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How to Choose the Right Exhaust for Your Truck?

How to Choose the Right Exhaust for Your Truck?

Here are 8 real facts about selecting the exhaust for your truck. Along with this detailed guide, we have added different types of exhausts with their prices for the pickup truck

How to Choose the Right Exhaust for Your Truck? You can choose the right exhaust for your truck by checking the engine capacity, shape, size, design, and price. On average a customized exhaust with a decent pipe costs around $1100.

Exhaust systems Diameter of pipes Price
Cat-Back Exhaust 2.5 inches $160
Axle-Back Exhaust 3 inches $200
Header-Back Exhaust 2 inches $190
Single Exhaust 1.5 inches $250
Dual Exhaust 2 inches $350

How to Choose the Right Exhaust for Your Truck?

It is the exhaust system of any vehicle that collects the gases from the fuel engine to send them outside. You have to choose its best quality so that it can give you better working without any problem.

The size of the head of the cylinder will depend on the amount of gas that the combustion engine produces and the quality of the engine.

Note the capacity of the engine

First of all, you have to note the size of your engine and its horsepower. These things will allow you to make a rough estimate of how much gasses it will produce in your system and focus on proper working.

You have to explain the correct cubic meters of your engine, such as 1000cc, 1300cc, or 1500cc, or even huge engines.

The power of the engine in horsepower will also specify on its body or in its booklet. If your truck alarm is going off randomly, check the connection with the battery.

You have to look for all possible models for it after looking at its space to gather gases.

The quality of the engine of your vehicle matters a lot while considering the shape and type of the cylinder.

If the engine’s condition is right, you can get the average size of the cylinder. If your engine is old and produces more smoke, you have to use the large size of the cylinder.

The smoke will gather in the cylinder, so the size will decide by looking at the amount of smoke it produces.

The material you are using for the making of a cylinder of this system should make up stainless steel or mild steel.

You have to make sure that the material used in your product is the best and will last longer. The engine’s quality will look by the smoke it produced when we press the accelerator for a longer time. If there is no black smoke coming out, then you can select any product for it.

If you are facing any problem with it, you have to look for better quality that can clean quickly and not cause any problem. You can add matching decals on the truck tailgate.

Choose the type of exhaust

There are different types that are present in the market. You have to go for a kind after looking at all others.

You have to look for the place of its attaching at the backside of your vehicle. There are three main types concerning the place that are the header back, cat-back, and axle-back. You have to look for that product looking at your needs and purposes.

The header back system will change all the things from pipes to the smoke collector. It will give you more diameter of the cylinder to provide you with ease while the smoke comes out of the vehicle.

It may require a lot of expertise to install as compared to other systems. You need this system when you need to change the whole system that will include all pipes and cylinders.

The cat-back system will change the catalytic components of this system. It will include the muffler and all the pipes present at the backside of your vehicle.

You have to look for working on all types and their options. You can use it for better results. You should remove the heavy rust from the truck frame.

All these types have different choices of configuration there that include the dual crossover, dual exit, and other specific configurations can make with a single pipe as required by the user. You can use them in your Ford F-150 or any vehicle for amazing results.

Select the design of pipes

After choosing the particular type of pipes, you have to look for their design. The look of the four-wheeler also matters a lot, so it should not compromise at any cost.

You have to consider all the available options that you will get on the different websites and compare them with the back of your pickup.

You will get better choices when you have decided the type by considering all the factors.

There is no importance of shape in its working because the only tailpipe will look outside rather than a complete cylinder. You should regularly drain the truck air tanks.

If the cylinder is working, then there is no need to change the tailpipe. Cleaning the tailpipe is necessary after regular intervals because it may choke due to dust and other factors.

It must be your priority to make it properly functioning because it can disturb the whole system.

Your primary focus must be on the type of the cylinder rather than on its design. It will do the complete work for your system, and you will get better results out of it. You can put a car seat in the front seat of the truck.

Customize them

Customizing the pipes and cylinder of this process means that you have to make the changes in it regarding your use.

You can change the size of the cylinder and shape of the tailpipes as your requirements. You have to look for better options that can give you more results and not cause any problem.

The process of customization will require significant expertise there because any small mistake can ruin the whole system.

The cylinder’s customization is more complicated than the outer pipe because the cylinder is the central part that is gathering the smoke in it and exiting it out of the pickup. You can even add a dash cam at this location.

Choose the shape of the exhaust

There are many shapes of the tailpipes that you can use for decoration of your vehicle. Buy the same color gadgets by matching with the bumper of the backside of your four-wheeler.

You can also purchase pipes of zig-zag shape.

Identify the top brands

Many brands are producing this product in the market, and you can get an overview of all the products of that brand by noting their specifications and the price of all their products.

After looking at all the top brands’ features, you have to decide on one brand after looking at its expense.

You will get a full description of the sizes and shapes of all the available products in their outlet. You will also get the purchase option on their website, and you can also pay them by choosing one of the options. You can select the option of payment for the delivery.

MagnaFlow and Flowmaster are among the top brands that provide all the facilities online at their websites without wasting any time to go to their outlet.

It must be your priority that a brand that suits you and gives you all the required facilities. All the brands are providing the facility to deliver their products at your doorsteps.

You can also fix it on your own if you have any experience using these products; otherwise, they will also give this facility by coming at your home without charging any additional traveling cost.


The cost varies for different brands and their products. You can get it as low as $90 and as high as $2000. You will see a lot of variety and the differences between these products.

The price will increase as the quality of the product increase. It is said that you can get high-quality products for $1100 on average. At this price, you can get all the features that you want.


You will achieve many benefits of getting a better system for your vehicle. The harmful particles will not be stuck in the cylinder and pipes of the exhaust.

You will get a more useful life of these products as compared to other lower-quality equipment. There will no noise come out of it, and you will not face any problem while traveling to long distances.

If the engine fails, then the gases will not gather inside the engine, but they will come outside without facing any problem there.

You have to make sure that the system that you are using must be free from all types of issues. You can get all the things when you spare some time searching for better products for your vehicle.

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