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How Much Does it Cost to Straight Pipe a Truck?

How Much Does it Cost to Straight Pipe a Truck?

The average price to straight pipe a pickup truck depends on the complexity of the vehicle and the location of the workshop.

How Much Does it Cost to Straight Pipe a Truck? The cost to straight pipe a truck is around $650 to $1300 and varies with the method, equipment cost, workshop location, availability of labor, and pickup truck model. Also, a straight pipe kit can cost you around $260 to $850, a DIY method costs you $310 to $825, and a professional person does it for $950 to $1100. Furthermore, a welding procedure costs around $310 to $780, and a clamp method is around $350 to $850.

In addition, a variety of straight pipe kits and packages make it challenging to define the actual cost of installation.

However, the straight piping is not appealing for several people because of loud sounds. But, approximately 50% to 57% of people select this method once in their lifetime. 

Also, every workshop has different charges, and a few of them make extra money as appreciation. 

Typically, several states of the USA prohibit these procedures, but people use straight pipe trucks without any fear because few federal emission rules permit them. 

Also, the used and aftermarket straight pipe kits are economical because you can negotiate with the seller.

In such deals, the equipment is without guarantee, ends up in multiple damages, and requires frequent repairing.

How much does a straight pipe kit cost?

Typically, straight pipe kits are essential for straightening procedures. In addition, these kits contain a set of straight exhaust pipes without the mufflers and catalytic converters.

Also, the size, shape, and design vary according to specific models of the pickup trucks.

Furthermore, the customers can purchase them according to their required sizes and budgets. In addition, the quality varies from one manufacturer to the other, and the price range fluctuates. 

In addition, several online portals sell these kits in different cost limits. However, the average cost of a kit for a pickup is around $260 to $850. 

Also, the used kits are available with negotiable price ranges. In addition, they have low prices than the new versions of these items.

Moreover, the customized and stylish straight exhaust pipes may cost you between $650 to 990. Moreover, a few sellers offer these items in sets, and a twin-pipe package is beneficial for heavy-duty trucks. 

Also, they provide a monstrous appearance, loud engine sounds, and better control over the entire vehicle.

In such situations, spend money on high-quality systems and prevent the vehicle exhaust system from surface damage.

Furthermore, the straight pipe method with such efficient kits may cost you around $1000 to $1200 with the kit costs. 

How much does it cost to straight pipe a truck with a DIY method?

Generally, a few people have appropriate knowledge about the exhaust system of their pickup trucks. 

In addition, during such procedures, the person has to fulfill all the procedure requirements. Furthermore, it is a more economical procedure because it reduces the labor charges. 

But, the probability of technical faults is higher than the skilled method. However, it can secure around 34% to 35% of the installation cost by skipping the involvement of a professional person.

Also, you can destroy the overall exhaust system during such activities, and repair costs are high. Also, it includes the cost of new straight exhaust pipes without mufflers. 

However, the cost fluctuates according to the type of method. Also, the welding method may cost you around $310 to $780. You can hire the welding machine for $15 to $20 per hour in such procedures.

In addition, when you straight pipe a truck without welding, it costs you a bit more because it involves different clamps and attachment tools. On average, it may cost you between $350 to $850. 

However, it saves money, but the experts suggest professional help. In this way, you can prevent the exhaust system from sudden damages, cracks, and failure. 

How much does a professional cost to straight pipe a truck?

Welding in a straight pipe procedure makes it challenging for a non-skilled person. 

Also, it is advisable to select a professional person and save time consumption. In this way, you can get non-problematic procedures in half time. 

However, it is an expensive way but, the procedure is satisfactory and provides high-performance results in the future. 

The skilled team does not damage the vehicle design, keeps the sound loud, and controls internal exhaust system settings. Also, the average cost of a professional team is around $200 to $350. 

In addition, the overall charges can lead up to $1050 for a few procedures. Moreover, the professional mechanic cost varies according to location and labor availability. 

The maximum cost of such procedures is around $950 to $1100. Also, it has a minimum cost range of $800 to $1000, but it happens while the workshop has enough labor. 

In other situations, the labor charges for their transport according to distance. Also, they select the type, quality, and design of a kit for your vehicle. In such situations, the estimated and average cost of the procedure can increase up to $1300. 

What are the factors that affect the cost to straight pipe a truck? 

Following these factors, any person can understand the technicalities and requirements. Also, consider your budget before enrolling in any activity. 

Workshops of a specific area

The location of a workshop determines the labor charges and entire procedure cost. Also, the nearby workshops cost you around $75 to $100 for their professional activities.

But, a faraway workshop includes different service charges, and they have several policies. Also, when the workshop is far away than 50 miles, you can expect an average cost of around $140 to $170.

In addition, these are only installation charges, and you have to carry the equipment with you. 

Kit prices

Generally, people leave the straight pipe kit choices on their mechanics due to inadequate know-how of their truck exhaust system.

As a result, the professional person selects a high-quality item and includes the labor charges accordingly. In these conditions, the average cost of the procedure becomes around $1100 to $1250. 

In addition, the minimum price range of these kits is around $650 to $750, but they have low quality.

Moreover, the high-quality exhaust for a truck can cross limits of hundreds of dollars. In addition, the overall procedure becomes highly expensive because it depends on the tool cost, and labor charges are separate. 

Model of the truck

Typically, each truck model has a few differences in an exhaust pipe system.

In addition, a few of them have a capacity for one straight exhaust pipe, and others can adjust a twin setup. In these circumstances, the installation cost raises from the standard limits. 

Complexity of procedure

The broken exhaust system is vulnerable to more damages during welding conditions. In addition, these procedures are complex, and you cannot elect self-installations.

Also, the mechanics repair the existing damages and fix all the issues. As a result, you may pay around $200 to $350 as labor charges with the repairing cost.

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