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Are Front Deck Toy Haulers Good?

Are Front Deck Toy Haulers Good?

A front deck toy hauler is a vehicle that allows you to store and transport your toys on the front of your hauler.

Are Front Deck Toy Haulers Good? Front deck toy haulers are good and offer enough space to carry one big ATV or small boat, and they also have enough power to take them to long distances without damaging the vehicle. These vehicles are expensive than their counterparts, and you need extra space to park them as they will not park in an ordinary garage.

With the increased demand for luxury vehicles, more and more people are looking for a way to increase their cargo space without sacrificing appearance.

What is a Front Deck Toy Hauler? 

A toy hauler is a good option for families that own a lot of toys and want to travel together comfortably. You can have all kinds of amenities, such as kitchen appliances, beds, TVs, and air conditioning.

You can pull these vehicles behind a truck or SUV, and they provide a spacious living space for you and your family. 

You can either live in a warm or cold environment; this spacious living space can quickly turn into a sauna if you live in a warm climate.

The only way to cool your vehicle is through a proper air condition system or opening all your vehicle’s windows.

There are two variants of toy haulers available: the front deck and the rear deck toy hauler.

You can create a standard floor plan which will give you an idea of the amount of space you need to design. 

If you think that the given space is not enough to carry your luggage around, you can also increase the available space.

The front deck is a vulnerable part, but with the addition of a steel gate, the front end of your truck becomes more secure.

It is an expensive part, and with a gate, you can save your money by preventing damage to these components.

You can also choose from many different manufacturers, and each one has its style and options available for you to select from.

Purchasing a new or used vehicle allows you to carry your toys with ease while providing you with extra space to relax and enjoy time out on the road with your family. 

Many people want to save money, and the inclination to buy used items is high, but buying a used vehicle is more expensive in the long run.

You can also read different reviews of other customers on related forums about different models, which will give you a better idea.

Why Are Front Deck Toy Haulers Good?

Just as their name suggests, front deck toy haulers are trailers that hold toys on their front side. Manufacturers build these haulers to store and transport toys and other recreational items for families or individuals. 

If you cannot afford to buy a new house or do not have enough money to pay the rent, you need to consider your available options.

If your house is in an expensive society where living standards are much high, and you want to adapt to new methods of living, you should buy it.

They are generally more significant than a traditional trailer and offer storage space for multiple items and large spaces to move around in. 

Depending on the size of your toy hauler, you can fit everything from ATVs to boats to dirt bikes.

If you have an ATV and want to take it on your camping site, then using these toy haulers, you can carry them.

An ATV is a small four-wheeled vehicle that can hold one or two people; it looks like a compact motorcycle that can go on flat terrain. 

These are popular for their versatility, as you can use them on trails, off-road, and even on the beach.

These allow for easier access to your toys because you place them at a secure location instead of in the back, where there is less room.

They also make loading and unloading much simpler; you can drive up to wherever you want to park, open the gate of the front deck and unload the luggage.

It is a vehicle that the manufacturer designs for hauling toys; they are more like RVs with special features for camping or spending time outdoors.

Working Of a Front Deck Toy Hauler

You need to know the working method of these toy haulers if you want to buy them for going on a long trip.

A front deck has side rails on all four sides to protect it from any unwanted entry, and on the front side, it has a gate that you can easily open.

You can also use an electric lock system on your front gate to avoid thieves from entering the deck.

These vehicles have ramps, and the type of ramps depends on the model and company of the vehicle.

You should reinforce the toy hauler ramp door for better results.

You will see a hitch plate at the front side of the deck; you can connect this plate with the truck, and it will haul it.

When you are ready to go camping, you can take the necessary items and put them in the vehicle through the back door.

You can use steel chains to attach the ATV with the side rails so that your ATV will stay secure, and it will also protect it from any damage on a bumpy ride.

Once all the luggage is in the hauler, the next step is attaching the front deck with the truck using hitches and making sure the plates stay in contact.

You also need to identify the type and model of hitch plates before attaching them to the truck, as a minor mistake in this process can cost you thousands of dollars.

There will be two wheels on the rear end in small-sized haulers, while in the case of large haulers, you can have four wheels that increase stability.

When you are sure that every part of this hauler is at its right angle and position, the next step is to test the hitch plates.

You should start your truck using your keys and allow it to warm up for about five minutes, and then put it in gear and slowly start moving.

You should not put it directly in the second or third gear as it will affect the transmission system and destroy your engine within seconds. 

Keep in mind that it carries a lot of weight, and you cannot drive fast as it may disturb the center of gravity.

When you reach your destination, you should pull the hand brakes, turn the engine off using your keys, and put the transmission in neutral gear.

First, unhook the hitch plates and then again enter the vehicle and move it forward so that there occurs a gap between the hitch plate and the receiver.

Now put a brick behind the tires of your hauler so that it will not move from its position and then unlock the front gate.

Put the ramp down and if you have an ATV on the front deck, sit on it, start its engine and slowly move it down the ramp.

It will help calculate the total weight that your vehicle can haul, and it is the amount of force that a hauler exerts on the hitch and rear suspension.

You can determine the tongue weight by calculating the cargo loaded onto the front deck that it pulls. 

It also endangers drivers’ lives driving that truck, and one needs to be careful while calculating the tongue weight.

Specifications and features

When you plan to get a toy hauler for your ATV, there are different things to consider. 

You should also consider the storage space available to park your vehicle and what type of cockpit setup would work best for your requirements.

You can check the front deck’s side rails’ length, width, and height from the user manual that your manufacturer provides with the vehicle.

There is no such average length or width in the case of these front decks as every company manufactures them in their style and according to their customer’s needs.

You can use a measuring tape to calculate the dimensions, and with its help, you can also compare two dimensions.

The total weight it can carry depends on the tongue weight, and it is different in different front desk toy haulers. 

Disadvantages of a Front Deck Toy Haulers

They can make your trips more comfortable and help you relax faster, but they are not without drawbacks.

These are expensive than other types of vehicles, and they take a lot of space to park because of the large size of the deck.

You need to take extreme care of these vehicles as any minor damage to their body can lead to significant damage and affect their functioning.

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