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How to Clean Bird Poop From Car Windshield?

How to Clean Bird Poop From Car Windshield?

A bird poops on the car windshield to mark its territory, which does not break the glass but makes it dirty. many people find it challenging to remove it without damaging the car.

How to Clean Bird Poop From Car Windshield? You can clean bird poop from the car windshield by using a baking soda cleaner, carbonated solution, warm water, and wipes. In addition, you can also use a non-diluted cleaning agent and aluminum oxide cleaner with a sponge to clean the windshield.

You cannot leave bird poop on the windshield for more than three days because it can cause scratches. Here are easy methods to wipe their poop from the car windshield without causing abrasive stains.

Household cleaning agent

Several people prefer household cleaners for removing bird poop off their cars because they are cost-effective and provide exceptional results.

Moreover, it has higher solubility in water and makes a semi-transparent paste. Select a 1000 ml plastic bottle with a top nozzle. 

Add clear and warm water inside the bottle and check its spray power. Furthermore, take 3 to 5 tablespoons of non-crystalline baking soda.

Hold the bottle, shake it thoroughly for 3 to 4 minutes and check the mixing. The solution can fight against microbes and bacteria. 

Then, spray the solution on the dried poop. In these procedures, apply the liquid on the dirty part of the windshield. 

Moreover, leave the excreted material for soaking of 8 to 10 minutes. With a piece of paper, clean the glass surface. 

Leave it for natural dryness under sunlight exposure. Moreover, you can absorb the liquid droplets with a dried piece of a duster. 

Carbonated water

You can use carbonated water to soften and wipe off the bird poop from the car windshield. You can use carbonated drinks to make a solution.

Furthermore, it has a higher efficiency for these removals. Mix water and carbonated drinks and make a fizzy solution.

However, it has a stabilized acid and base content. Therefore, it does not affect the rubber lining of the windscreen. 

The solution has a carbonated property to remove the dried poop. In addition, it can dissolve the excreted material of birds due to its internal properties.

It is an efficient and less consuming bird poop cleaning method. Apply the solution to the bird poop and leave it for a few seconds.

Allow the time until foamy bubbles appear on the glass surface. With a wet duster, remove the residual waste material of the birds. 

Use Warm water with a soft cloth 

Simple windshield rinsing with warm water can remove the stains of bird poop from the glass. However, you cannot remove the dried and hard poop without scrapping it from the windscreen. 

Without cleaning, the waste material becomes hard after 3 to 4 days. Forceful cleaning of dried waste material can break the glass into pieces. 

To moisten the waste residues, rinse them with warm water. Soak it for 10 to 15 minutes to make it soft. Then, you can scrape off the excretions from the surface without breaking the windscreen.

It is a safe cleaning procedure that protects the windshield from scratches. Use paper or a duster to wipe the remaining white material.

With this method, you can remove the parasites from the surface, which can cause diseases. 

Ready-made wipes for car windshield

Wet and ready-made car wipes can help to moisten and remove bird excretions. 

However, they can remove the residuals and waste material due to their composition. According to their characteristics, they have identical properties to regular wet wipes. 

It is a time-consuming procedure. You cannot wipe all the excretions simultaneously. Moreover, you have to rub each exception patch with a specific amount of force. 

In these conditions, removing bird excretion can consume 1 to 2 hours. However, it varies according to the dryness level.

Automotive shops sell these high-quality wipes to clean the windscreen from bird excretions. They have different types and vary according to their use.

A few companies offer antibacterial options which have higher performance. Open the wipe, rub it over the excreted material and wipe it off. 

Moreover, they are efficient wipes because of their sanitation properties.

Use aluminum oxide cleaner with a sponge 

The aluminum oxide cleaners can efficiently wipe the bird poop without scratching the windscreen. However, these are commercial liquids with low-performance abrasives for deep wiping. 

They have non-transparent nature due to their composition properties. Furthermore, they comprise ethylene glycol, silica, water, and aluminum oxide to dissolve and clean the bird excretions.

They are effective with a high-quality sponge. In these procedures, the sponge is the applicator of the cleaning liquid.

For the procedure, apply a thin layer of the translucent cleaner on the porous surface of the sponge. Adjust it on the excretion and scrub the applicator with gentle movements. 

In addition, you can wipe the overall surface with this liquid. In emergencies, target the stains of bird poop and wipe it.

These are highly efficient and consume around 3 to 4 minutes for deep cleaning procedures. Wipe the first layer of the aluminum oxide liquid cleaner.

Then, apply a second layer to remove the faded stains of the waste material. Press the sponge on the spots and repeat the procedure until you clean the entire surface of the windshield.

You can use a soft cloth because the cleaner is compatible with this procedure. Fold the fabric, rub it on the glass and remove the contaminants and excretions.

Then, rinse the surface with warm and clean water. Rinse the layer of cleaner and dry the windscreen with natural heat.

With a fiber-free soft duster, wipe the sides and corners. Never use a newspaper with aluminum oxide cleaning agents because it can cause leaching.

For lint-free wiping, microfiber dusters are efficient. Furthermore, they can dry the liquid and provide a glossy look. 

Use non-diluted cleaner for bird poop

Several people prefer ready-made cleaners to remove bird poop from their car’s windshields.

However, you can purchase formula-based, high-performance liquids to wipe off the bird-excreted material. 

However, they have a specific composition for such removal procedures. According to their characteristics, they contain high-quality digester and WD-40. 

They comprise the waste-dissolving components that make the procedure less time-consuming. However, you can purchase them from online portals. 

Auto part shops offer them different packages and brands. However, these are affordable cleaning liquids. You can remove the bird poop from your car with their spray bottles.

Soak it for a few minutes and soften the dried material. Then, wipe the stains and patches with a lint-free cloth.

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