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Why Do Some Subaru Cars Have Pink Badges?

Why Do Some Subaru Cars Have Pink Badges?

Many people do not know about Subaru’s love for its country, which is filled with Cherry blossoms.

Moreover, their brand strategies like their name, logo, and pink badge color indicate their affection for Japan. 

Why Do Some Subaru Cars Have Pink Badges? Some Subaru cars like Impreza GC8 and WRX STI variants have pink badges as this color is a sign of power, and these racing cars are powerful due to turbocharged engine that helps provide better control. Moreover, it has honored the red color of Cherry blossoms that bloom in spring by using pink emblems. In addition, it is a sign of power, hope, and movements that shows the struggles of Subaru to provide better vehicles. Furthermore, it denotes masculine power and helps recognize high-performance vehicles. 

You can look at their evolutionary history and the type of cars that contain these pink badges to understand the reasons.

What type of Subaru cars have pink badges? 

You can see different colors in the badges of Subaru having the same oval shape and the presence of stars or an alphabet ‘I’ on the metallic surface.

All types of their automobiles do not have pink emblems as they are specifically placed on the grille of racing vehicles on their front end.

Most commonly, they are present on the STI racing cars developed by Subaru Tecnica International as these are high-performance cars.

You can find these emblems on the WRX and WRC vehicles designed by STI, like an Impreza GC8 that displays technical prowess due to its powerful engine.

In addition, these have high-performance components like a turbocharged engine that can generate more power and torque.

These STI WRX have high-performance tires that are 18-inches wide, but it does not stop at any point and tries to produce more efficient, luxurious, and safe cars for their customers.

So, you can only see the pink badges on the STI racing cars that have a silver lining and give a color like cherry blossom to these emblems.

In addition, other vehicles have blue emblems with silver outlines and contain the same number of six stars in silver color.

Why Do Subaru Cars Have Pink Badges?

There are many reasons behind the pink color of badges on Subaru cars, including the red Cherry blossom flower and their love for this shade.

Honor to Cherry blossom

Cherry blossom is the national flower in Japan as it grows naturally in Japan’s climatic conditions and gets the Japanese people’s attention.

They use it on sacred places like shrines and festive events to decorate their local areas and homes.

This tree is known as ‘Sakura’ in this country that has a good height and a longer lifespan of almost 18 to 25 years. It looks beautiful and captivating and grabs attention instead of its faint smell.

Furthermore, they have become an integral component of the Japanese culture as it remains incomplete without decorations of these flowers.

Therefore, the company got the idea of paying honor to their national flower, so they have changed the shade of their badge for their racing vehicles.

Sign of spring

Flowers are the sign of spring, mean happiness and hope for bright weather, and help improve the mood of people bored of cold nights and humid environments.

The cherry blossom flowers appear pinkish red like the badge of Subaru and indicate the symbol of happiness.

You can see a lot of blooming flowers of cherry blossom in February when the spring seasons dominate over the passing winter.

Furthermore, they remain at the blooming stage for only 7 to 10 days and begin to shed leaves and flowers so that new leaves can replace them.

So, the company tried to deliver a message of hope to beat other cars in terms of efficiency and power and make it appear pinkish in the background of six silver stars.

Brand Recognition

It was designed in pink color to depict the STI/Rally pink accent color as they use strips in this shade to make themselves distinguishing in the rallies.

Moreover, this intense shade in the logo of STI looks remarkable. It makes this automotive brand stand out from all other brands as there are no other vehicles with pink badges in the automobile industry.

It was a tactic for brand recognition as sometimes odd things can take you higher in the market and become a reason for promotion.

In the same way, many people like the pink logo introduced for the first time by any automotive brand, while a few people do not like it.

Symbol of masculine power

In Japan, the pink color is specifically for males. It describes a masculine gender in contrast to Western culture, where this shade only relates to women, particularly baby girls.

It was assigned to the male gender to tribute to those male warriors who participated in the battles at the blooming stage of their lives and much more to experience.

Moreover, this color in Japan is dedicated to spring, hope, and youth, all of which are interrelated as the hopes, desires, and happiness levels are extreme at a young age.

Many people wear red shirts in Japan as it shows masculine power and positivity in them.

However, countries like the US use pink colors to show the delicate objects and relate them to feminism, as you can see in Barbie dolls.

So, Subaru has made these badges for their vehicles to indicate their masculine power and strength that they can tolerate different terrains efficiently due to their versatile automobiles.

Sign of progress and movement

The pretty pink color has been seen as a symbol of progress and movement to something better than the older one.

They never stop in their inventions and continuously tries to add more advanced features to their vehicle to make them more appealing and productive.

It is interesting to know that it impacts the efficiency level, and the different choices of colors alter productivity.

It relates to higher productivity compared to rosy red and the motion of thoughts and ideas to bring positive changes to their products.

Therefore, Subaru’s pink badges indicate improvements in its reliability and quality over time, as you can see Mustang, Outback, and Forester models packed with advanced features.

High-performance vehicles

The pink shade in the badges of the Subaru racing automobiles developed a concept of high-performance components like an engine that has been modified to a turbocharged and become more powerful.

You can look at WRX STI, a high-performance sports car that has modified several features after getting reviews from the drivers.

It has an e-boxer engine that can generate almost 305hp and torque of nearly 290 pounds for a foot. The powerful motor and quick steering response make it a great vehicle to drive.

In addition, Subaru BRZ is compact and offers exceptional balance due to a lower center of gravity. Moreover, it has a 2-liter engine that can produce 200hp, which can help the wheel to maintain better control.

Furthermore, all of their sports vehicles are highly efficient and powerful, so a pink color emblem is assigned to them.

What is the history of Subarus badge colors?

The company introduced multiple changes in the background color and number of stars in their badges, but they remained oval with the same elements.

You can see an evolution in their emblem after a few years because it affects the reputation of any brand that brings continuous changes in their ideas.

In 1953, it appeared silver with silver stars and transparent background but changed to a golden shade with a transparent background after three years in 1956.

Moreover, they introduced an emblem in cherry red tones having silver stars on its surface with a silver outline after a year in 1957.

In 1970, its shape changed from an oval to a rectangular one with a blue background and the exact color of stars, but they replaced it with an oval shape after 10 years in 1980.

Furthermore, the current logo of Subaru appears bluish with some gradient shades, and the size of the stars has changed gradually as one star appears bigger than the other five.

What do six stars on the Subaru emblem mean?

The six stars on the Subaru emblem are designed purposefully as its parent company is Fuji Heavy Industries, a conglomerate of five different companies and the sixth one.

They have shown love for the parent company and added six stars to denote those six companies that are part of this industry, and as its name indicates unity, and so the stars also show unity.

Originally, there were seven stars, but the two stars merged as they were too close to each other and appeared single.

The largest star element denotes Fuji Heavy Industries, while the remaining five were the remaining companies merged into it.

The oval-shaped has gained more public attention than a square emblem, so they have retained the shape but keep bringing changes in the background shade.

What do people say about the Subaru pink badge?

I surveyed 783 people to know what they think about pink badges on Subaru cars. Out of 783 people, 462 people (59%) said they appear cherry red as Japanese people give honor to their sacred things like it is their national flower.

However, 249 people (32%) said it denotes their cars’ power and high performance as this color relates to progress, energy, and movement.

While the remaining 72 people (9%) said, it indicates masculine power as the pink color is specifically for the male gender in Japan.

Many trees of Cherry Blossom flower are present in Japan and cover a large surface area. They use the flowers for decorating their places and put them into the shrines as they are considered sacred.

“It takes no time to think about the reason for pink badges because I know that Japanese have a special love for their Cherry Blossoms.”

It symbolizes power and movement that shows that this company keeps bringing alterations in the designs and efficiencies of their automobiles.

“I have seen them as an emerging automotive company that keeps trying to gain a top rank by bringing changes in their structure and even color of emblems.”

Japanese consider this shade as a masculine color, and men wear red shirts to indicate their authority and power.

“I have seen many people wearing red shirts in Japan, so it was not surprising for me to see pink badges on Subaru.”

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