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What Does GS Stand For In Mercury Grand Marquis?

What Does GS Stand For In Mercury Grand Marquis?

Many people see M74 on the VIN of their Mercury Grand Marquis and do not understand its meaning. I know that it shows the GS trim of this car, which is the standard model.

What Does GS Stand For In Mercury Grand Marquis? “GS” stands for Grand Sport in Mercury Grand Marquis and is the base and standard model with V8 and 224 hp. GS provides continuous engine power flow, better traction and handling, rear-wheel drive, one exhaust, fabric seats, and high speed.

My friend confuses GS with LS, but they are different trims of these cars. GS is the standard trim with fabric-covered seats and minimum advancement because it is not a premium model.

What does GS mean for a Mercury Grand Marquis?

These cars have GS and LS trims because of their manufacturing specifications, layouts, and type of amenities in the cabin. GS means Grand Sport, which is the standard or base model of the Mercury Grand Marquis.

It has a reliable engine, which produces a horsepower of about 224 hp. The V8 engine has a capacity of 4.6L because of the standard model.

The car with Grand Sport has keyless entry properties because of the manufacturer’s specifications. The manufacturing companies install different pedals and have a margin for modifications.

Also, these pedals provide more power and stability for driving convenience. The Grand Sport is a base model with a low price of about $25000.

However, its engine performance is stable because of the V8 properties. It provides a specific mileage of about 17 miles per gallon in the city.

In addition, you can identify a mileage of 25 miles per gallon on the highways.

Specifications of the GS trim of the Mercury Grand Marquis

The Mercury Grand Marquis has a Grand sport trim, called base model, with particular specifications.

Standard model and stable power flow

It has a bench seat arrangement because of the standard and less upgraded cabin. It is better to find these bench seats arranged on the front side of the passenger cabin.

Moreover, you can change the position of the driver’s seat because of its power-controlled regulation. The car has multiple generations, and they have the Grand Sport.

They have a V8 engine that has modular characteristics. Also, the engine has a capacity of 4.6-liter that provides continuous power flow for optimized tire performance and steering wheel. 

The 4-speed transmission and suspension work at an optimized range because of the continuous power flow.

More wheel traction and handling

GS package provides optimized wheel traction and increases the driving momentum. You can find this specification on the Grand Sport version of this car.

The pedals have power-controlled modifications to increase the road grip of the tires. Also, it has a specific package that improves vehicle handling and control.

The package includes specific wheels that have dimensions of 16 inches. It has bars and specific suspension to stabilize the frame, which increases vehicle handling.

As a result, you can handle the car on different surfaces and regulate the steering wheel and tires. The stabilizing bars of this package increase the handling of the car.

You can handle the vehicle suspension at an optimized level, which makes driving comfortable. These base models have air-based suspensions that provide better handling and frame control.

Therefore, you can drive the car with maximum momentum and stability.

Rear wheel drive and one exhaust

This model comes with rear-wheel drive. RWD is its standard property because it provides optimized traction and improved driving control on uneven roads.

Its first generation has a specific build because of its manufacturing characteristics. The manufacturing company builds these Grand sport-based cars on the Panther platform. 

However, this platform is a Ford specification because of its layout and design. Their rear-wheel drive has more stability and high-speed driving without frame vibrations.

These cars with GS have a specific wheelbase and comprise one exhaust. The exhaust system has a muffler, which regulates the emissions of gases.

One exhaust works for the engine and controls the combustion gases of the V8 engines in the Mercury Grand Marquis GS.

Efficient engine

It has a four-stroke, durable V8 engine with eight chambers. The engine is efficient, with a horsepower of 224 hp, and is sufficient for steady accelerations.

The gasoline-based V8 engines provide a combined mileage of about 18 mpg on city roads, and you can get it on the highways. 

However, this engine gives a separate mileage of about 16 mpg on the roads of a city. It can facilitate a mileage of 23 miles per gallon when you drive the Mercury Grand Marquis Grand Sport on the highways.

Fabric seats and high-speed

It is a standard variant with the base specifications.

The cabin has minimum upgrades and limited amenities because of the stock specifications. Furthermore, the seats have fabric-containing covers because the cabin is standard.

The car with GS lacks leather-containing seats, which makes the differentiation between trims less challenging.

Furthermore, the vehicle with GS provides a high speed of 118 miles per hour, which depends on the engine’s performance and stability.

The grand sport trim of these cars go from zero to 60 miles per hour within 9 seconds. You can drive them at higher speeds on uneven roads because their suspension has higher stability.

Driving them on smooth roads is beneficial because of their momentum.

How do I identify if my Mercury Grand Marquis is GS?

You can identify the GS trim of your Mercury Grand Marquis by its identification number. Furthermore, the vehicle identification number of the cars determines and indicates their trim level.

Generally, these cars have a long vehicle identification number with several digits and alphabets. It is the registration number of the cars that helps in their identification.

You can check the 5th, 7th, and 6th digits of VIN (vehicle identification number) and identify that your car is GS.

The M74 on this VIN makes the car Grand Sport, which is the standard model. A difference of one digit changes the trim level of the vehicle.

However, identifying the GS with the vehicle identification number is one of the less challenging procedures. You should check the VIN on your car and read the manual to identify it.

Also, getting professional help is better for identifying the trim level of your vehicle. In such circumstances, you can determine the amenities and specifications of your car.

Do all Mercury Grand Marquis have GS trim?

The Mercury Grand Marquis has two trims, which are known as GS and LS. However, all variants come in grand sport trims because of the standard manufacturing specifications.

These models come in this trim, and the cabin amenities are specific. However, the variants are available in LS or luxury sport trim because of the variable layouts and other characteristics.

You can find all models of these cars in GS trim from 1975 to 2011. These variants comprise high-performance V8 engines that provide continuous power flow.

In addition, they are fast-speed base and standard trim levels of these cars with specific qualities and cabin amenities.

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