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How To Get Into a Toyota Camry Through The Trunk?

How To Get Into a Toyota Camry Through The Trunk?

Many people want to get inside their cars through the trunk because of their exploratory nature. However, it is not safe to enter through the Toyota Camry cargo area because it can lead to injury, and you can even get stuck.

How To Get Into a Toyota Camry Through The Trunk? You can get into the Toyota Camry through the trunk by opening its lid with the key fob. Pull the lever to unlatch and fold the rear seats. Close the trunk and stand behind the driver’s seat.

It is better to call mechanics, roadside assistance, or manufacturers to access the vehicles instead of using methods that can compromise their safety on the road.

How do you enter a Toyota Camry through the trunk?

Many people enter their cars through the trunk after watching movies or TV shows. It is not a safe practice and leads to serious head and foot injuries, legal consequences, and entrapment.

Open trunk

This car comes with a key fob to lock and unlock the trunk lid and driver or passenger side doors. Press the key fob button to open its lid. Moreover, it is also necessary for you to maintain the proper distance while using the key fob.

Stand near your Toyota Camry and press the unlocking button. However, you can also open the trunk with the button on the lid.

The button contains sensors that detect the radio frequency signals from the key fob and allow the trunk to unlatch from the locking mechanism.

The button can only work when standing near your vehicle with the key fob in your hand or pocket.

It does not allow the trunk lid to unlatch when the key fob is not nearby. You cannot use this button without holding the key fob.

Carefully enter the cargo area after opening the trunk. Cargo space in these sedans is about 15 cubic feet, and a person can easily sit inside this area.

Fold rear seats

You can access your car’s interior cabin by folding the rear seats. Rear side passenger seats in the Toyota Camry are foldable and are equipped with a latching mechanism.

The lever behind these passenger seats engages and disengages the latching mechanism. You can control the latching mechanism through these levers while sitting in the trunk.

You can see two knobs behind the left and right sides of the passenger seats. Pull these knobs, and you can hear the clicking sound, which shows the disengagement of the locking mechanism.

Push the seats in the forward direction for folding purposes.

Enter the trunk and close it

Closing the trunk after accessing the passenger cabin is necessary for your safety. Stand behind the driver seats after pushing the rear side passenger seats.

You can now adjust and open the seats after accessing the interior side. Lower your head while standing there to open the rear seats.

Lower your head or bend your posture to avoid colliding with the roof. Grab the headrest in your hand and push the seats in the backward direction.

You can access the driver seats and other features while sitting inside. Moreover, you can also open the door locks when you cannot open them from the outside.

Things to consider while entering a Toyota Camry through the trunk

It is necessary to ensure the safety of yourself and your vehicle while accessing the interior cabin through the trunk. You should engage the parking brakes while doing this as a fun activity.

Engage parking brakes when you are doing this intentionally. The parking brake is helpful to maximize your safety while performing this fun activity.

Parking brake engagement reduces the unintentional movement of your Toyota Camry, which can increase the injury risk. Many people try to get inside with shopping bags in their hands.

Moreover, shopping bags can get stuck in narrow places and cause problems. These can also hit your body and cause injury.

It is challenging to move with heavy shopping bags instead of moving alone.

Your head can collide with the trunk lid and vehicle’s roof while doing this.

Carefully fold the rear seats because sometimes people place several bags and other materials on their surfaces, hindering their folding.

Many people take their pets with them during long trips. Ensure that pets are not sitting on the rear seats when folding them.

It is also necessary to ensure these seats are free from obstructive materials.

Why would you enter into a Toyota Camry through the trunk?

Many people forget the keys to their car inside and unintentionally lock their doors. It is challenging because you cannot open the door lock without the correct keys.

It is easy to enter your car from the trunk area to get out the keys instead of calling a professional locksmith and spending cost on them.

Moreover, one of my friends also did this because door locks became faulty, and he could not open them from the outer side.

He inspected the keys and the doors but did not find any solution. He opened the trunk with the sensor button on his Toyota Camry and folded the back seat to access the door locks.

He opened the doors from inside, and they opened on the first try. Sometimes the door can get stuck in the closed position, and you cannot open these with key fobs or outside knobs.

Many people access the interior while entering through this route in emergencies.

However, people usually do this as a dare or prank to surprise their friends.

Is it safe to sit in the trunk of your Toyota Camry?

Sitting inside your Toyota Camry trunk is not recommended and safe because it is not a reliable sitting option. It is a narrow space and causes ventilation issues.

Moreover, these are designed for luggage storage; you cannot use them for passenger accommodation. These are not equipped with windows and ventilation systems, which can lead to suffocation.

In addition, these do not provide visibility and access to the outside environment. The latch mechanism can also get stuck sometimes, and you can get trapped inside these narrow places.

It is not a safe option for passengers because of the lack of safety features. These do not contain absorbing material like seats, which can lead to injuries while moving on bumpy roads.

The car cargo area is not equipped with seatbelts and airbags, which can pose serious safety issues. Chances of carbon monoxide poisoning increase when you sit inside with the engine running. The colorless and odorless gas builds up inside because of poor ventilation.

In some states of America, it is illegal to sit inside the trunk because of safety issues. It can also cause the risk of entrapment because of accidental closure of its lid.

The situation can worsen when the car is parked in a remote area, and no one can come here to help you.

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