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How to Jump-Start a Chevy Equinox?

How to Jump-Start a Chevy Equinox?

Several people jump-start the Chevy Equinox because its battery drains faster and require an external source to activate the engine. The failed battery cannot send power to the starter, which keeps the SUV at a standstill position.

How to Jump-Start a Chevy Equinox? You can jump-start a Chevy Equinox by adjusting the SUV near a vehicle with a 12-volt battery and connecting the positive cords of both vehicle batteries. Next, connect the negative cable to the engine block, and start the SUV.

A jump start is dangerous for the overall performance and battery life of the SUV. In addition, it can damage the electric components without indication because they cannot withstand external power push. 

What is the method to jump-start a Chevy Equinox?

You can jump-start a Chevy Equinox by selecting another vehicle with a 12-volt battery. Also, check the compatibility of cords and the charge level of the secondary vehicle.

Open the hoods of both automobiles and assess the fuse box. On a Chevrolet Equinox, it is usually black and on the right side of the frame.

It comprises multiple fuses to empower different electronic components. Manually, you can pull the fuse or adjust a screwdriver to pop it out.

Adjust the jumper vehicle closer to the Chevy Equinox. So, the cords of both batteries can approach the connectors.

On this vehicle, hold the positive terminal and attach it to the positive connector of the SUV battery. Then, connect the negative black terminal with the engine connectors.

In these procedures, you can keep the wires away from the engine’s moving parts. First, connect the second end of the black cord to the negative connector of the jumper vehicle battery before adjusting the positive cable. 

You can start the other engine and wait about 2 to 3 minutes. Then, you can start the Chevy Equinox because the current flows suddenly in the engine and its moving parts. 

What are the problems in jump-starting a Chevy Equinox?

Due to the following problems, jump-starting Chevrolet Equinox is challenging. We have explained all the details here.

Malfunctioning fuses

The engine bay of the Chevy equinox comprises a fuse box. You can find it inside the hood compartment of your SUV.

The fuse box has several fuses with distinct functions. Generally, the fuse has an average current level of about 80 amperes.

Its current level varies according to the design, model, and trim of the Chevy Equinox. Due to the sudden electric pressure of the jump start, these fuses of the SUV blow. 

As a result, they cannot provide power coordination between both vehicles. In addition, they can blow out due to the incorrectly working fuses of the jumper vehicle. 

With blown fuses, you cannot remove the battery terminals. As a result, it can stop the vehicle’s current flow and decrease engine efficiency.

Compulsive jump start with blown fuses can damage the power control module or computer system of the SUV.

A drained battery

A battery drains when you leave the headlamps or interior lights ON for several hours. As a result, the power of such batteries drains faster than the regular pattern. 

They become vulnerable to damage due to insufficient internal current. However, a drained battery is not dead, and you can jump-start the vehicle with specific cables. 

But, the jumper vehicle should not comprise a drained battery because it is dangerous. In addition, it affects the automobile’s performance, which receives the electric flow.

With a drained battery of the jumper automobile, the Chevy equinox does not receive the power signals. Its battery drain and ampere draw damage its terminals. 

Damaged alternator

An alternator is a charger of the battery and stabilizes its charge level. During the jump-start, it can draw the current from the jumper vehicle. 

Then, it provides the charge to the battery of the Chevy Equinox. As a result, the alternator regulates the power distribution, and you can start the SUV. 

But, a broken alternator cannot draw or deliver the amperes from either automobile. Sometimes, you can jump-start the SUV with a broken alternator. 

Its battery comprises enough electric charge to support the terminals and connectors. However, the jumper vehicle cannot support the SUV with a broken alternator. 

Incorrect ampere flow can break the SUV alternator, which damages its battery by draining the stored power.

Reverse cable adjustment

The entire mechanism of the jump start depends on the correct connection and alignment of the cords on the batteries of different automobiles. The reverse cable adjustment can damage the power flow system.

Due to incorrect cord alignment, the current cannot flow in the standard passage. As a result, the positive battery cord of the jumper vehicle attaches with a positive connector of its battery. 

The negative cord can connect with the engine block according to the standard mechanism. However, you cannot change the configuration because it can lead to severe problems.

Reverse wire adjustment can drain the SUV battery. It reduces the performance of the jumper vehicle and its power hub. 

Incompatible jumper starter 

A jumper starter is a tiny and portable device. However, it has a built-in battery that can transfer the electric power to the drained or dead battery of the Chevy Equinox. 

With these starters, you can avoid the external power source. However, the starter can provide amperes with a functional battery. 

It can send a fast impulse with the internal clips. As a result, the dead batteries can quickly start with a jump, and you can drive the SUV.

Due to the starter function, it can deliver the amperes directly to the drained battery. Therefore, their compatibility with the electric system of the SUV is essential.

The incompatible starters cannot transfer power to the battery. This is because they are not chargers and cannot retain electric energy.

Due to incompatibility, they cannot turn on the engine, and the SUV remains stationary. 

No 12-volt battery on the jumper vehicle

The jump-start procedure depends on the power flow between the 12-volt batteries of two vehicles. In these procedures, one vehicle has a drained power system which requires current.

However, other automobiles provide electric charge through the 12-volt system. Therefore, you cannot select a vehicle without a 12-volt power hub.

It cannot provide enough electric energy to jump-start the SUV. Also, the incorrect terminal connection of the Chevy Equinox 12-volt battery with the non-12V system can cause damage. 

The unknown power signals can change the electric path of the SUV. As a result, it does not start and undergoes engine damage.

Why can Chevy Equinox not jump-start other cars?

The Chevrolet Equinox cannot jump-start the other vehicles due to different incompatibilities. Sometimes, its battery lacks the remote negative terminal, which connects with the engine block of another SUV.

It cannot provide enough power to activate the power hub. Sometimes, a few people use a metallic engine part as the negative cord. But, it is not effective and cannot supply electric charge. 

Due to the false connection of negative cords, the SUV can break the battery alternator and fuses. The lack of jumper cables is a significant problem that stops the SUV from carrying out these procedures. 

You can identify these cables according to their connection and appearance. The positive terminal usually has a protective cap on the top side. Due to the cover, it differs from the negative cable.

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