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How Wide is a Toy Hauler Garage?

How Wide is a Toy Hauler Garage?

Toy haulers are vehicles for those who like to transfer their heavy items to long-distance places. It is better to check your toys before selecting the width of a toy hauler.

How Wide is a Toy Hauler Garage? The average width of a toy hauler garage is around 7.7 feet to 8.5 feet, and a Class A Motorhome toy hauler is 7 feet to 8 feet wide. A bumper pull trailer has a width from 7.6 feet to 7.14 feet, and a fifth wheel hauler is about 8 feet to 8.4 feet wide. Toy haulers can transport heavy objects like motorbikes, cars, ATVs, side by side, dune buggies, jeep, watercraft, and snowmobiles with an average width of around 7 feet to 8 feet and 9 inches.

If you are looking for easy transport of heavy objects or planning for a long-distance picnic with your favorite watercraft, select a wider toy hauler while knowing its dimensions.

What is a toy hauler garage?

It is a type of RV or a trailer that comprises a separate garage to accommodate and transport heavy material. 

Moreover, it has a specific ramp with a wide door that allows the movement of heavy items like vehicles and other such things.

They are fifth-wheelers with secure chassis, high-quality tires, and better accommodation space. 

It can transfer heavy toys from one place to another with stability. In addition, the availability of a ramp helps in the convenient movement of toys with less effort and time consumption. 

They have different sizes to accommodate multiple things in one place without damage.

They have two basic types of toy haulers with similar properties. However, their layout differentiates them because the internal specifications vary from one style to another.

You can select them according to your hauling toys and requirement of internal space.

Motorhome style toy hauler

It comprises the facilities of an RV with separate bedrooms, a bathroom facility, and portable toilets. But, a specific garage space distinguishes them from a standard toy hauler.

They have long garages, and the length is around 8 feet to 10 feet. However, the standard width of motorhome haulers is 7 feet to 8 feet. 

Also, it varies by a few inches according to the style of the entire setup.

They have different settings for the diesel engines, and the engine is moved to the front side of the chassis.

The rear space includes a separate door for the entry of different materials. In addition, it has a patio deck with an unfolding property.

Its garage door is compatible with different seasons and weather effects.

Newmar Canyon Star and Thor Outlaw are the two examples of Class A Motorhome toy haulers.

The layout has multiple advantages, and a few of them are as follow,

  • They provide more space than a travel trailer toy hauler with a spacious garage.
  • You can transport heavy objects like multiple motorbikes in these garages.
  • They provide accommodation space for extra material, and you can turn the garage space into a workstation.

Trailer toy haulers

The experts and manufacturing companies divide the trailer toy haulers into two significant categories.

Bumper pull trailer/toy hauler

A bumper pull hauler is a good option due to its attachment abilities. However, a bumper hauler comprises a trailer on the rear compartment.

But, it has a smaller garage with less accommodation space.

It comes in different size ranges, and internal features are variable. For example, it has a reinforced floor layout to handle different weights. 

It has no separate wall and works as a part of the living space. Moreover, these utility trailers can accommodate small toys of lightweight.

They can occupy long objects because the width is small than other options. On average, you can get their width of around 7.6 feet to 7.14 feet. 

Fifth wheel toy haulers

For maximum cargo space, select a fifth-wheel trailer. It has a huge garage, better weight handling capacity, and improved facilities.

It has a traditional look with classic facilities and better performance. The spacious garage is separate from the living compartment and can withhold several toys.

It has an oil-resistance floor, and the fifth wheeler provides more garage space than a standard toy hauler.

The facility of a ramp provides quick and smooth movement of different objects.

In addition, the average width of a 5th wheel toy hauler is around 8 feet to 8.4 feet approximately.

Toy Hauler Garage width for different hauling items

A chart of different toys and width of toy hauler garage

Hauling toys

Garage width


7 feet 9 inches


8 feet 7 inches


8 feet


8 feet 5 inches

Multiple Snowmobiles

8 feet 6 inches

Golf cart

8 feet

Side by side

8 feet 9 inches


7 to 8 feet

Dune Buggies

8 feet 4 inches


The toy haulers are suitable to transport compact cars with an average width of around 1.8 meters to 1.9 meters.

A car of approximately 5 feet and 5 inches can accommodate in a hauler garage that has a width of around 7 feet and 9 inches.

In such garages, you can carry 3 to 4 small and compact cars while adjusting them near the walls of your hauler. This is because they have a balanced design.


They are slightly lightweight than other hauling toys but comprise a sidecar. They occupy a significant space in the toy hauler rear garage, but people transport them frequently.

They have small widths with a few centimeters due to built-in sleek designs. So you can haul multiple motorized bikes in 8 feet and 7 inches wide garage.


These are the vehicles with taller wheels and high body structures. They have a width of around 3 feet to 4 feet. They can adjust in a toy hauler garage that is eight feet wide.

You can adjust two ATVs in one row next to each other. An 8 feet toy hauler can carry 3 to 4 ATVs without disturbing the interior.


People carry their watercraft to long-distance places for selling them. Also, they use them for enjoyment purposes while rafting in deep waters.

They are adjustable in a trailer toy hauler due to a ramp. The moveable ramp makes the movement effortless and less time-consuming.

The watercraft has an average width of around 3 feet to 4 feet and varies with a few inches. 

They can accommodate in the rear section that comprises a width of around 8 feet and 5 inches. Corner to corner arrangement is suitable for them because of accommodation ability and safety.

Different Snowmobiles

They have an average width of around 3 feet and 9 inches. The larger snowmobiles are 3 feet to 3.15 feet long. 

A toy hauler garage with a width of around 8 feet and 6 inches can adjust multiple snowmobiles without damaging their external surface.

Golf Cart

They are approximately 4.5 feet to 4.8 feet wide. An eight feet wider hauler garage can adjust two golf carts in one line. They remain stable throughout the traveling condition. 

The length of the garage decides the number of carts. In this way, you can adjust more than two objects in the rear space.


They are primary toys for hauling and require a spacious adjustment space. The garages with an average width of around 8 feet and 9 inches accommodate such objects. 

In such setups, you can adjust two vehicles in a parallel row. Typically, a dual seat UTV is around 112 inches to 128 inches wide and can settle in a width of eight feet.


The small jeeps have a width of around 6.9 feet to 7 feet approximately. However, people adjust them in their toy hauler garage that is 7 feet to 8 feet wide.

A space with eight feet has extra space to adjust other items. But, 7 feet to 7.2 feet free space can settle one jeep at a time. 

You can carry 2 to 3 jeeps according to the length of the garage. 

Dune Buggies

They are around 6 feet to 7 feet wide with a weight limit of 850 pounds to 1600 pounds. 

However, you can adjust them in a wide garage of 8 feet and 4 inches. You can set one dune buggies in the middle while tying it with different holding techniques.

Which toy hauler has the largest width and why?

The award-winning Momentum 30G is one of the biggest toy haulers with a wide garage. 

The width is approximately 6 feet to 8.5 feet with maximum free space. 

It is made by a well-known manufacturer Grand Design. It has a width of around 6.9 feet to 6.11 feet in the first section. Then, it has a width of around 8 feet to 8.5 feet in the rear section. 

A chart with toy hauler models, their garage width, cargo, weight holding capacity, and type of toy hauler

Toy hauler model

Garage Width

Cargo Weight holding capacity

Type of toy hauler

Heartland Fuel toy hauler

8 feet 7 inches

6000 pounds

Travel Trailer

Keystone Raptor

8 feet 8 inches

4000 pounds


Cedar Creek Silverback

8 feet 5 inches

6500 pounds


Forest River Cherokee Wolf

8 feet 8 inches

6000 pounds


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