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How to Change Oil on 2019 Jeep Cherokee Latitude?

How to Change Oil on 2019 Jeep Cherokee Latitude?

A 2019 jeep Cherokee Latitude is a base trim of this SUV, which comprises a 2.4-liter engine and premium amenities. However, 5 quarts of synthetic 5W-20 is sufficient for its four-cylinder engine. 

How to Change Oil on 2019 Jeep Cherokee Latitude? You can change the oil on the 2019 Jeep Cherokee Latitude by replacing the oil filter and loosening the drain valve bolt. Then, drain the old lubricant, re-tighten the bolt, and fill the 5W-20 synthetic oil in the engine.

Synthetic 5W-20 can improve the engine life expectancy and resist heat wear. Without professional support, you can replace the lubricant in about 15 minutes.

How do you change the oil on the 2019 Jeep Cherokee latitude?

It is not a time taking procedure, but the oil drainage can take more than 15 minutes. However, with the following method, you can change it from the base trim of the Jeep Cherokee. 

Select compatible oil

You can select compatible oil for its replacement in the 2019 Jeep Cherokee latitude. However, its quality and viscosity determine its performance inside the engine of this SUV. 

Due to the design properties, this SUV comprises a 2.4-liter engine with four combustion cylinders. With a horsepower of about 178 hp, the engine works efficiently and provides stable driving. 

However, the engines require specific oil which has synthetic properties. Unlike other lubricants, it is more efficient and provides continuous lubrication for a long time. 

You can use the 5W-20 for the 2019 base trim of the Jeep Cherokee. It is a high-quality lubricant which synthetic properties. 

Also, you can use the 5W-20 for the maximum lubrication of a 2.4-liter motor. For its complete replacement, you can use five quarts of 5W-20.

The level slightly changes according to the valve condition and engine performance. The lubricant has high performance and can reduce friction to improve the engine lifespan. 

Replace oil filter

The oil filter change is necessary to add new oil to the engine valves. In this method, you can open the hood of your SUV and stabilize it on the handle.

Then, you can remove the engine bay cover by removing the bolt. Finally, you can use a socket, adjust it on the bolt, and spin it backward. 

You can loosen it and remove it manually from the hood. Then, you can remove the cover and keep it aside for further use.

Near the hood wall on the front side, you can approach this filter under the plastic cap of the engine. It is a specific filtration system that separates the residues from the lubricant.

However, it has a top bolt that keeps it intact inside the mounting assembly. For removal, you can adjust a wrench or a socket on it.

Then, you can move it backward and loosen it from the mount. Finally, you can manually move the filter cap and pull it outwards. 

You can hold the filter from the top side and remove it from the assembly. Now, you can hold the lower portion of the oil filter, which has circular rings.

These O-shape rings mount and fit the filter in the standard adjustment location. With a holding tool, you can remove the O-shape ring from the round portion of the filter and throw it.

You can add a new and clean O-ring around it because the old ring cannot provide better adjustment. You can install a new oil filter and adjust the O-ring around it.

Then, you can put it back in the mounting assembly and manually spin it to fix it. Finally, you can use a socket to rotate the top bolt and adjust the filter inside the mount. 

Drain the old oil

Adjust the jack stands under the frame on the front side of the frame. Then, you can get under the SUV frame from a similar side and approach the bolt which closes the drain valve. 

You can approach it within seconds because it is a prominent bolt with significant size. Before the drainage procedure, adjust a pan or bucket under the valve.

As a result, it can prevent the sudden flow of old lubricant directly to the ground. With a calibrated wrench, you can rotate the bolt of the drain valve. 

Then, you can loosen it and spin it manually. Finally, you can remove the bolt, open the valve, and allow the lubricating fluid to flow into the bucket. 

However, the lubricant drain time depends on its internal level. So you can leave the SUV for about 5 to 15 minutes when it drips from the valve. 

After the drainage, you can readjust the removed bolt and tighten it with your hands. Then, you can adjust the wrench around the bolt and fix it firmly. 

You can remove the bucket under the frame and never use the old lubricant again. Also, you can clean the bolt to remove the excessive lubricant.

Add new oil and check leakage

To fill the oil inside the engine, you can approach the hood of your SUV. Then, you can open the valve cap with your fingers because it is removable without resistance. 

You can adjust a funnel on the filler valve. Then, with one bottle, you can directly fill the lubricant inside the valve. 

You can increase the level of lubricant above the standard limits. However, you can add 5W-20 for about five quarts in the filler. 

You can avoid overfilling because overfilled lubricating fluid cannot perform at a better level. Now, you can run the engine to check the stability of the lubricant. 

You can check its leakage from the valve and surrounding parts. Leaking lubricant is dangerous, can increase engine heat, and cause poor SUV control. 

Why would you change the oil on a 2019 Jeep Cherokee Latitude?

The engine oil provides maximum protection against wear over time. You can fill it inside the engine to improve its actual operation. 

It can run at smooth rotations due to reduced friction. Moreover, its replacement can increase the mileage of the SUV. 

The fresh and new lubricant has a smooth flow and is free from contaminants. It can lubricate the metal-based components and reduces their strain. 

The speed of the SUV increases, and you can drive it with minimum vibrations. In addition, due to more lubrication, the heat level reduces inside the motor. 

As a result, the parts do not rub against each other. It results in minimum damages and improved shelf life of the motor. 

Can I mix new and old oils on the 2019 Jeep Cherokee latitude?

You cannot mix it with the existing lubricant of the engine because it can reduce its lifespan drastically. In addition, mixing the lubricating fluids reduces the smooth rotations of the motor.

The old lubrication fluid has minimum resistance to debris and internal slugging. As a result, it becomes contaminated and cannot flow to the crankshaft and pistons.

The friction and internal motor temperature increase more than the limit. As a result, the motor undergoes more damage. 

Mixing them reduces engine efficiency because it requires drainage for smoother functions.

In addition, you cannot use non-synthetic lubricant because the 2019 Jeep Cherokee latitude is compatible with synthetic 5W-20.

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