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How Much to Replace a Hyundai Tucson Engine?

How Much to Replace a Hyundai Tucson Engine?

2022 Tucson has a 2.4-liter turbocharged engine that produces a horsepower of around 189hp. In addition, it has several engine problems and requires frequent replacement, and is a costly procedure.

How Much to Replace a Hyundai Tucson Engine? You can replace a Hyundai Tucson engine for $5700 to $8700 with an engine cost of $4500 and $7000 and mechanic charges of $1100 to $1700. Also, labor cost is around $75 to $115 per hour, and the DIY method cost you from $4500 to $7500 with the additional price of oil and electric wires. The Hyundai Tucson has around 83000 recalls due to engine failure, transmission faults, and insufficient power supply during acceleration and requires replacement at 310000 miles to 320000 miles.

Its manufacturers provide a 1995 cc diesel engine and a 1999c petrol powered with four cylinders and facilitate a mileage of around 13km per liter to 16 km per liter according to the type of fuel and usage. 

It was launched in the year 2004 with a 64-liter tank capacity and a speed of around 182 Kmph to 184 Kmph. 

What type of engine does a Hyundai Tucson have?

Hyundai Tucson provides two engines with diesel and petrol properties. 

However, the 2020 to 2021 variants have a 2.0-liter engine that provides a horsepower of around 165hp. 

However, a few models have a 2.4-liter engine with a power of around 183hp. The latest 2021 variants also have a three-liter with tetra cylinders.

In addition, it is a good SUV, and both engine types facilitate 6-speed automatic transmission.

What is the average cost to replace a Hyundai Tucson engine?

The average cost to replace a Hyundai Tucson engine is around $1200 to $1700, and it does not include the engine cost.

However, the replacement cost varies according to the state, service of the workshop, and location. However, the make and design of the vehicle determine the total replacement cost.

In a few states, the procedure is cost-effective, and you can carry out this activity for around $7500 to $8000.

However, the minimum replacement cost is around $5500 to $6000.

Also, you can ask for discounted policies at different workshops across the USA because every state has various policies. 

People prefer these costly replacement procedures because the mechanic is a skilled person who facilitates non-problematic results.

However, you can select it with discount policies or consult a workshop dealer for these purchases. 

The dealers have connections with the shops, and they help in a high-quality parts selection according to your vehicle design.

How much does a mechanic cost to replace a Hyundai Tucson engine?

Its engine lasts around 310000 miles to 320000 miles. However, frequent off-road driving can damage its performance and decreases its lifespan. 

However, you can cover a safe distance of around 16000 miles to 17000 miles.

Its damaged parts require replacement, and a professional mechanic can change it for $1100 to $1700. 

However, the maximum prices vary according to the location and popularity of the workshop. 

The mechanics’ charge for their skills, knowledge, and expertise. However, you can communicate with the representative and ask for a discounted replacement package. 

In this way, you can save around $400 to $500. However, it is a complex procedure and requires labor involvement. In addition, the team of skilled people costs per hour. 

The average charges for the labor are around $75 to $115. Also, the replacement completes in 14 to 15 hours. 

However, the transportation charges are part of the entire package.

The labor can cost you an extra $30 to $50 for approaching your garages or backyards for the alteration procedures. 

How much to replace a Hyundai Tucson engine with a DIY method?

The DIY replacement of a Hyundai Tucson engine is challenging, and you cannot perform it without the appropriate skills and required equipment. 

However, take the help of assistance with professional skills about these complex high-performance engines. The DIY procedures are complex and complete in around 16 to 20 hours.

In such circumstances, manage all the equipment like wrenches, screwdrivers, electric wire connectors, and an appropriate-sized powered device.

The average cost of these methods ranges from $4500 to $7500 and includes the charges consumed on electricity, oil, and new electric wires. 

Why would you replace the Hyundai Tucson engine?

Its engines have a long lifespan and can last from 19 to 21 years, and facilitate an average mileage of 16000 miles every year. 

But, the excessive usage, inappropriate component performance, high fuel consumption, and internal wearing lead to replacements of these parts.

Insufficient engine power

The 2016 to 2018 Hyundai Tucson models face insufficient power problems. The malfunctions are due to cylinder damages, inadequate oil performance, and internal friction. 

The problem appears at the early life stage of the SUV, and it frustrates the user. Moreover, it does not provide sufficient power during acceleration and affects the vehicle’s speed.

If the driver presses the gas pedal, the engine stalls for a few seconds but does not provide enough ugh energy to the wheels. 

The fault appears due to restricted fuel supply to its cylinders. It happens due to fuel injectors clogging, and they prohibit the fuel transfer. 

Malfunctioning transmission

A Malfunctioning transmission requires immediate replacements because it damages the engine performance. 

Its 6-speed automatic transmission connects with the crankshaft. 

The damaged transmission prohibits the gear shifting that affects the engine performance and fuel economy. 

It produces excessive heat and damages its internal components. 

The transmission malfunctions at the road stop. Also, the vehicle does not move with high acceleration and power. 

The 2016 Hyundai Tucson undergoes this problem frequently. As a result, you cannot shift gears which affect the standard speed.

The internal damage results in the inadequate performance of the transmission components. 

However, it produces unnecessary ticking sounds during these conditions, which indicate transmission troubles. 

Engine failure

Its several models have engine failure issues, and it happens due to internal oil leakage and damaged parts.

In addition, insufficient lubrication increases its temperature. As a result, it malfunctions and requires replacements. 

The broken components affect the surrounding parts. 

The warning light appears on the dashboard and indicates its failure.

Does Hyundai Tucson have several recalls due to the engine malfunctioning?

It has rare recalls due to its high-quality driving performance and appealing design.

Its models from 2015 to 2016 have more than 83000 recalls due to four-cylinder engine failure, stalling, and inadequate power supply. 

However, the manufacturers have recalled around 110000 variants of the 2017 Hyundai Tucson due to a malfunctioning engine. 

The malfunctioning bearings produce excessive heat that can burn the equipment.

These are safety recalls, and the manufacturing company resolved the fault for the standard performance of this crossover SUV.

The 2015 model has around 1500 recalls due to overheating, irregular shaking, and frequent repairing.

The old models from 2011 to 2013 are the worst variants and have several engine failures and excessive heat faults.

The company recalled the 2013 Hyundai Tucson variants due to oil leakage.

The National highway traffic Authority across the USA issued these recalls, and the manufacturers resolved these faults for high-quality results.

In 2016, the users complained about the malfunctioning engine with reduced power during acceleration.