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How To Cancel Subaru Extended Warranty?

How To Cancel Subaru Extended Warranty?

Subaru offers extended warranty programs to their customers so you can avail them after the factory warranty expiration. It saves the customers from expensive bills for repair procedures.

How To Cancel Subaru Extended Warranty? You can cancel the Subaru extended warranty anytime and get your money back. Contact the dealerships to complete the cancellation form and proceed with your application. It is better to visit the original dealership for the cancellation process from where you purchased these plans. You can get a full refund when you cancel it within 60 days of purchase.

You should know about the company’s refund schedules before purchasing these warranty plans. The knowledge is necessary, so you can cancel it if unsatisfied with these scheduled programs.

What is a Subaru extended warranty?

Subaru extends the original warranty for up to 3 years. The average time for this package is about 8 to 10 years.

The company will repair or replace all the damaged parts and components within this period.

The average mileage under this warranty is about 120,000 miles to 130,000 miles. It is also known as the added security plan, which saves your maintenance cost.

You have to visit the dealerships to repair damaged components. In addition, it is best to use their extended security programs because the company always uses genuine parts for replacement or repairing purposes.

The other dealerships can use low-quality parts that do not last long. It is the best option to cover the larger repairs because you have to pay more if your SUV s not under this package.

Can you cancel your Subaru extended warranty at any time?

Many people purchase the extended programs for their Subaru vehicles. As a result, decreasing your large repairing bills is beneficial, and you can easily adjust your budget.

Most people want to cancel this scheduled program after some time. However, the company allows its customers to cancel this policy anytime.

The full-time is beneficial for only those people who want to use their SUV for a longer time and do not want to sell them.

How do you cancel Subaru extended warranty?

You can cancel this schedule whenever you want without feeling any problem. Sometimes people think it is challenging because it is difficult for the company to return the money.

Use of cancellation form

The extended warranty cancellation forms are present at every dealership to ease the customers.

You can purchase this form from the dealership when you plan to cancel this schedule. The filling of this cancellation form is necessary because you have to tell the details about this package.

Take the signed copy of this form from the dealerships to proceed with your cancellation request.

You have to mention the specific mileage and cancellation date on this form. Process the request forward after filling this form and wait for the response.

You have to call the dealership after every 2 to 3 days to get information about your processed request.

Call the company

You can also directly contact the company contact number for this procedure. You can use this approach if the dealerships are far from your location and you must travel several miles to reach them.

You can also contact the company representatives directly using their original email.

It is not much reliable process because many times, the company owners do not pick up your phone call and do not even answer your emails.

The other possible condition is that you have to wait for several days to get a response to your emails.

Take Subaru to original dealerships

Taking your SUVs to the original dealerships from where you purchased the warranty program is better.

You can only cancel this package from specific dealerships. The other service centers cannot give the signed copy of the cancellation form for this procedure.

You should only visit the original centers to do this procedure.

Justify your reasons for canceling the warranty

The company owners can easily trap you when you visit the Subaru vehicles directly. It can change your mind to continue with this program.

You should have a strong opinion and reasons in your mind that you can tell their representative and urge him to cancel this schedule and you do not want to continue it more.

You can directly say ‘NO’ to their staff when they call you. However, the trained staff members can strongly pressure the customers to stay with them.

Follow up plan 

You should also plan the follow-up plan for this procedure to get the information about your request. You must revisit the dealerships to take information about the refund policy.

Moreover, you should also call them after 6 to 7 days for reminding purposes. The follow-up plan is necessary to get in touch with dealerships or staff members.

What is the refund policy of Subaru?

The refund policy of these SUVs matters a lot when you purchase the extended warranty program from them.

You have to decide between 30 to 60 days if you want to cancel it. However, you can get a full refund if you fill out the form within 30 to 60 days.

The company does not deduct any service or registration fee in this period, and you can get the full money back.

When you realize to withdraw this offer after 90 days, the company will deduct the 50$ to 55$ as a service fee.

In addition, you cannot get your full money back after 60 to 90 days. This is because the charges are deducted according to the extra days and mileage.

The company will deduct the money unless you have not taken any service or repair from them.

What are the benefits of the Subaru extended warranty?

The Subaru provide different plans for this extended warranty, and you can select them according to your budget and requirements.

Classic plan

The classic plan contains the repairing service of all major components according to your specific contract.

You can get the repairing services for various components when you purchase the classic plan.

  • Fuel system
  • Steering column
  • Cooling system
  • Suspension and transmission components
  • Brake parts
  • Engine and drivetrain systems
  • Electrical system including air conditioner

You can get the free service in case of wear or tear and damage to these components.

Gold Plus

The Gold Plus plan is costly and is the advanced form of the classic package. However, you can get bumper-to-bumper repair of all parts in this warranty plan.

The parts included in this package include

  • Tire change and repairing services
  • Roadside assistance
  • Locksmith service
  • Gasoline delivery

Towing benefits

It also offers towing benefits for its customers. For example, the company can provide access to towing vehicles at your defined location in case of emergencies.

You can receive free-of-cost towing services from the company without paying them.

You need a towing service when any of the major components of your SUV gets damaged and you cannot move it further.

Cover allowances of rental cars

Most of the time, the vehicles get damaged, and you cannot spend a day without them. The company can provide the rental automobiles so you can sue them.

The companies can fix yours in 3 to 4 days, and you can use the rental ones during this period.

Moreover, the company will also pay all of these rental cars’ allowances and maintenance costs.

Why do people want to cancel Subaru extended warranty?

Many people want to withdraw this offer because it is unsuitable for them due to several issues.

Not cover all features

Many people purchase this plan because they think that it covers all the features for repairing. 

It cannot provide the repair for damaged brake pads and hoses. In addition, you cannot use any service from them in case of accidental or environmental damages.

The company cannot provide any service facilities if the issue comes due to lack of maintenance or misuse of the SUV.

Waste of Money

Many people think it is a waste of money because the parts of the vehicles do not get damaged frequently.

It wastes your money because many people who purchase them never use them. You only have to pay the company with no financial returns.

It is of no use, and the staff member only pressurized you to purchase it by talking about its several benefits.

High price tags

Everyone cannot afford these high-rated plans because they are unsuitable for the budget.

Many people want to cancel them because of these high price tags and want to get their money back.

You can also save your repairing cost by scheduling maintenance programs.

Delay in warranty 

Many people get irritated with the slow system of the Subaru and the delay in the warranty program.

You cannot get any information for months after subscribing to this program. You can withdraw this offer if you do not receive any monthly registration message.

How much does it cost to purchase Subaru extended warranty?

The cost of this schedule depends on the length of coverage and specific that you have selected. It offers two plans one is classic, and the other is a Gold plus plan.

These plans give three options for length coverage, including 4,6, and 8 years. The cost of each plan increases with an increase in its length coverage.

The average cost for classic and Gold plus plans for 6 years is about $1265 and $1775, respectively. You have to charge more if you select the warranty of 8 years.

The charges for 8 years of the Gold plus plan is about $2900.

How long does it take to get your money back after canceling the warranty?

The companies also take some time to give your money back to you. The time requirement is necessary to match your information, process the request forward, and then schedule for refund.

The time taken during this procedure varies from company to company. Many companies give the cheque within 3 to 4 weeks; others might take several months.

In addition, the time also depends on the dealerships in which you submit your request. For example, the Subaru almost takes 1 to 3 weeks for this procedure.

The minimum time is one week, and it takes 4 weeks to give the cheque back to their customers.

What happens if you cancel the Subaru extended warranty?

There are two options for you when you cancel this added security program from your vehicle. The one option is you can get your full money back.

Many people do not want to choose this option because it takes a longer time. In addition, most dealerships also deduct too many extra funds from this money.

Refunding is also a hectic procedure because you have to fill out the form and keep in touch with the staff members to get information about your request.

The other option is depositing this money to the company and getting repairs from them. It is a reliable option because wearing and tear in SUVs is common, and you face this problem.

The depositing option also saves your budget, and you do not need to worry about the components’ wear and tear.

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