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How Much Does it Cost to Resurface Rotors at AutoZone?

How Much Does it Cost to Resurface Rotors at AutoZone?

However, rotor surfacing is a maintenance process that improves the lifespan of brakes, brake pads, and rotational discs. AutoZone is an automobile service provider that sells accessories like brake rotors, engine oil, spark plugs and resurface rotors in their workshops. 

How Much Does it Cost to Resurface Rotors at AutoZone? The cost to resurface rotors at AutoZone is $27 to $29 per rotor; a pair costs $54 to $58, and the price for four rotors is around $108 to $116. Rotors require resurfacing every 52000 to 72000 miles due to corrosive layering, dirt accumulation, and brake pad replacement. AutoZone provides the cheapest resurfacing surface than other workshops, costs less than $30 per disc, and you can save from $15 to $20. 

A rotor resurfacing is effective while the machine provides standard built-in thickness and is far more than the wearing level. 

In addition, the disc smoothness provides more control, stable driving, and high performance for a long time. 

People resurface their brake rotors during the new brake pads installation because the damaged disc causes damage to the pads. 

What is a rotor resurfacing?

Rotor resurfacing is a procedure to remove a tiny amount of the material from its surface with a machine. 

A lathe is an efficient gadget that can trim the metal disc surface and removes vibrations and unnecessary sounds due to excessive brake usage.

It can reduce it to standard disc size and controls the thickness. Moreover, the resurfacing removes the excessive corrosion from the top layer.

It makes the disc smoother and facilitates quick rotational movements. However, they do not produce any ticking sound after these repairing procedures.

It is a maintenance technique that provides smooth driving conditions with stable wheel movements.

What is the method to resurface the rotors?

You can resurface the brake rotors or take professional assistance for these challenging activities. 

You can access it through the thin metal sheet with a minimum 0.050mm thickness. 

Stabilize the car and adjust the jack under its frame. You can use a ramp to increase the height of your automobile. 

In this way, you can access the wheels without any interfering obstacles. Then, use an appropriate wrench, loosen the wheel bolts and remove them. 

Now, detach the rims from the wheels while they contain the brake rotors. It is better to take the help of a friend to carry these heavy rims and adjust them near the sander. 

The sander is efficient equipment that can trim the rim discs of your automobile. However, it is a handy gadget and costs you around $52 to $55, and the cost varies according to the size, design, and selling portal. 

You should adjust the sander at a medium speed with low intensity. Then, remove the corrosion, dirt, and other accumulated particles. 

In addition, achieve the required disc thickness and turn off the sander. Then, rub them with a lint-free fabric and repeat the activity for other rims. 

The DIY methods are challenging, and you can lose your expensive automobile rims. A person should have appropriate skills and knowledge about the specific tools and the entire brake system.

These turning machines are expensive, and they require handling expertise. However, a few people try the DIY methods, and their brake discs lose their original thickness. 

Does AutoZone perform rotor resurfacing?

AutoZone is an automotive parts seller and provides used equipment in low price ranges. However, they can do rotor resurfacing like many other auto-part services. 

The portal can provide this service while having a resurfacing machine. Moreover, the portal facilitates different price lists with alternative policies. 

It is one of the largest auto part stores with a linked mechanic workshop. 

It sells and repairs and resurfaces these accessories for different vehicles in these circumstances.

Moreover, it has multiple branches across the USA, with similar procedure costs. You can access their online websites and connect with the representatives. 

What is the average cost to resurface rotors at AutoZone?

The cost to resurface the brake rotors vary with the type, make, and vehicle model.

However, its average cost is around $27 to $29 at the AutoZone accessories store.

The service portal may charge you from $54 to $58 for a pair of brake rotors resurfacing. They use special techniques and efficient gadgets to provide standard disc thickness.

Moreover, you can resurface all four discs and the average cost to turn tetra brake rotors is $108 to $116. 

The disc turning machine is one of the most expensive gadgets. Also, it is available at different auto part stores across the USA.

The average cost of a brake lathe is around $8000 to $8100. However, a few online portals sell them in the highest price ranges with multi-function properties and high-quality performance. 

You can purchase the most expensive lathe machine for around $16150 to $16300. However, it is a challenging purchase and makes the procedure costly.

What is the labor cost to resurface rotors at AutoZone?

The labor cost depends on the procedure time, and it takes 1 to 2.5 hours. 

A few service centers may cost you around $85 to $90 per hour and turn the process into an expensive activity. 

However, their service providers are cooperative, and they charge around $27 to $30 for the procedure. Also, they complete the activity in one hour and provide packages. 

Also, a few people remove the rotating disc from their wheels and rims before approaching their facilities. 

In such circumstances, you can save around $10 to $15 with reduced labor charges. 

You cannot hire a professional team for the disc turning in your backyards because they cannot carry the heavy equipment. Also, contact the service provider through an online website or directly call them. 

Does AutoZone provide cheaper rotor resurfacing?

They facilitate the cheapest rotor resurfacing due to their authentic techniques, extended staff list, and multiple branches.

A few automobile service stores cost you around $42 to $67 per part. Also, the service does not include the repairing and control of other brake equipment.

Several customers say that several mechanics across the USA charge somewhere from $80 to $132 for these activities without additional services. 

In addition, several workshops charge different prices for the front and rear brakes. But, AutoZone offers similar low price policies for both side discs resurfacing. 

How often should you resurface rotors?

You should resurface the rotors after every 52000 miles to 72000 miles.

You should fix them if they lose their standard thickness. Also, carry out the resurfacing after changing the brake pads twice. The braking pads require replacements from 12000 miles to 22000 miles. 

Also, the maintenance of these brake discs is necessary to prevent corrosion accumulation. You should identify its thickness through the automobile manual. 

Moreover, you can consult with a vehicle expert or access the nearby dealership portal.

Is rotor resurfacing cheaper than rotor replacement?

The resurfacing is cheaper than their replacement. You can save around $15 to $20 on the entire procedure.

However, you can turn one brake disc in around twenty-seven dollars. But, the average cost of one brake rotor is from $32 to $77. 

The average cost to replace a brake rotor per axle is around $155 to $210. 

The difference between the costs of both procedures indicates that resurfacing is a less costly activity and provides high results with maximum wheel performance. 

Also, several service portals consider the disc turning expensive due to a massive investment in the machinery. They have to learn the handling and usage skills which may cost a few dollars.

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