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How to Enable or Disable Auto Headlights on Ford F-150?

How to Enable or Disable Auto Headlights on Ford F-150?

Many Ford F150 owners utilize these automatic headlights to make driving comfortable. These headlamps provide exceptional protection during night driving.

How to Enable or Disable Auto Headlights on Ford F-150? You can enable or disable auto headlights on Ford F-150 by accessing the knob on the steering wheel left, rotating it clockwise, moving it towards the auto mode symbol, adjusting it for activation, and spin the knob counterclockwise, and stopping at off mode for deactivation. 

You can disable and enable the automatic headlights mode for maximum protection. I use their built-in sensors and vehicle scanning abilities to promote safety.

How do you enable or disable auto headlights on Ford F-150?

Automatic headlights are standard headlamps on the front side of the Ford F-150. It has an automatic operation, and you can activate them. 

However, I use their auto control for their advanced operation. For example, it can turn on when the light level is low in the external environment. 

They deactivate automatically when ambient light is high. For example, they activate during the dark without manual assistance. 

They comprise high beam headlamps with distinct performance and configuration. In addition, I enable the auto headlights of my pickup truck every night through their automatic activation. 

Also, their disabling is essential when the external light of the environment is suitable for high visibility and focus. You can use the knob for their activation and deactivation. 

The knob is a regulator, and you can move it manually. You can access this plastic, black, round knob on the steering wheel’s left side.

However, its level is slightly lower than the steering wheel. In addition, the knob comprises different symbols, which are usually white. 

You can hold the knob and rotate it clockwise towards the steering wheel. Also, you can keep the movement gradual and slow. 

It protects the knob from sudden breakdowns. Then, you can rotate it towards the headlight symbol, which is specific for its automatic function. 

Now, you can leave the knob in this position which shows their enabling. They can turn off and on according to the light level. 

However, I disable them by rotating the similar knob back to the off position. It deactivates the automatic functions of these lights.

Similarly, you can manually activate and deactivate them by using the regulator on the relevant symbol. 

Why would you enable auto headlights on Ford F-150?

I enable them to increase the road safety of my Ford F-150. However, you can utilize them for the reasons below. 

Low external light

Many people drive their Ford F-150 during the night. In such circumstances, the external light is low and does not facilitate enough visibility. 

As a result, the auto mode of the automatic headlights activates. The headlamps illuminate the roads. 

They make the other automobiles visible to the driver. As a result, you can change your driving posture. 

It protects from dangerous collisions and other injuries. I prefer their activation to withstand low environmental light. 

In such circumstances, other drivers can identify the pickup truck. Moreover, pedestrians can identify your pickup during night driving. 

The identification becomes less challenging in rainy and foggy environments. In addition, it facilitates maximum protection for the truck driver and other people on the roads. 

Maximum driving comfort

You can enable the auto headlights on your pickup for maximum driving comfort. Their activation reduces their manual alteration from one mode to another.

As a result, you can drive the truck at high speeds because these turn on automatically when the acceleration crosses a limit of 20 to 30 mph. 

However, they deactivate when the effect of light increases. These automatic shifting of the headlamps provides additional comfort to the truck driver. 

It resists dangerous accidental conditions. As a result, the driver remains free while driving at top speeds. 

I activate their auto mode for maximum accessibility. The sensors have higher abilities to identify other automobiles. 

You cannot identify and scan them from a distance. However, their activation indicates the presence of other vehicles, people, and objects near the pickup truck. 

Automatic light management

The headlight sensors activate the auto headlamps. They manage the external and internal light according to the factory’s specified features. 

The relay sends informative signals to their module. As a result, they turn off and activate. The sensors are accessible on the dashboard. 

However, they work with the windshield and manage the variable light. Therefore, ambient light has an impact on their performance. 

You can enjoy comfortable driving with their automatic light management properties. In addition, their light management properties make them appealing. 

Why would you disable auto headlights on Ford F-150?

You can deactivate these automatically working headlamps for the following reasons. However, I turn off their automatic mode to improve battery performance. 

Battery drainage

The frequent activation and deactivation of the auto headlights consume battery power. They take excessive current from the ampere supply system. 

As a result, they reduce the charging level of the Ford F-150 battery. Excessive use and frequent enabling and disabling cause battery drainage within days. 

As a result, the battery malfunctions and cannot provide enough voltage to the electronic components. You cannot utilize the battery and its connected parts. 

You can deactivate the headlamp’s automatic operation and prevent battery drainage. However, it protects the battery power, and current flows toward the electric parts of the pickup truck. 

Day driving

You can deactivate the automatic work mode of the auto headlamps when you drive during the day. In such circumstances, the ambient light range is high, which makes the vehicles and people prominent. 

As a result, you can identify automobiles and obstacles without using an artificial light source. Moreover, the truck remains safe from collisions. 

I disable them while traveling during the day because I can identify all the vehicles on the roads without the assistance of sensors. 

You can deactivate their functions and manually turn them on when the external light of the environment reduces during the day. 

Broken relay

A relay supports and stabilizes the actual performance of the headlights. This relay is an electric switch that delivers information to the sensors and regulates their performance. 

Excessive utilization and internal cracks can damage the relay. As a result, the relay loses its standard efficiency. As a result, it cannot deliver informative signals. 

Moreover, it cannot combine performance with the sensors. In such circumstances, the headlamps cannot operate at the standard level. 

They cannot illuminate the road at night. Also, they cannot offer enough light during the rain and other climate conditions.

I disable them when the relay breaks and does not perform. However, the headlamp blinking and delay in activation indicate the malfunctioning relay. 

Which Ford F-150 trims have auto headlights?

The base trims of the Ford F-150 comprise these automatically working headlights. Furthermore, its XL trim has them on the front side. 

You can access them on the King Ranch, XLT, and Lariat trims. In addition, the latest model variants of the Ford F-150 have higher variants with these advanced features. 

The XL trim has SuperCab, SuperCrew, and Regular Cab, which comprise them. In addition, its base trim has sensors for automatic assistance.

In addition, you can find them on the Limited trim of this pickup truck. They can activate automatically on these trims when the external light lowers from the recommended range. 

Moreover, they operate without manual assistance when the windshield wipers move over the glass. They activate and illuminate roads and moving wipers clear the windshield. 

It increases the visibility of these truck drivers during dark driving. 

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