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How to Install a Dash Cam in Your Truck?

How to Install a Dash Cam in Your Truck?

Here are the best DIY methods for properly installing a Dash Cam in your pickup truck. We have also added the required tools along with this step-by-step guide.

How to Install a Dash Cam in Your Truck? You can install a Dash Cam in your truck by using a lighter adopter, hardware kits, routing cables, fuse box, adjust the dash cam kit, and select the ground spot.

We have also added the average cost of this procedure if you do this procedure at home, just follow this detailed guide. There are many benefits of using it with your pickup.

How to Install a Dash Cam in Your Truck?

In this article, we have explained fantastic techniques to mount a dash cam in your vehicle. All these steps mentioned here can be used for a variety of pickups.

Before going into the details, let me explain the required tools and accessories.

Tools required

  • A holder
  • Power cable
  • Hardwires
  • Wiring kits
  • Fuse box
  • Socket
  • Adaptors
  • Route cable
  • Rubber trim
  • A-pillar cover
  • Circuit tester
  • Ignition key
  • Wrench
  • Zip tie

Use lighter adaptor

It does not matter that either you smoke or not; this method is very convenient. A switch of a Cigarette lighter is handy in the vehicle. You can connect the power cable of the cigarette lighter adapter with the device.

Attach both of them to the power area, it can be done within five minutes. This non-apparent device works amazingly within the automobile. Plugging the system provides maximum signal and proper information about the pickup.

This type of gadget has access to other applications like parking mode. It remains connected with the setup of smartphones, GPS, Wi-Fi, and helps in full HD recording.

Install hardwire kits

Hardwire kits are commonly available for many pickup drivers. These are economical and have multiple functions. These are specifically designed for adding tools and are very popular for the last many years.

Drivers use these for two-way protections of their pickups. These devices provide the front and back view protection every time. The protection includes the shield of wind in the front direction, and it also provides the rearview images.

The fuse box provides a power supply to the equipment, and it works in various directions. The important stuff and data remain to save in the memory card even when it is not working. With a hardwire kit, you can use the parking mode, GPS, and other facilities like Wi-Fi.

You can get the recording in a clear form; it records everything. Check the online services by smartphone functions by sitting anywhere away from your pickup.

Hardwire fusion

In this method, you can attach the device with the fuse box of the automobile. The system of the gadget remains activated when the automobile is following the off mode.

The power supply remains constant and non- interrupted. It provides the parking mode recording of all the areas. Mostly these have the parking mode recording applications.

Battery pack

It is also useful for those who worth the protection of their vehicle. These battery packs have various properties.

One of the best advantages of the battery pack is the long-lasting and durable functionality. It can record for a more extended period.

These packs provide 24/7 access to all applications through mobile phones. Battery packs have eliminated the process of cutting wires inside. You can add this to the truck alarm also and it will prevent the truck alarm from randomly going off.

The process is so simple, and it’s a one plug connection. You can connect the mini volt light switch with the lighter adaptor. In this way, you can achieve a full unobstructed view of parking mode recording. You should also add new seat covers in your truck.

Install with cables

This method is suitable for these drivers who are looking for an alternative to the hardwire kit. A robust cable carries out this method, and it is so smooth and more straightforward.

This port is a small outlet that is usually located under the steering wheel of your vehicle. Once it is complete, the parking recording mode gets activated.

You can get full video by using this cam, and it also depends on the device you are using right now.

Moreover, this procedure also has access to all the facilities, including smartphone setup. The port is not found in all vehicles, but mostly automobiles have this port.

This method is a universal instant process that is less time-consuming. This is an amazingly smart method as compared to the power box procedure. Check all the parts and if there are any dents on the roof of the truck, you should fix them.

Locate the position

You can change the position according to your sitting arrangement. As a driver, you must keep the device at the level of your eyes.

It improves your vision of the device and road while driving. You can touch it easily from this distance. Regularly clean the truck air tanks, and you can add your gadget near this place.

Adjust the setting of the cam right after sitting on your seat. It helps you to get better results and maximum protection of the vehicle.

Adjusting the camera right under the rear mirror is one of the most recommended methods. This can help you to get a better and constant recording of the parking and other areas. This is mostly used when you are trying to get your truck unstuck from snow.

Use routing cables

Make a rough sketch with the power cable where it can run and adjust. The connection should be started from the device. It starts working once it is hidden behind the vehicle’s interior areas.

The rough sketching gives you an idea about routing the power cable and how much of the area you should leave on the way down towards the fuse box. Start by inserting the power cable inside the headliner of the vehicle.

Mostly, you can push the rubber trim, which exists along the A-pillar. It immediately reveals a gap in which you can quickly run the power cable. The cable moves from the headliners to the power box in the downward direction.

In some cases, it becomes necessary to remove the cover of the pillar. The removals help you in getting more space for routing power cables. You can consult the manual of your vehicle.

It provides technical knowledge about the removal of the cover that either it is necessary or not. This manual and its instructions are all about the interior panels and details.

Remove the cover for better vision and viewing of the area. Now adjust the power cable alongside the other wires in the pillar.

Route the cable properly around and behind the wires correctly. They should not tangle with each other. The direction should be downwards towards the power box.

Use fuse box

As the connection is between the power cable of the tool and fuse box, that is why it is essential to locate that. Mostly it exists beneath the dashboards of other people or driver’s sides.

You can also consult the manual for finding it in your automobile. This step is significant because it involves wiring. Its exhaust is behind the steering area. This panel is removable, and you can easily adjust its position.

Select power fuse

Generally, the fuses of vehicles have power all the time. They remain extremely hot with or without the ignition.

If you like to turn on the gadget automatically when it is On and turn it off in vice versa conditions, this method is suitable.

Add a circuit kit inside a hot in start fuse. Use a current tester to illustrate the areas of power. Keep on testing the power areas to understand that there should not be any current when the vehicle is off.

Use a zip tie

In this method, use a zip tie to collect and bundle the excess power wires together. Collect the wires safely to the mounting point for security purposes.

These mounting points are usually present underneath the dashboard or on the backside of the kick panel. You can choose an exhaust for your truck and fix it with the same method.

Adjust the Dash Cam Kit

Make sure that you have removed the key from the ignition. Use a pulling tool for fuse and some pliers for removing the fuse from its place.

Plug the adding circuit in the empty spot, the device will turn on when the pickup is on.

Select ground spot

Most vehicles have at least one ground spot which exists near the box. Remove the lower kick and access the lower point in the pickup.

Now remove the bolt from here and add a ground lug that is present inside.

Check the working of Dash Cam

Now, you can see that the device has started working, and it is recording all areas. At this step, you can fix all the roved panels which were removed for the power cable.

Cost of installation

On average it costs around $70 to $90 for installing a dash cam on your pickup. This amount includes all the required tools and accessories. The price can increase if you use different brands and methods.

However, if you plan to get it fixed at some workshop, then it may cost you between $150 to $200 depending on the location and the type of your vehicle.

I suggest that you follow all the steps mentioned above and complete this at home. I have received 100s of emails where fellows are doing it successfully with this DIY guide.