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How to Make Sure Your RV Hot Water Tank is Full?

How to Make Sure Your RV Hot Water Tank is Full?

Few RV water heaters heat water by propane or electricity. A hot water tank is a mandatory gadget in the RV that provides warm water. 

How to Make Sure Your RV Hot Water Tank is Full? In general, you can make sure that your RV hot water tank is full by estimating the size of the tank and then filling it for the required duration. Many people install a webcam at the top of the tank to check the water levels or you can add a water level regulating sensor that will show the volume of water in the hot water tank.

How to Make Sure Your RV Hot Water Tank is Full?

There are various tricks and ways to check if the hot water tank water in the RV is full. You should follow them carefully.

No doubt few specifics may differ for different brands and water tank styles. But the key concepts are for approximately all the vehicles.

RV Hot Water tank volume

Its tank capacity will assist in how much water you require to fill. Usually, different models have distinct heater sizes.

RV Hot Water Tank Values
Average tank capacity 6 gallon
Maximum tank capacity 10 gallon or depends on RV model
Expected time to fill the tank 15 seconds per gallon
Maximum time duration 20 seconds or depends on water pressure

Typically almost all RV hot water tanks have 6 gallons capacity, but a few also with 10 gallons volume. 

This water volume would be enough for 5 to 6 travelers. When you understand the actual water heater size, it will be easier to fill the trunk.

You can confirm the tank size from the manufacturer’s manual or by search online. If your water heater cane is 6 gallons, you should replenish 5.5 gallons. Avoid filling the total amount of water because it can evolve overfilling issue.

Time duration

Time duration is another modest way to recognize whether the warm water tank is full or not. You have to examine how much time a tank requires to fill up.

It depends on the size of the water tank and the RV model. Approximately a 6-gallon tank takes 90 to 100 seconds to fill up.

According to the rule of thumb, a per-gallon takes 15 seconds. Set the alarm or reminder when you start filling.

This reminder reminds you of the expected duration, and you will save your travel trailer from overfilling and destruction.

Keep in your mind that you should fill enough water in the tank because it will appropriate. It does not mean to overfill the container.

Install a webcam

Webcam is another decent idea to make sure the tank is full. There are waterproof webcams available in the market.

You should install the camera on the tank roof, away from the water access, no matter it waterproof.

It can save the electrical wires from water damage. It will surely tell you about how much tank intake water how much is needed more to fill. You can buy or order online but always get from well-known good brands.

Instruction manual kit

Every vehicle comes with an instruction manual kit. This manual kit is a thorough guide for newer users.

You should read carefully before using it the first time. This guideline book has diagrams or sketches about each part of the travel trailer.

It will recommend how much water you need to fill in the container, and it includes the complete method of water filling.

Use a Water level regulating sensor

There are electrical sensors available in the market and, some vehicles already installed these types of devices.

If your camper does not have this sensor, you can buy auto stores and connect it to the heater wall.

Usually, a sensor has two points, 0 and 1. 0 points determine when the warm cane is empty and, 1 point can determine when the tank is full.

You should auto-reset this sensor and, it will automatically turn on and fill the water and, when it is full, the sensor will stop the water from getting in.

This sensor helps to carry the appropriate water to the tank is required. You can auto-reset the device at a 90% level.

How to fill RV hot water tank?

There are two possible connections: city supply and the second is local supply. The local stream will compress fresh water and, when you fasten to the city supply, the bypass will directly use the water basis.

You can attach the water source through a pump to the local supply to fill the water. It will automatically shut down when the container has been fill.

You would not water heaters on throughout the day, as it will heat the battery. It will waste the electricity or propane whatever you used.

What happens when the RV water tank is overfill?

when you turn off the valve and utilizing your heater flush, it may cause overfilling of the tank.

Fortunately, it will create a great mess and, water runs from its pipes and overflood through your washroom or toilet.

When, unfortunately, it will break out of your tank. You should follow recommendations and manual instructions while filling the heater container.

It will prevent the risks of RV damage, costly burst issues. It will help to restore the water tank safely or cleanly.

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