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How to Install Navigation App on Toyota RAV4?

How to Install Navigation App on Toyota RAV4?

Toyota RAV4 comes with a navigation system as a part of the Entune system, and you can look at the options for searching the new and old locations in the apps menu.

How to Install Navigation App on Toyota RAV4? You can install a navigation app on Toyota RAV4 by searching for a “Scout GPS Link” app and installing it on the device. Open the Scout GPS and create your account using your email ID and selecting the password for signing up. Then, turn on the Bluetooth and link the smartphone to the SUV. After that, update the system of Entune on the menu and install the app. Navigate through its features on the display screen and search for your desired location through the voice recognition feature.

The installation of apps on automobiles seems complicated to many people. However, all the modern SUVs provide you with some in-built programs that are becoming essential to be a part of the journey.

Every driver cannot remember all locations, so there is always a requirement for a location finder to help locate distant areas quickly.

What is the navigation app on Toyota RAV4?

Toyota RAV4 can benefit from a navigation system through a specific App, which helps find the right direction.

It performs actions by using a satellite navigation device and enables drivers to locate unknown places through a visual map on the screen of this SUV.

This computing system points the direction with the help of a pointed arrow and informs you about the possible route to reach your final destination.

Therefore, it enables you to reach an unknown location by following a suggested route provided by this integrated system.

How do you install a navigation app on Toyota RAV4?

You can activate a navigation system on Toyota RAV4 after installing and connecting it to the vehicle. 

Get Scout GPS Link

You have to download it on your smartphone. For example, search for a “Scout GPS Link” by typing the name in the Google Play Store search bar if you are an Android user.

In the same way, you can search for it on the Apple store if you are an iPhone user. So, tap on the download option and wait for a while.

Look at the appeared results carefully and install the correct one having black and yellow colors with a pointed arrow in the center.

Wait for some time till the downloading process gets complete. It can take a few seconds to some minutes for the complete downloading.

Create account

After downloading it on your device, open it by tapping on the “Open” options visible on the screen.

Create your account with Scout GPS Link when it gets open. First, you have to put your email address and choose a strong password for creating a user account.

Tap on the sign-up option and save the details. Then, go to manage accounts options and add the app to the SUV display screen.

Connect to Entune system 

Turn on the Bluetooth from the device and connect your smartphone with the SUVs Entune system.

Check the presence of navigation on its menu because a few modern vehicles have an in-built navigation system.

When you see no such icon on the screen, update the system so that it can recognize a new program on the smartphone and adds it to the list of apps.

Update the system

Click on the system update option for Entune, which is available on its touchscreen. It begins to update within nanoseconds and then waits until it is complete.

When it recognizes the addition of new programs on your smartphone, the installation option of a particular app appears on the screen.

A message appears on the screen for confirmation about the installation of the Scout GPS Link. Tap on the “Install” option and give some time to the system to add a new program.

Navigate the desired location

After installing, you can see an icon of Scout GPS Link in its menu. Touch the icon and open it to navigate through its features in detail.

You can see three options on the screen; search, history, and likes. The first option of search helps identify a route to any location.

In addition, you can mention your final destination in the search bar and look at the results. It provides you with all the possible routes that are quick, short, and alternate routes.

These three types of routes allow you to choose the best one that requires fewer miles to reach a destination.

Moreover, the number of miles and the time for each route are mentioned separately, which helps decide the best way.

A second option that appears on the screen is the history, which records all previous destinations. It can help maintain a history of locations so that you do not have to find them again.

The third option is Likes which shows your favorite locations. You can add your favorite location to the list so that it becomes easy to find the exact route again.

Many people also use DCM with their RAV4 SUV.

Why would you install a navigation app on Toyota RAV4?

The navigation app has a lot of benefits for amateur drivers who are unknown about the location and find difficulty in reaching a destination.

Safe and quick driving

It assures a safe and quick driving experience because you do not have to move randomly to different locations.

Search for the destination location from the searching option and find your route. It saves the time you can face in patrolling here and there in the cities.

Voice recognition system

Modern SUVs have voice recognition options to help you navigate the desired location by speaking.

It is a speech recognition software that does not restrict users from tapping on the various options appearing on the screen.

Moreover, you can enable a voice recognition button by clicking it and starting speaking. It prevents continuous shifting and deviation of attention from the steering wheel to the screen.

This voice recognition system helps maintain a focus on the road, and you do not have to move toward the screen to proceed by touching.

Capability to direct the driver

It improves the capability of drivers to find a reliable route for reaching a destination.

Additionally, it can provide the right direction and point towards the forward direction.

Therefore, the drivers can drive in unknown areas when they come to different cities by finding the location through this app.

Saves destination history

It maintains the records of previous destinations. So you can keep them saved for using them again in the future.

However, you can also delete them by touching on the bin’s icon that appears close to each destination.

It is better to save the data for future use, but some people feel irritated due to a lot of information on the system and erase it.

Visual traffic information

You can look at the map of the area where you are driving. The exact position of your vehicle on the road and the nearby locations become visible on the screen.

Moreover, you can also look at the traffic and the large vehicles sharing a common road.

It gives a complete overview of the road and street and the well-known points in that area like a food point or a gas station.

High reliability

It gives accurate information to the users, and you will never find them wrong. You can easily rely on it and follow the suggested path to reach your place.

Furthermore, it is reliable and adds convenience to your daily life driving routines.

You do not have to remember where you go and use the navigator when you want to go to the same place next time.

Can I update the Toyota RAV4 navigation system for free?

Toyota introduces updates from time to time, and you can update the apps and software with a single click.

You cannot update the navigation on Toyota RAV4 for free because the automakers provide you with advanced updates in the system at a reasonable cost.

You can pay a pretty reasonable amount of around $130 to $300. The dealerships and the online suppliers providing you with the advanced apps ask for some money to get the recent updates.

Not only do you have to pay for the updates, but they can ask for payment when you want to install this app.

However, Entune does not require a subscription that enables Toyota users to get the Bluetooth service for free.

Accordingly, you do not have to pay to connect Bluetooth to the vehicle’s system.

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