes and performance levels.

Moreover, the long-lasting pigments are costly with efficient results. They retain on the metal and aluminum surfaces longer than low-quality powder coatings.

Challenging handling

The heavy rims have challenging handling, and you may require external help. The labor charges extra dollars for adjusting them according to your choice.

They require particular hangings, hooks, and racks. Also, you cannot coat them simultaneously, and one rim is suitable at once. In such conditions, help is essential in every carriage, and it affects the cost of the procedure.

Mixing and control

A non-professional and non-skilled person cannot perform the powder coating on a single rim because it requires a lot of expertise.

The appropriate color selection and precise mixing are essential components of the procedure.

Moreover, the preparation and control of their surface require extra care. It involves different cleaning solvents and commercial media.

In addition, demounting and removal of rims from the truck is a challenging procedure and demands mechanical support.

Multiple layering

A few people prefer multi-layer coating for a dense appearance and maximum surface protection. But, it involves more material with a series of handling and hanging.

As a result, the average procedure cost multiplies with similar dollars and turns into an expensive activity.

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