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How to Convert a Camper into a Toy Hauler?

How to Convert a Camper into a Toy Hauler?

Here are the 12 easy steps to convert a camper into a toy hauler. It is an excellent idea to convert a full-sized trailer into a toy hauler.

How to Convert a Camper into a Toy Hauler? You can convert a camper into a toy hauler by making some changes in the structure. The addition of a garage and moveable door turns the vehicle into a hauler immediately. The security of the space is essential for carrying all the heavy equipment to distant places. Professional expertise is a must to turn a campervan into a toy hauler.

How to Convert a Camper into a Toy Hauler?

The campers that are toy haulers are versatile and very much in demand. These toy haulers allow the transport of all types of toys that include motorcycles, carts of golfs, and many other things. 

One of the essential features of toy haulers is that they are expensive. Rarely are they present in used form, and second-hand toy haulers are costly as well. They are large, and due to their immense carrying capacity, they are heavy. 

You can convert a fully furnished campervan into a toy hauler by following the procedure. Never add extra steps, and do not go for adventurous options. 

Make a sketch

It is the first step of the whole process, and it is leading the other procedures. Before starting the cutting and measuring of anything, make a plan.

Arrange all the things and estimate all the criteria’s. Multiple aspects affect the procedure, and you need to bring them on paper. One of the most important things is a measurement of size. The large trailers are usually heavy.

The size is mega, and they have more carrying capacity. The cargo campers are mostly five to eight feet in width.

They are five to thirty feet long, which is a large space. The hauling takes more time, and it costs you much on the budget. Mostly the campers are round in the shape of them a V-shape with multiple organizing spaces.

Make a proper plan for the adjustment of toys. Keep your height in your mind and build a ceiling according to that point.

The decision is to use the old and used trailer for toy hauling. Adjust all things in terms of the height and width of the camper. If you have a camper of six to seven feet, you can adjust the bed inside it.

Housing area in the camper

Always consider your budget and go for a used camper than a new one. The problem in this situation is that the exact size and requirements are difficult to find out.

Make a list of all things that you want in the camper after hauling. It might include a kitchen, shower, bed area, and other such things. These are some other matters as compared to the toy hauling.

Adjust the floors and ceiling: Settle all the ceiling and floor area of the housing compartment. Re-flooring is essential in the case of toy hauling because it needs to be extremely hard and feasible. 

Gather all the stuff: Arrange all the housing equipment accurately so that it should comprise less space.

Put everything near walls and make less spacing for each thing in this compartment. 

Remove the extra furniture: In a usual camper, people place multiple furniture items. Remove all the excessive stuff when you turn a recreational vehicle into a toy hauler. 

Adjust cabinets: The cabinets must align with the walls properly so that they occupy the least space. The drawers should have enough space, but they should contain slim doors. 

Maintain the toy hauler

Maintenance of the hauler in the camper is essential. Make spacing, and gather all the stuff for this purpose. 

Multiple things can be used to convert a camper, it carries heavy things like motorbikes and other electronic stuff. 

The factors are Add garage door and spacing, secure everything, specific tires, protection from water and UV light, adjust the moving parts, oiling of the ramp, division between garage and house, re-flooring.

Addition of garage and door

It is one of the most tricky steps in the toy hauling of a casual camper. Understand the size of the camper or read its original manual. Utilize the hard metallic stuff to make a trailer that has enough space.

Few companies supply these trailers on a ready-made basis. People prefer to do all things on their own; it gives them a sense of satisfaction. The garage area is exactly a large space for accommodating all the major stuff.

It is like a large box that has three walls and multiple doors. The structure is a choice of the manufacturer, but most people keep it in an elongated square shape. 

It has two doors; one is the interlinking area between the garage and the housing compartment. It is the separation of the housing and toy hauler areas.

They have the sizes according to the ceiling height of the camper. One door is on the outer side that opens in the time of need.

You can keep the middle door open according to your demand. Attach this large structure to the backside of the recreational vehicle. Adjust all the connections and prevent them from any instability. Put locks of the doors on them and check them for future. 

Add the shades to a camper

Few people prefer to have multiple cabinets inside the garage area. They also include a shade that opens on the outside. It has a rolling capacity, and it moves in a downward direction. These shades are usually fabric in their material.

They have the supports of iron rods that keep them stable all the time. It protects walls from sunlight during the shift of equipment from outside to inside the toy hauler. The shade is at a suitable height, so it does not affect the workers.

Fix the cabinets

The cabinets should contain enough space, and they must be wood. There must be enough space inside them for securing the accessories of the larger gadgets.

Place everything in its position and tighten all nuts and bolts. Make some secret cabinets in the walls for better protection of equipment. 

Specific tires

Toy haulers are heavier in weight, and they need more support. There have specifically designed tires that can bear excessive weight. Install these heavyweight tires in the campervan after the hauling.

They provide a stable journey and protect the camper from jerks. The movement of the hauler damages the things inside it, and it is not suitable for traveling. 

The camper use four to six wheelers, and in the case of a toy hauler, the camper changes into a five-wheeler. The last wheel helps in the proper support of the garage area.

Protection from water and UV light

Make a drainage system in the garage area. The presence of water or any humidity leads to rusting of the big things. Make drains at the beginning area of the garage portion. It should be near the door, and the leading pipe must drain out. 

Add some drainage system so that the water does not move to the road directly, and wash the garage area in a large space. 

Wipe, and dry all the water from the floors and even walls of the trailer. 

The ultraviolet light has drastic impacts on the surface of the trailer. They require paints that resist the attack of ultraviolet rays.

Paint the walls by using specific paints and brushes. Never leave a single lime or corner, or it causes irreversible damages. Although these paints are expensive, it is a once in a lifetime investment. 

Adjust the moving parts in the camper

Sometimes the camper can move, settle the moving area between the housing and garage portions. 

Add some metallic blocks between them or tighten them with screws. Make sure that there is nothing inside the large corridor that is rattling.

When the tightening becomes incompatible, then remove these things from the infrastructure. Moreover, make a sliding ramp for the proper rolling of the heavy materials.

It is impossible to place the motorbikes on the toy hauler. There is a specific distance between the earth and the vehicle, and it is due to the wheels.

 Make a ramp with a smooth surface, and it helps in the slow and smooth movement of the gadgets. 

Attach the ramp to the garage by using large clippers, and add heavy chains with massive strength to the ramp’s sides

It is a moveable thing, and it encloses the ending of the hauling vehicle. Mostly, it works as a support for the movement of heavy stuff, and it is also a door. 

Oiling of ramp

Add oil to the corners of the ramp and carry out this process every week. It helps in easy movement of the ramp, and it does not stick in the middle. The ramp is also a heavy thing, so it is not easy to pull it down.

The ramp comes out with a sudden jerk, and the chains support them. Additionally, you can ass a digital system inside the toy haul. It provides slow and consistent movement of the ramp towards the earth. The system automatically stops after the touch to the ground.

The division between garage and house

It is essential, and you cannot mix them both. The material of the hauling should remain safe from the housing equipment.

Never bring the useless things of the housing place into the large box. The door separation between the two areas is one of the best choices.

Add metallic layers over the floor of the toy hauler

It requires professional expertise because it is a tricky thing. Re-flooring means adding more metallic layers over the floor of the toy haul.

It is for the safety of the equipment which loads on it. Moreover, it keeps it safe during all the traveling time.

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