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How To Get Door Code For Mercury Grand Marquis?

How To Get Door Code For Mercury Grand Marquis?

Mercury Grand Marquis is a full-size car in multiple body styles from 1979 to 2011. It has a valuable security feature of the keyless entry system for 1992-2011 models, allowing you to unlock it using a 5-digit door code without any physical key.

How To Get Door Code For Mercury Grand Marquis? You can get the door code for the Mercury Grand Marquis on the driver’s side door module, typically found on a white sticker from 2003-2011 models. Some models have it inside the trunk lid or on the left hinge. Additionally, the owner’s wallet card has this information, and you can retrieve it from Mercury dealers with proof of ownership and the VIN or using the FORScan tool.

This article will briefly introduce the door code, its benefits, and various locations to get it for a particular model. We will also explain other aspects, like how to reset it and use conventional methods to find it.

Purpose of Mercury Grand Marquis door code

A door code is a unique 5-digit numeric combination on vehicles with a remote keyless entry system that allows you to unlock and access your Mercury Grand Marquis doors without using a traditional physical key.

You can access it by pressing this code on the keypad on the door side. Its primary purpose is to provide convenience and enhance security for vehicle owners. It also comes in handy if you forget the keys of your car inside or lose them somewhere.

Using this code, you can open its doors and retrieve the keys. Besides being useful as a security feature, it is helpful for owners, eliminating the need to carry physical keys.

It also allows you to set a personalized door code, making it easy to remember and tailor to your preferences.

You can provide it to your family members or your trusted friends to access your car without handing them the physical keys or key fob.

Locations to find the door code of Mercury Grand Marquis

You can find the door code of your Mercury Grand Marquis models in multiple locations. The manufacturer has provided it in various places depending on the car’s particular model year or trim level and also to facilitate the owners for easy access. 

Driver’s side door module

The most common location to find the door code is on the driver’s side door module. However, you have to remove the screws securing the door trims and handle to access it.

Next, gently pry the side panels and get the door module. You can find it on a white sticker pasted on its body. Besides some other information, you will find the code printed in black, followed by a character.

You can write or secure the code for future use when you lose or forget the key inside your vehicle. This location is valid for all Mercury Grand Marquis models from 2003 to 2011. 

Underside of trunk lid

Some earlier models from 1992-2002 have door code locations inside the trunk of the sedan. The first step is to unlock the trunk of your car. You can locate it on the left side door hinge that keeps the lid open.

Some models have it inside on the sides near the hinges. You can identify it as it has 5 digits printed on a sticker. Since there is no other information on the sticker, it is relatively easier to locate.

Some newer models from 2003-2011 also have this code inside the trunk lid if you cannot access the door module. Therefore, I suggest you check it on both locations.

Owner wallet card

This car comes with an owner’s wallet card that contains the 5-digit door code. You can find it inside the glove compartment. It includes a barcode and 5-digit code.

If you purchase a used vehicle, you can ask the previous owner about the wallet card and get the code there.

It is also a good practice to check your vehicle’s paperwork, like registration or owner’s manual, if you don’t find the code anywhere or don’t have an owner’s card available.

Ask the dealer

Mercury or Ford dealers have a database of all the details and important data regarding your vehicle.

However, you can get that data by showing them proof of ownership and the vehicle identification number (VIN) of your Grand Marquis model.

The first step is to call or visit your nearest Mercury dealer. Next, request them for door code retrieval service.

They will use your VIN to look up the code in their database and provide you with that information.

However, this service is not free, and they can charge a fee of $25-$50 depending on your area of residence.

Using the FORScan tool

It requires you to acquire a compatible FORScan diagnostic tool. Connect the device to your vehicle’s OBD-II port, which is located under the dashboard. Turn ON the ignition key and launch the FORScan software on your computer or laptop.

Check different icons in the software to find the factory keyless entry code for your Mercury Grand Marquis model. You should note the code for future reference and use it in case of any problem.

How to reset the door code of the Mercury Grand Marquis?

You can reset its door code to change it or customize it according to your requirements. However, it is essential to know the factory keyless entry code of your Mercury Grand Marquis. The first step is to enter your original 5-digit code.

All doors will lock and unlock, and the keypad will illuminate if you enter the correct digits. Next, press the first button on the keypad containing 1-2 within 5 seconds of entering the code. Now it’s time to enter your new door code.

There should be a less than 5-second gap between successive digit entries. The sedan doors will lock and unlock, indicating that the module has accepted the new code. You cannot enter the one containing 5 sequential or repeated digits.

Your newly entered code will work beside the factory code, as you cannot reset it. However, you can erase all personal codes by pressing the 1-2 button and again holding it for 2 seconds after entering the original code.

How do you get the door code of a locked Mercury Grand Marquis?

You can find its door code if you have access to its physical key. However, you cannot access it if you don’t have a key and your vehicle has been locked. You can use a few options to acquire control of your car.

The first option is to find a professional mechanic or locksmith. He can often unlock your vehicle without causing damage and be able to retrieve the door code for you.

You can also avail the option of contacting a Mercury dealership. If you can prove ownership, he can assist you in accessing the vehicle and getting its code.

Do all trim levels of Mercury Grand Marquis have a keyless entry system available?

All trim levels of Mercury Grand Marquis do not have keyless entry systems as a standard feature, but many offered it as an option.

For 1992-2002 models, this feature is optional for lower GS trim level packages, while it is a standard feature for higher-end LS trims as a part of different packages.

It became available for 2003-2011 models as a part of 4 trim levels, including GS, GS Convenience, LS Premium, and LS Ultimate.

However, for some base variants, you have to pay extra to get this feature as a part of a passive anti-theft system (PATS) or Mercury keyless entry system.

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