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How to Install Ranch Hand Grill on Ford F150?

How to Install Ranch Hand Grill on Ford F150?

You can add a new ranch hand grill within 20 to 30 minutes with these easy DIY methods. Gather the required items and follow this step-by-step guide.

How to Install Ranch Hand Grill on Ford F150? You can install a ranch hand frill on the Ford F150 by removing the faulty part, remove button tow hooks, mount the bottom brackets, fix the grill guard, and add a new ranch hand.

The grill guard is available in various styles and designs. It protects the bumper headlights and frames from accidental collision and breakage.

How to Install Ranch Hand Grill on Ford F150?

This protects the front face of the vehicle. It serves as a barrier between trucks and other pickups or heavy objects.

Remove old ranch hand grill

First, you should remove the old and faulty parts from their place. Read the helping booklet, which contains all the information about replacing it. Put the ignition at the off position and set the pickup parking brake.

Take a flathead screwdriver to unbolt all the screws holding it on its place. Usually, it has both upper and bottom brackets to hold it in place. All these brackets have bolts and nuts to secure them at their site.

First, try to lose the upper brackets present at the driver’s side. Then remove the upper frame on the passenger side. After this, remove the bottom brackets in the same order.

Now you can easily pull it straight away from the vehicle. Check it for any fault and corrosion present in steel tubes. You can fix the issue and again use the same part for protection. You can also clean the fuel injectors for better performance.

Remove the bottom tow hooks

The front tow hooks are present at the lower side of the bumper for towing and pulling.

These tow hooks are held at their place with 2 to 3 bolts. Take a socket to unscrew all of them. First, you should remove it from the passenger side.

Lay down and slide beneath the vehicle to have a clear look at them. Unbolt all the screws properly. Then lose the bolts present at the driver side to remove tow hooks.

There is a plastic insert present at the downside of the hooks. Remove it temporarily with the hooks. Remove all the clips along with the plastic. There are four to six clips present at the bumper of the vehicle.

You should adjust all the clips, open them one by one in a row, and pull away from the equipment with your hands. Keep the rill clips and tow hooks in a safe place. You should know the average weight of F150 to get better parts.

Mount the bottom brackets

You should use the Z-shaped brackets for this purpose. These are made from high-quality steel, place it flat beneath the bumper.

The vertical side should face the fame of the vehicle. The lower brackets should fix with holes already present at the inside of the bumper.

Take the 12mm bolts and fit them into the joined hole of the bracket and bumper. You can also drill holes at the appropriate site with a drill machine.

Each frame should have 2 to 3 openings to screw in the bolts. Secure bolts at their place using two bolts. Then take a socket and tighten up all the nuts and bolts.

Fix the grill guard

Buy a new ranch hand grill from the market. It costs approximately $6500 to $7000.

Secure it with the same clips on the front of the vehicle. You should have a helper to hold it in its place. Pick it up and set it on lower frames and secure it.

It should fit inside the vertical portion of the bracket. You should use the carriage bolts to fix it in its place.

Level it carefully and secure t with 2 to 3 bolts. You can also use 4 carriage bolts to fix it in the position.

The bolts should go upright through the device and to the mounting tools. Sometimes supporting accessories are also available along with the accessories. These are used on each side, secure them on the outside frame with two bolts on each side. It will look fantastic on your pickup.

Add new ranch hand grill

Some models require only bottom brackets for support. Use Z-shaped frames here. Place the horizontal piece on the front face of the bumper and vertical side, passing through the tools.

There is a separate upper bracket on both driver and passenger sides. Remove the bolts of the bumper to adjust them.

Drill the holes with a drill machine in the respective place. Then place it on the required location and pass the bolts through the holes. Then take a socket or ratchet to screw in all bolts, it is a must to make your truck quieter.

You should have two bolts for each side, place the bumper bolt in its place, and fix it. Now reinstall the plastic insert and tow hooks on their site.

Use a socket for further tightening all bolts, it should stand upright, covering the bumper and headlights.