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How to Organize RV Kitchen Cabinets?

How to Organize RV Kitchen Cabinets?

Here are 14 great ideas to organize your RV kitchen cabinets. When you are on a long trip, you should make sure your food is well preserved and stored for future use. 

How to Organize RV Kitchen Cabinets? There are some ways to arrange kitchen cabinets in your RV; for example, you must have well-placed boxes in your RV’s compact kitchen. You can put great focus on utilizing both vertical and horizontal spaces of these boxes for cutlery and other kitchen stuff at the top and bottom portions of the cabinet.

You will have sufficient space in your kitchen cabinets and on their vertical and horizontal coverage to store and place your essential kitchen items.

How to Organize RV Kitchen Cabinets?

When organizing your RV’s kitchen cabinets, keep in mind that you will need enough room for a refrigerator, a small multipurpose kitchen stove, and utensils.

To create ease for cooking and easy access to kitchen stuff stored in its cabinets, you must use the categorizing technique. In this technique, you will have to place a specific category in specific cabinets. 

Clean the cupboard

The management and organizing is a bit challenging process but not a tedious job for you. For proper arrangement, first, clean out the cabinet and remove all inside stock.

Then, wipe out or vacuum all of its interior and exterior. If possible, then wash or also place some shelf liners.

You need to change the rack’s paper and wash out the accessories before placing them into the position. However, all the processes may be looks hard for you, but it is necessary to start with a basic.

Remove unnecessary stuff from cabinets

Determine the excessive and duplicate items. Also, look at the stuff which is less in use. Observe any damages or broken gadgets if present.

Organize everything and get rid of unnecessary items. Also, observe the expiry of your holding stuff like food items and exclude from your existing stock and mismatched storage container.

If you have any extra things, such as utensils and accessories, you can sell them or gift them to anyone who needs them.

For this, clear out all clutter or unused products from cabinet shelves to make room for essentials such as dry food, kitchen cleaning supplies, and drying equipment.

Make a proper plan to organize

In your RV or motorhome, you can enhance the space of your kitchen which is an essential part.

You figure out and decide which things are necessary. Develop a strategy and determine how and where to store the products.

In this way, you will find what storage components need to place. For your ease, you can draw and write where the most useable items present.

Take the proper measurement of your RV kitchen cabinet width, depth, and height, and the actual door opening space.

For this, you can determine how much volume and area it contains. Use the shelf liner, which is waterproof, and heavy-duty, and easy to clean. 

Categorize cabinet stuff

Next, your approach is to categorize the used kitchen items. It also makes sense how people use it and their idea.

It also depends on the RV lover’s preference how they arrange it. Each has its criteria, like some want to isolate the utensils from the food items.

In this way, you can further organize the eatable stuff like drinks, baked items, and canned food. You can also subdivide the cookware.

You have to consider which components need to place the top and bottom portions. Decide a separate space for the spices and other accessories.

Try to label each section and elements like blenders, coffee makers, food spice, snacks, if necessary. It is the best recommendation to store Tupperware in the lower cabinets.

Optimized placement of kitchen cabinets

Before organizing stuff in cabinets, you must be mindful of the well-optimized placement of cabinets.

These must place while using available spacing in the small kitchen. First, you need to consider horizontal spacing available in the kitchen.

In doing so, you must remember that you have an extra room for a small kitchen stove and refrigerator in your kitchen.

This placement will fulfill the purpose or aim of optimized usage of available space in the kitchen.

Slide-out racks are beneficial for the stuff where access is difficult, like under the stove cabinets. You can also use the area under the kitchen sink and store various stuff.

Arrange things in RV cabinet doors

You can add storage to the RV cabinet by utilizing the cabinet doors. It is also a good option for holding the necessary items.

You can hang the basket and fix it with the mounting tape to the back of the wood. It is beneficial to prevent sliding during travel.

You can use the towel bar hanging for these as storage of paper towels. You can place the rack, which utilizes by the RV lover for their kitchen or bathroom.

You can also install the wrap and bag organizer, which stores the sharp-edged boxes and packs.

Some hanging items like measuring spoons or cups can hang easily by cork tiles, single hook, and hook hanger.

In this way, mixes, pantry items, and packs can arrange in the small bins made up of plastic or magazine holders.

Adjust the organizer above the cabinet doors to accommodate items such as a cutting board, food warps, and pan lids.

You can also store the fresh fruit and vegetables by using various kinds of handling items like fruit hammocks, wall and stackable baskets, and many others.

Organize the top portion of your kitchen cabinet

The top of the kitchen cabinet is not an idle space. You can manage it efficiently. You can put excessive objects such as you can place here eatables which cannot place elsewhere.

Biscuits, dry fruits, and snacks are among these objects or stuff. Moreover, you will also wish that your kitchen must seem an eye-catching place not only for you but also for your visitors.

Therefore, you can also place artifacts and those items which must beautify your kitchen. In this way, book readers can also put their books on the top portion.

Hanging racks, latching cup and tool hooks, wire basket, and deli container is best for the upper part to hold various essential stuff.

Moreover, you can paste wallpapers on top of it to improve the appearance of your kitchen as a whole. 

Organize utensils

There is plenty of option in a kitchen to organize utensils to be used in your kitchen.

For instance, you can use hooks, cupboards, vertically hanging baskets, a drawer inside kitchen cabinets, walls of the kitchen, and any suitable container placed on the top.

Drawers also a good option for putting the dishes and glass where they secure while driving. It will make sure that your kitchen utensils do not seem junk or eyesore for you and visitors.

For their bottom covering, you can use the padded felt material. You can manage the space in it by horizontal divider according to the depth.

However, while organizing your utensils in your RV kitchen, you must be well aware of their safety.

They must be safe from any damage during your ride on bumpy roads or rough tracks on an adventurous journey. Use covered plastic flatware tray for cutlery storage.

Try to place the routinely used dishes near your sink cabinet closet. You can put the appliances and heavy-weight items in the bottom cabinet.

Organize food items

For kitchen food, items are of paramount importance. You need to place these items in your kitchen.

For instance, all baking items must put in a single place. Similarly, all vegetables and fruits must place separately and safely. Moreover, all flour items must be in a dry place in your kitchen.

 You can buy the spice gripper which holds these jars and prevent them from collapsing. You can also arrange the spices jar to the sides of the cabinet.

For this, attach the magnet adhesive sheet to the cabinet sidewall and adjust the spices tin over it with labeled.

Also, purchase the slim container for food storage. You have to store the seasonal stuff on the top shelves like backing items. 

In a small camper, not enough space available you can also wrap the food inside the foil, bags, or hanging folder organizer. 

Use hangers, hooks and baskets, shelf risers

 Your next focus should be to efficiently utilize available spaces along these cabinets to make sure storage or placement of your excess kitchen stuff.

For this purpose, you should arrange hooks, hangers, and baskets to be hanged and fixed along with the vertical doors and walls.

It will prove helpful in making sure additional items of your kitchen well adjust for your usage on your long journey or camping spree.

Things that hang with these hooks or places in baskets are cutlery, utensils, and dish bars. You can also place your water hose rail pipe in a basket hang vertically along with the cabinet wall.

Utilize horizontal spacing of kitchen cabinets

The kitchen stove and cabin-mounted refrigerator are necessary items of the RV kitchen.

Therefore, when arranging your kitchen cabinets, keep in mind the location of these essential items in your RV’s kitchen.

Both these essentials will need their connectivity with electricity available in the vehicle.

Therefore, you must provide secure sockets for smooth and uninterrupted electricity flow to the refrigerator and stove while arranging a room for these two products.

Mark kitchen cabinets for specific kitchen items

You should arrange and specify your cabinets for various kitchen items to provide well-organized cabinets for ease of cooking when on your long journey.

Oils and all other cooking ingredients must have a particular cabinet. Kitchen cleansing and maintenance stuff must have a proper place in the cupboard.

You provide the label of every cabinet with kitchen stuff. It will create greater ease in finding kitchen stuff from your kitchen.

You can also buy the wooden drawers and place them under the cabinet by mounting tape, which holds the item and manage if you have short space.

You can also use the microwave as storage components and remove the stuff when you use it for cooking food.

Position everything at its place

During driving, there is a chance of shifting and collapsing things after organizing the RV kitchen cabinet.

Shelf liner, tension rods, cabinet locks are beneficial to hold the stuff at its place during driving or on a bumpy road.

Types of RV kitchen cabinet

When you plan to organize a kitchen cabinet, you should know the types of it.

Overhead cabinets

Overhead cabinets are suitable for lightweight items. You can easily manage the stuff by using various containers, boxes, or wire racks.

Cabinets under the sink

You can use it for placing the cleaning sponges and supplies. You can also use it to put the various utensils like a few pots and pans.

Cabinets present below the counter

Cabinets also present under the counter. You can place the many appliances and kitchen cookware.

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