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What is DCM on Toyota RAV4?

What is DCM on Toyota RAV4?

DCM is one of the technological advancements by Toyota in their Toyota RAV4 model, which makes driving easier and safer.

What is DCM on Toyota RAV4? DCM on Toyota RAV4 is a communication device that stands for data communication module and helps operate cellular services. This device connects the vehicle’s system to its cloud service of Toyota and sends information about the control area network. Moreover, it ensures safety through DCM GPS software present in the SOS device and eCall service. Furthermore, it connects to the internet and Bluetooth services and improves interaction with the vehicle. 

The Toyota RAV4 provides a luxurious ride through its features and extra space. In addition, it contains a four-cylinder engine that produces more power and improves the functionality of the engine and vehicle.

Furthermore, this compact SUV is packed with multiple features like a DCM that keeps you in close connection with the Toyota main center.

What does DCM stand for? 

It means a data communication module that controls some cellular activities like the internet and provides you with the eCall option. Moreover, it can help find the exact location of the vehicle.

This communication device is present in the SUV as a shiny rectangular unit close to the HVAC system on the dashboard.

Furthermore, it can send information about the driving habits of a driver and the accidents to the cloud services of Toyota that can help in unfavorable circumstances.

You can see up to 5 horizontal bars stacked over each other with a word of three alphabets, that is DCM. The number of bars shows the strength of coverage by the device.

Many people feel secure by activating this advanced technology in their Toyota RAV4, while it is frustrating for a few of them because the device is keeping a close eye on their driving styles.

What are the benefits of DCM on Toyota RAV4? 

There are many advantages of using DCM as a communication device on the SUV like it keeps you safe and makes the driving experience enjoyable.

Multiple features

It is a luxury vehicle to drive with entertaining and security features that make your ride enjoyable.

 Accordingly, you can benefit from the technology amenities like an option to connect your phone to the vehicle’s system.

You can enjoy your favorite music present on your phone by connecting it with the computer system of the Toyota.

In addition, you can navigate through the various options that are visible on the touch screen.

These connectivity features, including the remote connection option, make it convenient to get access to the automobile.

In addition, it allows you to connect the Bluetooth device and get extra benefits.

Improved safety

The DCM device makes it easy and simpler to connect with the vehicle. In addition, it allows you to send the information of the control area to the main center and seek help from them.

It adds to the safety features of the SUV as it helps in locating the vehicle.

In addition, the GPS of the Toyota RAV4 allows the main Toyota center to get information about the area where the vehicle is present.

It can help find the thieves who have stolen your SUV. It is difficult to check the location when you have disconnected this safety feature.

Better interaction

You can interact better with your vehicle because all the data transfers to the main center. In addition, the SOS button present allows you to contact the Toyota response center.

You can ask for their help by the eCall system on SOS and inform them about the SUV breakdown. They can also provide services when the ties are blown out or completely flat.

Furthermore, it is better to ask for the need to be pulled or towed when there is no fuel to run the engine.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections

The device connects you with the best Wi-Fi source and provides an option of connecting with the Bluetooth service.

You cannot find this communication system on every model of this brand.

However, there is an Entune 3.0, which provides Wi-Fi service, and you can connect almost 4 to 5 devices to the hotspot.

Determine the exact location

The DCM GPS allows quick and exact identification of the location of your vehicle. This feature ensures the security of the SUV and keeps the thieves away from it.

Moreover, you can easily find your SUV when someone takes it away. Similarly, the main Toyota cloud service center can reach you easily in case of accidents.

Many people also use the navigation app on their RAV4.

How do you reset DCM on Toyota RAV4?

Find out an area that provides a better internet and helps you complete the resetting process without interruption.

Loss of internet signals can interfere with DCM resetting. So, move your vehicle to a place with strong Wi-Fi signals where you can reset it.

You have to disconnect its battery to turn off the device. Keep the SUV in this position for 30 to 40 minutes as the system takes time to erase all the data.

Then, reconnect its battery again, which reboots the vehicle’s system and helps reset DCM on your SUV.

Put the key in the ignition system and turn it on after connecting the battery. Keep it in the ignition mode for a few minutes.

Check the status of the SOS indicator LED lights that it turns green and red or not when you ignite the SUV. The resetting process completes when the light flashes on the SOS button.

Can I turn on/off DCM on Toyota RAV4?

You can turn on and off the DCM on your SUV by understanding the operation and connections of this device with the vehicle’s computer system.

Activation of DCM

You have to confirm that the particular automobile is present in the list of Applicable vehicles that have registered themselves for the features of DCM.

After that, locate the SOS button present over your head on the console. Then, put the key in the ignition system and turn it on to activate the DCM.

You can see a flashing light of red and green color on the LED of the SOS button that indicates it has started working.

Do not turn off the ignition for at least 8 to 12 minutes because the device takes time to connect. It can also take up to 15 minutes to activate this wireless connection and cellular services.

Deactivation of DCM

There are many ways to deactivate it when you feel the system is annoying because of a strict check on your activities.

First, you can turn it off by pulling out the DCM fuse, which is present at the lower end of the dashboard.

You can see many fuses with different colors in a fuse box, making it challenging to identify the right one.

Therefore, remember to pull out a fuse on which 7.5A is mentioned because it relates particularly to DCM.

You can use your fingers or use a plastic puller to quickly take it out of the fuse box.

The second method involves the removal of the battery, which supplies the electric current to the device.

Many people try to remove the internal sim card that restricts the device from sending the information to the main center. However, it is not suitable because it can make other systems unstable.

So, the easy way to deactivate the DCM is to call the service center and ask them to remove you from the list of vehicles using this service.

Moreover, you can fix the problem immediately by removing the fuse that helps operate this device, and the bars on the screen disappear.

Why would you turn off the DCM on Toyota RAV4?

All Toyota RAV4 drivers are not fond of the excellent safety and entertainment features present in the vehicle.

There are endless benefits of activating the DCM or communication device, but it can irritate a few people due to its strict checking system on all the activities.

The manufacturers provide an insurance discount when you enroll yourself for this continuous vehicle monitoring and reporting.

The aggressive drivers do not find it suitable because they have to pay some penalty dues for their bad driving habits.

You can turn off the communication device when driving the SUV in a safe area without the risk of stealing.

Moreover, you do not have to keep this safety device when you do not leave the keys habitually in the vehicle.

Furthermore, the automobile manufacturers have a bad record of keeping all the data, so you can turn off the connection to maintain your security.

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