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Subaru Touch Screen Not Working

Subaru Touch Screen Not Working

Subaru has large touch screens to enjoy the infotainment features or your favorite shows during trips to make them memorable. Sometimes these become faulty and stop working, which can cause a problem for people during driving.

Subaru touch screen does not work due to electric connectivity issues, poor internet connections, faulty USB ports, operating system bugs, and outdated Starlink software. In addition, it is due to a non-updated navigation system, defective displays, and the use of non-compatible devices. 

It is better not to drive on bumpy roads with defective touch screens because it can worsen problems that are difficult to repair. Instead, move your vehicles to the nearby service centers to inspect the exact issues with this system and find a solution.

Problems with Subaru touch screen Solutions
Electric connectivity issues Replace fuse, and broken wires and check battery
Poor Internet connections Connect with strong internet
Faulty USB port Change USB cables and clean USB ports
Operating system bug Install the correct version or perform soft reset
Out dated Subaru Starlink software Update Starlink software
Non-updated navigation system Update and add new maps
Defective display Replace the touch screen
Use of non-compatible mobile phone devices Select compatible smartphones

Electric connectivity issues

The proper electric connections of wires and fuses are essential to turn on the touch screen in Subaru vehicles.

Several interconnected cables run across this system to supply electric current. The damage to internal wires disturbs the current’s smooth flow and shuts off the display.

The blown-out fuse and damaged wires cut off the power supply. The current cannot reach the head unit to turn it on.

Moreover, the issue also comes in Subaru Outback due to shirt circuits in the wires. Short circuits occur due to a surge in voltage supply or when you attach heavy electric devices to your vehicles.

Furthermore, the short circuits cause the melting of wires when the current flow in different directions. The electric connectivity also disturbs when the battery becomes dead or weak.

The batteries do not supply enough power to the infotainment system when these become dead. Long-term driving on bumpy roads and high vibrations also breaks the connections of wires.

You can fix the issue by exchanging the fuse in the fuse box. Avoid driving on unpaved and bumpy roads for a long time.

In addition, it is also better to check the battery health and electrolyte level to receive a smooth electric current supply.

Remove the melted wires and install the new ones for proper current flow without hindrance.

Poor Internet connections

You need internet connections to connect your mobile phones with touch screens. You cannot connect your phones when there is a poor internet connection.

Internet connectivity issues come when you travel in remote areas, and signals are weak.

You can also directly connect the touch screen with Wi-Fi to enjoy various features and watch your favorite show and movies.

Children love to install games on the internet so they cannot get bored on long trips. The touch screens become unresponsive when you do not have a strong internet connection.

You can fix it by restarting the infotainment system. Press and hold the volume button for 30 to 35 seconds to restart the system until the display becomes black.

You can also reset the system y simultaneously pressing the power, tune, and CD ejector knob.

Faulty USB port

You can use the mobile phone features on the touch screen by connecting it with a data cable or Bluetooth connection.

The display cannot work or show any feature if these connections are faulty. The signals cannot go from the phone to the screen due to an issue with the USB cable.

The problem comes in Subaru Forester when the wires of the USB cable are broken or frayed. In addition, the improper connection with USB ports is also an issue.

When dust is accumulated in these ports, you cannot connect your smartphones correctly. In addition, the physical damage also makes these ports faulty, and you cannot use them.

You can fix the issue using the new USB cable that is not broken. First, clean the ports and remove dust using slime and a hairdryer.

Correctly insert the USB in the port to make a better connection. Use these parts gently because hard pressing causes physical damage to these accessories.

Operating system bug

The bugs in the operating system of the screen make them irresponsive. As a result, the display becomes stuck at a specific point, and you can see the black and white lines.

Bugs come when you add the operating system from unrecognized dealerships. In addition, the issue also comes when you add the corrupted files from your mobile phones to the system.

The errors cause an issue in the smooth functioning of the display. You can resolve the problem by taking your vehicle to the expert mechanics to install the new operating system.

Moreover, you can also remove the bugs with soft resetting. Press the volume, tuner, and CD ejector buttons and hold them for a few seconds.

You can also do the soft reset by turning on and off the screen several times. You have to perform the master reset if the problem is still continuous.

Master reset also removes the existing date from the system. Open the setting menu and select the factory reset option from there.

Follow the resetting guidelines and select the agreed options to complete the procedure and refresh the system.

Contact the dealerships or original service centers for the addition of a suitable version of the operating system in your Subaru Crosstrek SUV.

Outdated Subaru Starlink software

Subaru SUVs contain the Starlink software that is needed for working its infotainment and stereo systems.

These smart displays need software for their functioning. The software-related damages are not visible but make your screen unresponsive.

Bugs and errors are common in the software when you install them from unrecognized sources. In addition, the issue also comes when you do not update them timely.

The old software is not compatible with your devices and stops working. You can resolve this by installing the latest version of Starlink in your Subaru Outback.

Check the update notification and do not ignore or swipe it from your screen because you forget to update it.

The non-updated navigation system

The infotainment system gets stuck at one point when you do not update the map or navigation system on your touch screen.

These displays work after taking the data from the maps and navigation system. It is better to update them in time to add new places.

The updated navigation system also makes it easy for you to reach your destination in a limited time.

Update the navigation by downloading the new maps in your vehicle. You can add them by using USB devices and SD players.

It is a suitable option to update them after every 2 to 3 years because route changing is an overgoing process.

Defective display

The touch screen in these SUVs stops working when displays become defective. The displays become defective due to poor connection of wires.

Sudden accidents or jerks affect the connection of the head units and backlights. The water from the dashboards seeps into its internal components and damages them.

You can face an issue when cracks come on their surface. The touch also becomes faulty due to broken or cracked displays.

You can only fix the issue by replacing the whole screen rather than repairing them.

Use of non-compatible mobile phone devices

Starlink software is compatible with some models of mobile phones. However, Subaru touch screens do not respond when you connect non-compatible devices with them.

You can connect apple and android phones with them, but it is necessary to check their models.

The operating system does not show any feature on display because of its incompatibility with the connected device.

You can fix the issue by attaching compatible mobile phone devices with its operating system to keep them functional.

Read the owner’s manual to check the devices that are suitable to use with them.

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