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How to Get Black Streaks Off White Trailer?

How to Get Black Streaks Off White Trailer?

During my 10 years of camping experience, I have found it challenging to remove black streaks from my white trailer.

How to Get Black Streaks Off White Trailer? The simplest way to remove black streaks on white trailer sides is to wash them with soap and water solution as soon as possible. Moreover, commercial cleaning products are available to get rid of permanent dark spots. You can also take preventive measures like regular washing your trailer, storage under a shed, and proper AC drains to prevent the appearance of black streaks.

These are formed with time due to moisture or rainwater mixing with dirt on the rooftop and other pollutants from the environment.

How to Get Black Streaks Off White Trailer?

It is usual for travel trailers to get black streaks on their surface either due to oxidation or dirt accumulation during camping.

Therefore, you should know about the possible solutions to remove it from the white trailer surface.

Wash with soap and water

One of the most straightforward steps to remove dark spots on a trailer is to wash them with a solution of soap or detergent and water.

It will be adequate to remove black streaks due to dirt deposits on the sides of the trailer. Apply the soap with a sprayer or cloth rags, slightly rinse it and wash it with water.

You should prefer this inexpensive solution if you regularly clean your trailer.

Use commercial cleaning products to remove old streaks

It is a recommended method by experts to remove black stripes as a result of oxidation and chalking of paints.

Choose the inexpensive product to purchase, easy to apply, and has no side effects on the parts of the trailer like aluminum, graphics work, and paint.

Spray it on the areas with black streaks, wipe them with a clean cloth after a minute and wash it with clean water.   

Follow the instructions mentioned on the packing of the product and apply it in the proper proportions.

If you have difficulty getting off streaks, you can apply it directly without dilution to get the best cleaning results.

However, before using it on the trailer surface, check it somewhere to observe any side effects like damage to paint or any graphics patterns on its sides.

You can also read user reviews and consult various online forums before using any product.    

Use a solution of baking soda and water

Solution of baking soda and water is a natural recipe to clean the paint of the white trailer.

Mix a cup of baking soda in a gallon of water and wash the sides of the trailer. You can also add the same amount of vinegar to the solution to improve its cleaning efficacy.

However, use it carefully and avoid applying it in powdered form as by rinsing it, you can damage and develop scratches on the paint.   

Use cleaner wax

Cleaner wax is a solution that serves a dual purpose. First, it cleans the trailer’s surface and protects it from dirt or other pollutants adhering to the surface.

First, wash your trailer with water and dry it. Next, apply the cleaner wax with its applicator and spread it with a clean cloth in a circular pattern.

It will remove any minor spots on the paint surface and prevent the frequent development of black streaks. 

Use a pressure washer

It is a standard method used by drivers to wash their vehicles. Apply the water with sufficient pressure and rinse the dark spots to remove them.

Power washers with multiple modes are available.

You can switch modes to change the water pressure according to the extent of the dark spots.

Select the pressure settings in the range of 1000 to 1500 psi to remove stubborn black streaks and restore the white paint of the trailer. However, be careful to avoid applying excessive pressure as it can damage the paint surface.  

Use siding cleaner

There are numerous siding cleaners available in the market to wash and clean the sides of various structures.

You can select the one according to the surface material of your trailer. Then, apply them with a sprayer on streaky areas and thoroughly wash.

Next, rinse them with a wiper or clean cloth for hardened and permanent spots.

Paint the trailer

If you let the dark spots sit on the trailer surface for a longer duration without using any solution to get rid of them, they will become permanent and impossible to remove.

In the worst-case scenario, you need to apply new paint on its surface to restore its white look. But, first, clean the sides of any loose dirt, oily spots, or corrosion.

Next, use sandpaper; after a thorough cleaning of the surface, apply at least two coats of white paint to give your trailer a brand new look.

How to prevent the appearance of black streaks on white trailers?

White trailers are a common choice amongst campers; however, dark spots become more visible and prominent.

You can prevent them and maintain the shiny white appearance of your travel trailer by observing the following 5 preventive measures.

Clean the trailer roof

Accumulation of dirt on the trailer roof is one of the primary reasons for black streaks on its sides. Grime mixes with rainwater or moisture and forms running lines from top to bottom.

Therefore, you should use a ladder and thoroughly clean the rooftop regularly to prevent this problem. You can also use a roof cover made of cloth to keep it clean.

Wash the trailer frequently

I like to wash my trailer every 2-3 days; it prevents them from becoming permanent and difficult to get off its surface.

Moreover, it saves money and time to purchase cleaning products that you need to use if dark spots get too bad and are nearly impossible to remove. 

Park it in the shade

Parking your RV in the open will expose it to the dirt, grime, and rainstorm. Moreover, direct exposure to the sunlight will speed up the oxidation of the paint surface.

Therefore, always store it under a storage shed after thoroughly washing it.

Use wax after cleaning

Wax covers the paint surface and prevents pollutants from adhering to it.

Thoroughly wash the vehicle with water, dry it and apply a thin layer of wax with a clean cloth.

It also makes them easy to remove by simply wiping the wax over paint. 

Use proper AC drains

You will find water drains of AC units leaking, causing rust on the sides of the trailer. Inspect them regularly, fix the leakages, and use proper drain pipes to prevent marks on the sides. 

Time and cost to remove black streaks from white trailers

Removing black lines will take less time in the range of 20-30 minutes if they are not too old and difficult to remove.

However, dark and permanent spots will require 1-2 hours and plenty of hard work to wipe them off up to an acceptable level. 

It will cost you about $10-$30 for purchasing the cleaning agent and brush or wiper, depending upon the type you select.

For a pressure washer, you have to spend about $100-$500. However, it will come in handy to regularly wash the trailer and other vehicles.

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