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How Much is Ford F150 Extended Warranty?

How Much is Ford F150 Extended Warranty?

If you are buying Ford F150 extended warranty, you should know all the different plans with their features and cost.

How Much is Ford F150 Extended Warranty? The cost of the Ford F150 extended warranty is between $1600 to $3700. On average, its price is around $3000. The factors affecting the cost of the extended warranty are the truck’s condition, the type of coverage that you have taken, and finally, the kind of vehicle you are using.

How Much is Ford F150 Extended Warranty?

If you are getting the new ford truck’s warranty, you should properly plan its cost.

You can achieve all the benefits of the warranty when you have taken it at the start of the insurance policy.

You will get maximum benefits out of it. We will analyze all the factors that are affecting the cost of the warranty one by one.

The vehicle’s condition includes the truck’s mileage that you have driven after purchasing it from the showroom.

You have to pay more price when you have driven more mileage. Secondly, the physical and mechanical condition of the vehicle will affect the price.

You will pay less for the total genuine vehicle as compared to the accidental truck.

The engine’s condition matters a lot as they will do a proper inspection before offering the warranty to you.

You cannot achieve all these things at a minimum price without doing adequate research.

You can increase the price by availing of all the features of the warranty. The type of coverage plan that you have taken includes its time and terms and conditions.

The final thing that plays an essential role in driving its price is the variant of the truck you are using. You have to pay a high price for the top variant and a lesser price for the lower variants.


There are multiple features of the extended warranty plan, and you should not buy any one of them without getting proper information about these plans.

This article will explain all the small details for this plan to guide you to achieve a better plan depending on your condition.

You should spare few hours to get its complete information before starting the process of buying it.

First of all, you should analyze the type of plan and the coverage you are looking for in your truck.

There are four types of plans that they are offering to their customers. You may check their price and use it accordingly.

The first plan is the most comprehensive plan covering all the significant features that anyone is looking for.

This plan is known as the premium care plan of the Ford F150. It includes all major components like the powertrain control module, sound components, and mechanical parts.

You will get many other features in it after studying the complete details of the plan. You will feel the price cheaper when you will get its full details.

The second plan covers more than 100 components of the F150. You will get the complete warranty of the transmission and engine components.

It will also cover the problems of the suspension and the equipment of the safety.

You will enjoy the use of all these components after getting their warranty from reliable sources.

You can change the plan whenever you want to do it. This plan is known as the extra care plan of the extended warranty.

The third plan is the base care plan of the extended warranty, and it will cover more than 70 components in its plans.

It will cover the brakes and all other parts of your truck.

It is the advanced version of the simplest plan, and it provides you with more features than the lowest plan.

This plan will not offer the services for the radiator and fuel pump problems.

The last plan is the powertrain care plan. It includes the complete driving system, its engine, and transmission system.

It is the cheapest plan to get at a minimum price if we compare it to all plans.

You can transfer the policy at any time of the warranty in all these plans as there are no restrictions for this act.

All these plans are valid for 8 years or completion of the 150000 miles distance. These plans will automatically expire in these 2 conditions, whichever comes first.

You can achieve all the benefits by planning and studying all the major plans.

You can also get a minimum component warranty and bumper-to-bumper warranty of the truck, depending on your needs and budget.

How to buy a Ford F150 extended warranty?

You should buy any service plan at the time of purchasing the F150 from the market, and it is the best approach that you must adopt after taking care of all the major aspects.

You will indulge in a difficult scenario to get the warranty after purchase as there will be limited options available for them. You cannot purchase it by following some easy steps.

You should decide the type of coverage that you are getting from this company.

You should consult with their official dealers that are working under the umbrella of the same brand as you will not face any trouble at the time of the claim.

You should not take the third-party services for your vehicles as you will not get the correct information to purchase it or not.

You should decide on any warranty that comes in your budget and covers all your risks easily.

You can confirm their price from multiple dealers to assure that they are charging you a reasonable price.

You can consult any person who has availed of this opportunity before you. You can get complete information by consulting with any person in your social circle.

Is Ford F150 extended warranty worth it?

Yes, the extended warranty of the F150 worth it as they cover almost all the vehicle features, and you will not face any problem while choosing it.

You will feel no regret by availing this opportunity. You will transfer your risks to a third party, and you can enjoy your journey without having any fear of any loss.

They will repay all the losses in case of an accident and failure of the parts.

You can change the policy whenever you want to do it. You can also use the option of the transferability of the policy.

All the features increase the worth of the warranty and you will pay the price happily. You will not repent of your decision even after its completion.

You should analyze all the features before purchasing them. It will lead you to the proper conclusion that you will not reverse at any point in time.

There are multiple benefits of the extended warranty that you will not get in the simple warranty at the cost of few more dollars.

The cost of these two types of warranties does not have some clear difference rather than an increase in the price.

You will face no restriction on the policy shift and time of the warranty. You will face less claim time and priority while claiming it from the brand.

You will get limited coverage from the simple warranty, but the extended warranty’s top plan covers all the truck’s major features. You can renew it at the time of completion of the term.

Can you buy a Ford extended warranty after purchase?

Yes, you can also purchase the warranty for your truck even after its purchase, but there are few limits to this purchase that you must note while going for its purchase.

You cannot get the extended warranty for your truck if you have passed three years after purchasing it from the market.

You cannot avail of this opportunity after three years or if you have completed the mileage of 35000 miles.

You will miss this opportunity if you have crossed any one of these limits. It is better to purchase all the facilities within time to save yourself from all the problems.

You must note all these limits that will help you complete the planning of the decision on time.

You can check that the products you are using should cover all the benefits you are looking for. We have discussed all the major packages of the warranty that will cover all your risks of the vehicles’ problems.

Can you purchase the ford extended warranty from third parties?

There are a few merits and demerits while using the extended warranty from a third party. You will get a better package and some added perks in your package.

They will manage some additional services to attract the customers to themselves.

Some of these companies provide quality services, and the customers are happy with their services, while some of them will face problems during its use.

You can compare the cost of the plan with the features that you are getting out of it.

You may increase the cost of your warranty to get more benefits by looking at the available amount for purchasing it.

Some of these companies will offer you more time as compared to the official warranty. Some companies will claim the warranty difficult for the user that will create negative reviews for that company.

You must analyze all the companies before making a contract with any one of them.

You may get better products at cheaper rates, but they will not offer speedy claims and demand many proofs and documentation from you.

You cannot get better results by purchasing these warranties from unknown companies. You must check the reviews of the customers of the company before making a contract with them.

Another benefit of using third-party services is that there is no need to consult with the Ford brand’s official repair shop as you can consult with any mechanic.

It provides you the flexibility of dealing with any mechanic and gets your claim quickly.

These third parties will offer you a speedy contract and claim as many of them require less documentation to compete with the official services.

What are people saying about the Ford extended warranty?

We have conducted an online survey of the customers of Ford.

This survey includes 780 customers that are be availing of the extended warranty services of the official brand or third-party services.

We have also compared the services with the simple warranty and its comparison with the extended warranty. You will amaze to read we have achieved some unbelieving results from the survey.

More than 67% of the customers are satisfied with their providers from official or unofficial companies. There are few major problems that some customers are facing due to which they are unsatisfied with their providers.

You can buy these services from reliable companies with a good name in the market rather than doing a new experiment for your assistance.

We have also asked for the reasons for the satisfaction or nonsatisfaction of the customers.

The satisfied customers believe that they are getting quality services with lesser documentation and claim time.

They have not faced any hurdle in availing of their claim. They remember the providers with a good name; you cannot rely on these surveys all the time. You should research all these companies thoroughly before becoming their customers.

The people’s dissatisfaction is the delay in the claim and the few repair shops’ restrictions that you will not get to achieve better results there.

You may get all these results after doing proper research and understanding the agreement’s terms and conditions.

Some customers also complain about some hidden features of the deal that they have not disclosed at the contract time.  

A considerable number of satisfied customers are willing to renew their terms just after their completion.

These numbers are encouraging for the new customers to buy their products without having any problem.

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