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Subaru Outback Windows Not Rolling Up

Subaru Outback Windows Not Rolling Up

Subaru Outback powered windows works through an electrical systemwhich becomes faulty early. People face difficulty in rolling them up for appropriate working of air conditioners and heaters according to changes in weather.

Subaru Outback windows not rolling up due to blown fuse, issues with wires, faulty switches, and the problem with electrical motors and window regulators. In addition, you can face difficulty while closing them because of poor lubrication, bad sensors, dented doors, out-of-track glasses, accumulation of dust and debris, and engaged safety locks. The weak batteries and inappropriate ignition switches also cause this problem. 

You should check the electrical motors and their functioning when you hear squeaking and grinding sounds while closing the window.

Moreover, do not ignore when it takes more time to move up and down. You should timely fix it to get rid of any other bigger problem and replacement of whole glass.

Why are Subaru outback windows not rolling up?

I have added 13 problems that cause an issue in the rolling up of windows of your Subaru Outback. You should check these components when you face a problem.

Blown fuse

The Subaru Outback uses an electrical system to open and close the powered windows. Fuse is essential in the electrical system to reduce the chances of damage.

The electrical wires run from the side of the doors to the driver seats for appropriate connection. The power supply surge from these wires causes the fuse to blow out.

In addition, the overheating in these wires melts the plastic coating and causes the fuse to blow out.

The power doors and windows fuse blew out due to poorly grounded connecting wires.

The different fuse boxes are present in the hood region of the SUV, and you can check the functioning of the fuse from there.

Issue with wires

A bunch of wires connect the powered window switch to its motor. When wires become faulty, the current or signal cannot travel between these two components.

The fault in wires comes due to broken or frayed cables. The issue comes when you open and close the doors too hard.

In addition, the wires also get broken due to the frequent opening and closing of the vehicle’s windows. As a result, the cables also need to be grounded for the proper flow of electricity.

The corroded ground wires also cause a problem in the current flow and cause issues in rolling up and down.

Faulty switch

The switch is on the bottom side of the door panel to open and close the powered windows. You can move them up and down by pressing this with a switch.

The switch is connected to an electrical circuit and motor for appropriate functioning. The blown-out fuse also affects the functioning of this switch.

It cannot receive signals and electrical current to roll up and down the windows. The switch becomes bad when you press it too hard for a long time.

In addition, it becomes faulty after becoming old and out of function.

Problem with the window motor

The 12-volt direct current motor is attached to the powered windows of the vehicles. It is present on the inner side of the door panel, and everyone cannot see it.

These motors supply the electrical power to the switch for upward and downward movement of the glass.

As a result, the windows become faulty, and you have difficulty opening and closing procedures.

The motor is going bad when the window takes time to close and open. In addition, the other sign is that you have to press the button multiple times for its opening and closing.

The motor becomes faulty due to its frayed and broken cables. The cables also come off from the pulley and do not work appropriately.

Moreover, the over usage and difference in temperature also affect its functioning and produce wear and tear.

Frequent use during the winter season makes them faulty and malfunction.

Damaged window regulator

The regulator is the electrical assembly in SUVs for powered windows’ up and down movement.

It helps in the opening and closing procedure after taking power from the electrical motors. You can hear the crooked noise while operating them.

In addition, the faulty regulators also cause stuck windows in the center, and they will not roll up. Due to continuous usage, the regulator fails to perform its function when it becomes overheated.

The windows get detached from the regulars in harsh winter and freezing temperatures.

The detachment of cables from the regulators also makes them faulty, and you cannot close the windows of the vehicle after pressing a switch.

Moreover, you can also hear the grinding and clicking noise during rolling up and down.

Poor lubrication

It is necessary to lubricate the powered windows for their smooth movement. Sometimes the drivers also complain that they hear the squeaking noise due to poor lubrication.

The friction between glass and side boundaries increases due to a lack of lubricants. Sometimes the lack of lubrication causes them to get stuck.

You cannot close the windows adequately for your ease and comfort. The issue comes when you do not lubricate the windows for longer.

In addition, sometimes the vehicles are not in use for a longer time, and their parts get jammed and stuck. Some drivers use silicone lubricants for smooth rolling up and down.

Presence of debris

The dust also accumulates on the sides of windows when you do not clean them for a longer time. In addition, dust accumulation between the tracks causes an issue in movement.

The windows cannot run on the track and come out of the track, which is problematic. In addition, it cannot roll up when it is out of track due to dust.

Many drivers use a small bristle brush to clean the dust from its sides so it cannot cause an issue. However, the problem persists when you do not clean the sides with the brush.

You must remove the door panel for the appropriate glass adjustment in this situation.

Bad sensor

The powered windows of the latest models of Subaru Outback are equipped with reed sensors. These sensors’ primary function is to control electrical motors’ working.

The reed sensors help open and close windows after taking signals from the regulars and electrical motors.

The sensors become bad when you purchase the used SUVs from the market. In addition, the long-term usage also makes these sensors bead.

The faulty sensors cannot take signals from the electrical motor. In addition, the inappropriate signaling and non-updated software of sensors cause an issue in the rolling up of glass.

Battery issues

The battery supplies the power to the different electrical systems of the automobiles for their appropriate functioning.

The damaged battery cannot supply the power to the electrical motors and regulars for appropriate functioning.

The switch and electrical motors cannot receive signals from the battery and do not roll the windows up. The battery becomes weak when you use heavy electrical appliances in SUVs.

In addition, the issue with batteries also comes in the winter season. The chemical reaction between its internal components becomes slow, and it cannot generate electricity at a faster rate.

The corroded battery terminals do not supply electrical current to the system.

Dented doors

The dents on the doors of the vehicles cause inappropriate rolling up of the window due to poor alignment of the track.

The glass cannot adjust the track when you press the button and gets stuck between the center. The dents on the roads come due to road accidents and collisions with other things on the road.

In addition, the collision of the door with the other vehicles while opening in the parking area produces dents on their surface.

Moreover, the dents also come when you have congested garages in your home for parking purposes.

Engaged safety locks

Several safety locks are present in Subaru Outback to protect passengers and children. These are most important for the safety of little children because they are unaware of the functioning of vehicles.

People often use child safety locks in their SUVs when their children play with them.

It means that powered windows and doors do not get close for the safety of your children. Many times, people forget after engaging in this lock.

The engagement of safety locks causes an issue in rolling windows, which sometimes makes the driver worried.

You should check these safety locks before driving your vehicle to avoid a panic situation.

Issue due to weather changes

The weather changes have a significant impact on the movement of glass windows. Many people complain that rolling it up during the cold season becomes difficult.

The low temperature in the outside environment cause issue in its closing. The presence of snow and ice also inhibits its appropriate closing.

The issue cannot occur during summer because of the high temperature. Therefore, it becomes difficult for people living in areas with extremely low temperatures and a harsh winter season.

Moreover, many people do not have covered garages in their homes which can cause the snow to come on glass surfaces at night.

Ignition switch off

Sometimes the SUVs are in the start position, but the engine is not running. So you have to turn on the ignition switch for the appropriate working of the window switch.

The power switch and electrical motors cannot work when the ignition is off, but the vehicle is in running position.

The bad ignition switches also cause this issue and interrupt rolling up.

How to fix faulty power windows on Subaru outback?

You should fix the faulty power window of the Subaru Outback to open and close it appropriately.

Resetting procedure

You should reset the power windows when it is not rolling up and down. Then, turn on the ignition key of your SUV and completely close the windows.

First, press and hold the button for its upward movement and then move it down completely. You should do this procedure 2 to 3 times after replacing your automobile’s battery.

Try the glass palming method

You should try to roll up the windows of your SUV using the palming method. Turn on the ignition switch and hold the glass between your hands.

Sandwich the glass between the hands and ask your other helper or fried to press the button. Try to move the glass in an upward direction after pressing the button.

In this way, the stuck window due to debris and lack of lubrication closes correctly.

What happens when the Subaru Outback window won’t roll up?

Many complain that it becomes problematic when the windows won’t roll up. In addition, the air conditioner cannot work well due to the outside air.

It is problematic during the winter season because cold air makes you uncomfortable. In addition, the internal environment becomes colder due to outside cold air and low temperature.

In addition, the humidity from the outside also damages the interior structure. The dust and debris from the roads accumulate on different parts, making them faulty.

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