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How Much is Mercedes-Benz in Germany?

How Much is Mercedes-Benz in Germany?

Germany is a global manufacturer of Mercedes-Benz with the main headquarters in Stuttgart. Several people assume they are cheaper in Germany, but they are economical only for the localities.

How Much is Mercedes-Benz in Germany? In Germany, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class costs around €107000, its S350d is €93500 to €94000, S400d is €104000 and €107000, and S500 is €116000. SLC 180 is €35000, SLC 300 is around €39900, and SLC 250d is €44500. Mercedes SL has a price of €159000, E200 is €45500, E 350d is around €56000, and E 220d is €47220.

The central manufacturing plant has all the facilities to produce high-performance engines and manual to automatic transmissions. However, a few variants are expensive and have a high expense of nearly €116000. 

How much do different models of Mercedes-Benz cost in Germany?

Germany has one of the most significant production and selling markets for Mercedes Benz. The company launched different models in 1904. 

Berlin, Bremen, and Affalterbach have around 13000 employees. The manufacturing headquarters have launched SLC, SL, S, and E-Class Mercedes in the past several years.

Mercedes S-Class

Mercedes-Benz is an advanced, innovative, and full-size luxurious car produced by German manufacturers. Generally, you can purchase them for around €107000 ($102531) in Germany.

However, it varies according to the manufacturing hubs and their standard prices. For example, the S-Class has a standard entry-level S350d with a short wheelbase.

Furthermore, it has an average price of around €93500 ($89565) to €94000 ($90070). According to selling specifications, different prices are available and increase from the standard range.

It is an appealing variant with diesel power equipment. However, it is an expensive option with a high-performance engine that generates a horsepower of around 281 hp.

Also, the all-wheel-drive S350d has a standard and long wheelbase. Its variants have high average costs and start from €97250 ($93173) to €99900 ($95720).

It has another variant with an efficient motor. Also, the average cost of this version is about €96100 ($92085). Finally, it has an entry-level S400d which is a high-performance version.

Moreover, it has a range of around €104000 ($99654) and €107000 ($102529) in Germany. You can purchase the Mercedes 4Matic S450 with a long wheelbase for about €107000. 

The charges vary according to the internal policies of dealerships. Its S500 is a 4Matic with high-performance inline, turbocharged, 3.6-liter power equipment.

Moreover, it facilitates hybrid riding conditions with a built-in integrated system. However, it has an average price of nearly €116000 ($111133) in Germany. Their prices do not include government taxes, delivery charges, and other services. 

Mercedes SLC

SLC stands for sport light short on these cars. It is a famous car with efficient 2.0-liter equipment that produces a horsepower of around 180 to 181 hp.

For sportier performance, it has a V6, 3.0liter engine that generates a horsepower of nearly 361 hp for higher accelerations at different uneven and rough terrains.

Its 2016 version has an entry-level SLC 180 with an efficient 1.6L motor and horsepower of nearly 152 to 153 hp. In Germany, its starting price is around €35000 ($33550).

Its SLC 300 has high-performance equipment with a 2.0-liter capacity and horsepower of nearly 241 hp. However, it is slightly more expensive than the SLC 180 and charges you around €39900 ($38237).

The SLC 250d is the only option with a high-performance diesel 2.2L engine. It can produce a horsepower of about 199 to 200 hp.

It has an average price of around €44500 ($42651). The expensive variants like SLC 43 AMG have an estimated cost of nearly €60000 ($57493) with a V6 motor and horsepower of about 361 hp. 

The SLC 300 has a 2.0-liter engine with an average torque of 272 lb-feet and produces a horsepower of nearly 241 hp. It is a moderately expensive vehicle with an average price of around €47000 ($45051).

Mercedes SL

It is a high-performance touring car with a sportier performance. The manufacturing company launched it in 1954, and SL stands for super-light.

Moreover, it has a petrol-based, efficient 3.0-liter engine that produces a horsepower of 330 to 361 hp. The AMG SL has an average price of around €159000 ($152347).

Mercedes E-Class

The E stands for the executive, which means its engine has petrol-based fuel injection. However, the German automobile manufacturers made and launched this car in 1953.

It belongs to the group of executive vehicles due to its appealing design and exceptional amenities. With around five generations, the manufacturing hub markets the vehicles globally.

Moreover, it has versatile options for power equipment. The vehicle has one petrol engine and two diesel engines for maximum horsepower and control properties.

With an automatic transmission system, it has better mileage than many other versions. It has three different variants, and the E200 is an appealing option with a 2.0liter petrol engine.

It has an automatic gear shifter and comprises 6-speed transmission with manual control units. In Germany, the variants have an average price of nearly €45500 ($43599).

The E 350d has a high-cost range of about €56000 ($53662). Moreover, the E 220d has a diesel engine with an estimated starting cost of nearly €47220 ($45247). 

It has an option E 200 with a 6-speed gearbox and manual shifter. According to different surveys, it has an estimated price of nearly €42600 ($40824).

Is Mercedes Benz less costly in Germany?

It is not less expensive for the localities. However, Mercedes-Benz variants have slightly low costs in the USA according to the difference in currency.

According to the number of specifications and facilitates, they are cheaper in the region. Moreover, Germany is the manufacturing center for these vehicles.

Due to this reason, they have a cost-efficient market. However, location is a significant factor that impacts the sale and purchase activities.

Moreover, the prices are slightly low in this region because Germany has an abundance of Mercedes. It is slightly more expensive in countries where vehicles are rare.

The purchase procedures are economical because the inter-state deals do not include taxes and transportation charges. The localities consider them expensive, but they are cost-effective in the specific state. 

How to identify a Germany-made Mercedes Benz?

Mercedes-Benz manufacturing factories are in different countries across the world. However, you can identify Germany made with different techniques.

For identification, they have the letter W’ on their frames. You can use the vehicle identification number, which indicates their manufacturing location. For the Bremen-made Mercedes, this technique is effective.

However, the three digits or letters of VIN help in accurate identification.

To find the vehicle identification number, check the bottom side of the hood, the doors of the vehicle, and the rear side. Also, you can find the VIN inside the passenger cabin under the dashboard.

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