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Can You Put a Roof Rack on a Toyota Camry?

Can You Put a Roof Rack on a Toyota Camry?

Roof racks are the storage components mounted in east to west direction on the roof of your car. You can install or detach these components on your Toyota Camry according to your convenience.

Can You Put a Roof Rack on a Toyota Camry? You can put a roof rack on a Toyota Camry by finding its installation points and cleaning the door plate. Apply a protective film on the mounting points, put the roof rack on the mounting points, add lubricated rubber T-slot covers, and secure their clamps with plastic covers.

These are available in different sizes and materials according to the dimensions of your car. You can store your luggage bags, sports equipment, camping accessories, bicycles, jet skis, and motorcycles. These are beneficial when you plan road trips and outdoor activities with your friends.

How do you install a roof rack in a Toyota Camry?

Many people love to install roof racks on their cars while planning tours with their friends and families to increase the storage space to haul larger items.

Find installation points

Roof rack installation creates a convenient option for transporting luggage and other heavy items from one place to another. You can find this equipment at Toyota retailers, which are easy to mount.

You do not need assistance from professionals for mounting this on your Toyota Camry. Check the manual for information about the 4 mounting points for their installation.

You cannot install these anywhere in your car because they can damage the overall frame. However, you can put these in the center of the B pillar.

Put the front rack approximately 35cm away from the front and the rear rack about 45cm behind.

Clean the door plate

Many surface cleaning products are available that are safe to clean your vehicle’s exterior body. These contain ingredients that cannot damage the paint layer or cause corrosion.

You need a surface cleaner and soft cloth for dust and debris removal. Spray this solution on the cloth and wipe off the inner side of the door frame with this cloth.

It is necessary to clean the door plate because you have to add protective film to these places. These protective films cannot stick properly to dusty surfaces.

Apply protective film

Transparent protective films are available in the market and are easy to remove. Moreover, these cannot damage the paint of your Toyota Camry when you take off these racks.

The primary purpose of applying these protective films is to mark the mounting points for roof racks. In addition, these protective films also protect the paint and frame from damage.

Apply these protective films on the installation points. Peel off the backing from the protective film and then put these on the inner side of the door frame.

Prepare roof racks

The roof rack comes with disassembled parts, and you have to arrange their components properly for installation on the Toyota Camry roof.

These come up with four separate rubber pads, and you have to install these pads on all four sides. These rubber pads contain the indication marks for their correct installation at their respective location.

You cannot add the incorrect rubber pads on the ends of the racks. Collect the rubber pads and put these on each side of the racks according to the marked indication points.

Push these rubber pads at the end points of these racks for their correct adjustment. You can see a fixation pin on the lower side of these ends.

Pull the fixation pins to lock the pads at their respective ends. Use the safe surface cleaning solution to clean the front surface. Moreover, you also have to install wind spoilers on the inner side.

It is better to install three wind spoilers at different locations. Leave significant space between these wind spoilers according to the distance the installation manual mentions.

Carefully peel off the backing material from the spoilers and stick these to the front surfaces.

Installation of racks

Install the front and rear racks from east to west direction. Position these in the location where you previously installed the protective films. Arrange each end according to the presence of the protective film.

Now insert the clamp and tighten it with a torque key until you hear a click sound. Apply the liquid soaps on the rubber T-slot covers and trim the extra length from the sides.

Use the supplied key for the installation of plastic covers on each clamp. Ensure the stability of these racks after their installation.

How much weight can you put in a Camry roof?

Toyota Camry roof can support weight of about 100 to more than 150 pounds with roof racks depending on their specific models and years.

It is necessary to weigh your equipment and luggage bags when storing them on your car’s roof.

The average weight of your luggage should not exceed the minimum weight carrying capacity of your vehicle’s roof. You can void the warranty of your sedan because of overloading.

Overloading can also affect driving conditions and increase fuel consumption. Moreover, it can also increase the risk of chassis damage.

How much time and cost does roof rack installation on a Toyota Camry take?

The average cost required for aftermarket roof rack addition is about $120 to more than $400, depending on the size, manufacturing company, and installation method.

Installation costs can increase when you hire an expert mechanic to put these on your Toyota Camry. You have to pay additional money to the mechanic, which increases the overall cost.

Moreover, the larger ones made of galvanized steel cost more because of their durable material and size.

The cost of these components also varies according to their manufacturing brand. I always purchase products from highly reliable brands because these are of high quality and last longer.

In addition, you require 30 to 60 minutes to complete the procedure, depending on your expertise.

How do you select a roof rack for a Toyota Camry?

It is necessary to consider the roof racks’ size and material while installing them in your car. The size of these components should not exceed the overall dimensions of your vehicle’s roof.

You have to select their size according to the roof length of a specific model of your Toyota Camry. However, the racks with an average length of 45 to 50 inches are best for these.

Moreover, select those made of galvanized steel instead of aluminum or other metals to decrease corrosion risk.

Select racks with protective vinyl coating because of their durability and strength.

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