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How much does it cost to replace a Bumper on a Honda Civic?

How much does it cost to replace a Bumper on a Honda Civic?

Several people change the cracked and dented front and rear bumpers on their Honda Civic to maintain the anti-collision effect. 

How much does it cost to replace a Bumper on a Honda Civic? The average cost to replace a bumper on a Honda Civic is $910 to $2200, and the OEM item price is around $440 to $990. It costs around $1050 to $1700 to replace a rear bumper and $980 to $2200 for the front. You can replace it on 1996 to 1999 variants from $935 to $1400, for $910 to $1400 on a 2004 model, and from $610 to $620 on a 2005 to 2006 Honda Civic. Labor costs you about $450 to $850, and per hour charges are $50 to $240. You can fix the cracks for $120 to $1005, restore the dents for $330 to $430 and manage the chipped paint from $120 to $140.

A professional mechanic can change them on both sides within 1 to 2 hours. However, you can save up to $550 with self-swap techniques.

What is the cost of a bumper on a Honda Civic?

The original equipment manufacturer bumper cost you around $440 to $900. Its price varies according to the type of auto part store and its material.

You can purchase these for about $140 to $350. These safety covers keep the vehicle clean from dust and road obstacles.

The metallic covers can absorb ultraviolet rays and protects their front and backside. As a result, they reduce the collision damages and minimize the striking speed due to pop-out designs. 

What is the average cost to replace a bumper on a Honda Civic?

Its replacement cost is around $910 to $2100, and the package includes the price of the bumper. You can get a used and old part for about $120 to $250 from an auto part store.

Installation includes the painting and maintenance of the equipment and costs you about $220 to $620. In addition, the replacement cost of the rear bumper is around $1050 to $1700.

Its price varies according to the condition of the rear section, installation spots, and presence of corrosion. Change the front side for about $980 to $2200 on all the latest variants.

Its replacement charges are about $935 to $1400 for 1996 to 1999 variants, with the paint job.

Change the front and rear parts on a 2004 Honda Civic for about $910 to $1400. From a 2005 to 2006 Honda Civic, the alteration price is about $310 to $320.

However, a paint job may charge you around $155 to $210. The professional person may charge you about $55 to $110 for these installations. The average procedure expense is $610 to $620 for these variants. 

How much does the labor cost to replace a bumper on a Honda Civic?

The labor charges vary across the states due to modifications to car design, advanced features, and innovative layouts. Within a city, you can find a close range of charges.

The average labor cost for the 8th and 9th generation Civic is about $450 to $850. Therefore, the unit can cost you about $50 to $240 per hour for this procedure.

However, the price varies according to the skills and certificates of the automotive experts. Luxurious models have high alteration expense due to complex bumper designs. 

They require more time to fix and change the front and backside. The type of business or dealership decides the total prices of the procedure.

People carry out these activities in their home garages while saving around $40 to $55. However, the labor charges for transportation and amount add $35 to $40 to the package.

For a passenger car, its expense is about $450 to $650 in Texas. However, the dealership of New York provides this facility from about $690 to $820. 

What is the DIY method and cost to replace a bumper on a Honda Civic?

You can change the damaged, rusted, and dented bumper without professional help. The average expense of this procedure is about $1020 to $1050.

You can save about $520 to $550 for the labor charges and parts price. You can swap it with new and high-quality equipment in about 4 to 5 hours.

Slow modification, complex design, and lack of skills consume 14 to 15 hours. 

Rear bumper replacement

I have explained a stepwise guide for changing the rear bumper on your Honda Civic. First, put the car to neutral mode, stabilize it in your garage and turn off the battery.

Then, access the back side of your car and approach the side screws. Use an appropriate-sized screwdriver, adjust it on the top screw, turn it counterclockwise and remove. Next, access the bottom screw, loosen, and remove it from the frame. 

Access the plastic clips on the lower side of this part. Adjust a flathead screwdriver on them and pry them off. 

For moveable screws, adjust a Phillips screwdriver and unscrew them from the vehicle. Access the other five clips and remove them manually. Pull out the old part and keep it aside. 

Now, hold the new equipment with the help of an assistant, adjust it on the mounting spots and add the top and bottom screws. 

Tighten them firmly and fix it in one spot. Then, adjust the clips one by one and push them inside. 

Front bumper replacement

The following method helps in its removal and installation without external support. The procedure takes around 25 to 30 minutes with appropriate knowledge and skills. 

Approach the front of your vehicle and access the five screws on the grill. The objects lie inside the individual wheel wells.

Use a screwdriver to loosen the plastic screws and remove them from the front side grill. Then, locate two supporting screws on the dotted pattern and unbolt them.

Also, find the two bolts on the lower side which hold this part with the frame. Use a wrench or nut extractor and remove these bolts.

Pull the plastic wheel well and make the bolt visible. Carefully hold it from both ends and pull it towards you.

Then, install a new front part and push it into the mounting spot. Next, add the plastic screws and tighten them with a Phillips tool.

Adjust the plastic clips and screws in the wheel well. Fix them with additional righting and check their stability. 

How often should you replace a bumper on a Honda Civic?

They work with the life of a passenger car with adequate maintenance. However, the cracked object cannot protect from sudden collision and damages the frame.

They require immediate replacement due to surface cracks, dents, holes, and other damages. The broken fasteners and faulty hooks determine its replacement time. 

A damaged part starts falling off the frame and requires immediate change. 

The plastic parts can last longer because they cannot develop rust. But, metallic covers save from frame damage and resist dents. 

Why would you replace a bumper on a Honda Civic?

 People crack them during installation and parking conditions. A broken part cannot handle the kinetic energy of the collision and affects the vehicle frame.

The repairing and fixation techniques are extensive. As a result, the vehicles lose their original design and integrity among similar variants.

In such circumstances, swap it with an efficient and high-quality product. People change them to enhance the appeal of their vehicles.

The procedure is less complicated and consumes a few hours. However, you cannot drive a vehicle with broken protective parts because they cause severe accidental conditions. 

Why is the bumper replacement so expensive on a Honda Civic?

It is an expensive procedure due to costly parts and high labor charges. I have mentioned a few factors that increase its price.

Type of vehicle

The older variants require more repairing of the vehicle body and mounting spots. In addition, they have less-defined shapes with curves and closed edges. 

The labor paints the surfaces and fixes the dents before the replacement. As a result, their charges increase up to $250 per hour. 

Condition of damages 

The massive cracks and prominent dents require a precise swap of the shock-absorbing objects. Then, the professional mechanic paints and installs the new equipment. 

The expense of the activity increases from the standard level due to multiple modifications. 

Location of dealership

Its price varies from one state to another across the USA. A few dealerships provide complex packages according to their built-in policies.

They do not accept insurance certificates for the repairing procedures. As a result, their charges are higher than the local workshops.

The prices increase according to the location of these service centers. In addition, they charge for their services according to the type and condition of a vehicle. 

Broken lights

Its alteration is challenging on the front side of a car because the frame contains headlights, turn signals, and a grill. The mud flaps and fenders make the process complicated.

Quality of material

The aluminum collision repellents are more expensive than plastic products. However, you can adjust the plastic shock absorbers on the backside.

But, the aluminum protectors are essential to support the front section of a vehicle.

The pair has a high price range due to its modified design, advanced control features, and damage repelling properties.

Is it cheaper to repair or replace a bumper on a Honda Civic?

Repairing a dented bumper is cheaper than its replacement. The average repair cost is about $120 to $1005. But, alteration charges can increase by about $1400 because new accessories are expensive.

You can repair the traditional cracks for about $155 to $605. Repairing punctures and dents cost about $330 to $430.

Tiny scratches and chipped paint is repairable with advanced techniques. However, such procedures may charge you about $120 to $145. 

The shock absorbers require a change due to extensive damage and cracks. With repair, they can perform for a short period and loses their standard work efficiency.

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