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How to Enable or Disable Auto Locks on Ford F-150?

How to Enable or Disable Auto Locks on Ford F-150?

Several people enable and disable auto locks on their Ford F150 models because they frustrate them. However, I activate and deactivate them for my convenience and manual handling. 

How to Enable or Disable Auto Locks on Ford F-150? You can enable the auto locks on Ford F-150 by pushing the lock button once and activating the toggle until you hear two beeps. Disable it by deactivating the perimeter alarm, turning on the ignition, pushing the manual unlock button three times, and sending signals to the module until you hear one beep.

Many people leave the doors for automatic closing. However, I like their manual handling and disable them through the built-in module. 

Method to enable or disable auto locks on a Ford F-150

The Ford F150 latest models have automatically locking doors. They lock when they identify the increasing speed of the pickup truck. 

The preset acceleration is about 10 to 14 miles per hour. However, they can carry out this function when your pickup crosses the pre-adjusted speed. 

You can manually control them with their specific buttons. Their control buttons are on the door panels, and you can press them for their manual movement.

You can use them manually by accessing these buttons near the window. Then, you can press the unlock buttons for a few seconds.

Allow their light to turn on, which takes around two seconds. As a result, you can open them through manual control. 

However, you can push the lock buttons for 2 to 3 seconds until the lights turn off, which closes them manually. 

You can enable and disable them with the Ford F-150 module. Their enabling causes their automatic functions, which increase their safety. 

You can get their manual control by disabling them. Moreover, you can adjust the pickup on stable ground. 

You can move inside the truck and shut all of them manually. Then, you can put the key in the ignition hole and stabilize it in off mode. 

You can deactivate the perimeter alarm of your pickup. This alarm is a security feature that produces sounds when thieves try to enter the truck. 

It has a flashing light which warns about the problem. You can turn off this alarm while enabling and disabling them on your Ford F-150. 

Now, you can rotate the ignition key and turn it to the off position. You can access the manual unlocking button. 

You can push it three times consecutively and access the truck programming mode. You can put the ignition switch in working mode and access the horn sound. 

Similarly, you can push the buttons three times without any intervals. You can push them three times again within 20 to 30 seconds.

It sends signals to the computer system of your truck about the enabling and disabling requirements. These signals regulate their further automatic operation.

Now, you can push the unlock button once. It sends a command to the computer system of your pickup truck. 

As a result, you can hear the sounds produced by the horn. One beep shows their disabling, and you can operate them through manual assistance. 

You can enable it by pushing the lock button once and accessing the horn beeps audible in the truck’s interior.

In addition, you can send the signals to the remote anti-theft module in your pickup truck by pushing the button once. 

It delivers two consecutive beeps, which indicate their enabling. The two beeps have different sounds. 

However, the first is louder than the second beep. The internal module can move the toggle in off and on position according to the regulation of the button with correlation to the ignition system. 

Why would you enable the auto locks on Ford F-150?

I enable auto locks for maximum safety. You can activate their settings for the following reasons.

Automatic locking

You can enable their automatic locking mode by using their regulating buttons. As a result, they can close automatically at a specific speed. 

Also, they close when you leave the pickup truck. In such circumstances, you can close them without manual handling. 

You can leave the system without continuous monitoring and handling because this mode operates them. I enable them for their automatic regulation, which offers relaxation. 

You can put them in this mode for once. Then, they can close every time without manual assistance. 

It is less annoying and keeps the driver free. 

Protection from thieves

The Ford F-150 doors lock when you enable their automatic mode. It provides additional security from thieves.

A thief cannot enter the pickup truck because they lock quickly. Furthermore, the thieves cannot open them because they have a connection to the module. 

They cannot alter the module because the regulating buttons are inside the truck. They cannot access these buttons without opening the truck window or door.

As a result, the security level improves. The enabling mode protects the pickup truck from stealing. 

Moreover, the thieves cannot access the pickup truck’s interior, which keeps the valuables safe.

Safety in accidents

The automatically locked doors protect in crashes and other accidental situations. Their sensors identify the danger and regulate the doors. 

It prevents the driver and travelers from falling on the road. As a result, the protection increases when the truck undergoes accidents. 

It protects from severe injuries and life loss. In addition, these properties are advantageous for optimized protection. 

I enable these properties for maximum protection at high-speed driving. 

Scheduled regulation

Its automatic doors comprise sensors. They can identify the module signals and work without manual handling.

They can schedule the automatic door locking, which keeps the driver free. Moreover, they have stable performance with a quick response. 

Their scheduled programming and regulation are beneficial because it does not require button controls. As a result, they can identify the dangers and speed and handle the doors.

Why would you disable the auto locks on a Ford F-150?

You can disable them and get maximum control over door locking. I prefer disabling their automatic functions due to the mentioned benefits.

More control

You can take control of the door locks of your Ford F-150 when you disable the automatic settings. However, the sensors remain free and do not respond to dangers and acceleration. 

You can keep them unlocked at higher speeds. Furthermore, you can open and close the doors frequently without resistance. 

You can lock the door by pushing the button and open it instantly according to your requirement. 

They do not unlock without manual instructions, which keeps you comfortable.

You can identify security problems and lock them immediately. You can lock its doors by using the keyfob. 

Protection from external locking

A few drivers forget the key fob inside the pickup truck. In such circumstances, they cannot unlock the doors when they do not have a key, and the module is working on automatic sensor-based regulation. 

It is frustrating because you can lock yourself out of the truck. However, you can avoid these problems by regulating the door locks manually. 

In such circumstances, you can disable the work system of these doors. It protects you from calling a locksmith and secures time loss. 

Electrical faults

The automatic door locks of the Ford F-150 work on electrically circulating signals. As a result, their sensors depend on electric power, which handles the module. 

The electric wires break, and the battery undergoes rusting. However, the electric current cannot support the sensors and modules. 

As a result, the automatic lock system malfunctions. It does not provide standard efficiency, which reduces security. 

You can disable their automatic regulation when the truck and its electric system undergo faults. Then, you can open and close them through the wireless remote. 

It does not utilize the electric power of the pickup truck. As a result, they work efficiently when the truck battery malfunctions.

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