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Where is the Starter on a 2012 Ford Fusion?

Where is the Starter on a 2012 Ford Fusion?

A 2012 Ford fusion has a different location for the starter relay to avoid electrical faults. Various Ford fusion models have a starter under the battery, which malfunctions and affects the vehicle ignition. 

Where is the Starter on a 2012 Ford Fusion? The starter on a 2012 Ford Fusion is at the bottom side of the engine, near the crankshaft, and provides electric power to start the car. It connects with the engine and regulates the car’s response to ignition. 

The starter relay has an electric motor and built-in solenoid and regulates the flywheel to start the vehicle motor. To assess the relay in this model year, open the hood and approach the base of your automobile engine. 

What is the location of the starter on a 2012 Ford Fusion?

A starter is a relay that can work with the starter motor. However, the motor regulates it and gets the electric power from the battery.

In such circumstances, it can regulate the engine. Moreover, it can provide electric power to start the automobile.

You can turn on the ignition with the key, which delivers signals to its motor. As a result, it engages and provides electrical signals to the motor.

It rotates at the standard rotations, and combustion happens due to airflow inside the chambers. In such situations, you can start the vehicle without vibrations and delay.

However, you can find the relay near the crankshaft on a 2012 Ford fusion. It is on the bottom side of the engine and works with the crankshaft.

Due to its position, it can regulate combustion procedures. Also, it can deliver the ignition signals within seconds, which results in a quick response from the car.

Due to the mounting spot, it can control the motor performance and other connected metallic and non-metallic parts.

Moreover, it provides electric current to the engine to promote its faster rotations according to the acceleration signals.

Due to its presence, it can activate the motor with its internal ampere flow. According to the mounting spot, it is present near the engine of the car.

In such circumstances, it can regulate the movement of the crankshaft. Also, due to electric current, it can turn off the ignition automatically.

However, it happens due to its failures and other damages. Due to its connection with the engine, its electromagnet can engage quickly and puts strain on the pinion gear, which attaches to a rod.

The pressure is indirect, but it can boost the engine’s effectiveness and crankshaft. 

Why is a 2012 Ford Fusion starter located near the engine?

For the optimized performance of the car, the automobile manufacturers added the starter on the bottom side of the engine in the 2012 models of the Ford fusion. 

Unlike other variants of the Ford Prius, the 2012 model has a different location for the starter due to the manufacturing standards and design limitations. 

Due to its position, it can directly connect with the flywheel. Moreover, it can put more strain on the pinion gear to monitor and control the engine and vehicle starting conditions.

The relay connects with the automobile battery to receive electric signals. It is at the bottom side of the engine, but the power supply passage is identical to other variants. 

Due to its presence under the engine, you cannot approach it without removing the hood cover. In such circumstances, it does not undergo damage due to the impact of environmental heat or dust traces. 

According to its factory adjustment, it can work with the engine chambers and supplies electric power. In addition, it can spin the rotational equipment inside the engine. 

It can improve the motor and car response towards ignition due to this mounting position.

How to replace the starter on a 2012 Ford Fusion?

The starter relay and its motor can break due to improper voltage flow. In addition, the battery breaks down in a few conditions due to excessive use and incorrect current movement.

In such circumstances, the electrical passage between the relay and battery malfunctions. As a result, its motor cannot receive the correct electric signals from the battery.

Due to poor voltage supply, it malfunctions and cannot support the pinion gear or the flywheel. In such circumstances, the vehicle response decreases, and you cannot start it. 

The engine and its moving components lose their efficiency, which affects the overall ignition system. Therefore, replacing a malfunctioning relay and its built-in electric motor is essential.

For this procedure, you can use the following technique and remove the relay from the bottom side of the engine without breaking it.

In such procedures, you can cut off the voltage supply by removing the terminals of the malfunctioning battery.

Then, you can assess the starter relay inside the automobile hood. However, its replacement is challenging because it is on the base of the car’s engine.

For pulling it, remove the clips, which hold the electric wires in their stable condition. These are plastic-based clips that you can pry off with specific tools.

Then, you can approach the dual nuts that fit the electric cords in the starter relay. These bolts are usually 10mm, and you can remove them with a high-quality wrench.

For their removal, you can manually pull the clips and pop them out. Then, you can approach the connectors and clean the attachment points with sandpaper.

The sandpaper can remove clogged dust and rust from the connecting points. Due to these cleaning methods, you can adjust the new starter without a connection problem.

Now, you can find the bolts on both sides of the starter relay. The left side bolt is accessible due to its visibility.

Due to the maximum approach, you can adjust a breaker bar on the bolt, move the nut to loosen it from the mount, and pull it.

Then, adjust an extension of about 3 inches on the breaker bar and stabilize it on the right side bolt to pull it off from the mounting spot. 

Now, you can hold the starter and remove it from the vehicle. Similarly, you can install a new device in a similar mount.

In such circumstances, you cannot change the angle of its alignment, and it saves time. Then, you can re-adjust the removed bolts, clips, and nuts.

Also, you can fix them back in their adjustment holes. Finally, you can reassemble the electric wires, attach the relay with the flywheel and battery and stabilize the power flow. 

Due to its position, its replacement takes around 30 to 50 minutes, and time depends on the individual’s expertise. However, the swap costs you about $300 to $900.

For this complicated swap, the labor can charge you nearly $100 to $300. 

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