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How to Make Your SUV Look Cool?

How to Make Your SUV Look Cool?

SUVs are more common due to their benefits, and many people want to enhance their appearance by using creative ideas. For example, you can add different colors to their exterior to make it attractive and cool.

How to Make Your SUV Look Cool? In general, you can make your SUV look cool by adding stylish rims, high-quality wheels, painting, and vinyl wrapping. The use of window tints, high-quality base speakers, neon lights, leather covers on the front side also gives them an attractive and stylish look.

Some people do not want to spend money to change their old vehicle. You can upgrade them with different fantastic methods that can restore their look and shine.

How to Make Your SUV Look Cool?

I have added 20 great ideas to make your SUV more cool and attractive. These tricks modify the interior and exterior structure of the vehicle and improve its overall appearance.

Add Window sheets

You can cover the windows with black color window sheets or window tinting.

These tinted windows make them more stylish and modern. Moreover, the Black color also looks attractive and stunning on the windows.

It is beneficial to use when your window is old and some scratches appear on it. Hide the dents and marks by tinting is the cost-effective method.

Due to this, your air conditioner works better and more efficiently. It also gives more privacy to the interior of the vehicle. It also protects the upholstery of seats from damage by heat.

Check the darkness of window tints before buying them because dark tints are banned in some countries.

I always use light-colored window tints to enhance the exterior beauty.

Change the SUV floor covers

Changing the floor covers of the SUV and you can make them more stylish and cool. The shabby and dirty floor mats produce a smell and allow the molds to grow there that is disgusting.

Clean and shampoo the dirty floor mats after every week.

If the mats are torn from different sites, then you can change them. Add new rugs of different designs and colors to give a fantastic look to the vehicle’s interior.

The mats are available in the market that is painted with artwork in a variety of colors. The different colors in it make them attractive.

Change the wheels

The appearance of wheels is the most crucial that makes it stylish and cool. The dirty and dusty wheels give a terrible look.

Clean the wheels by using detergent if dust or dirt is present on them. It is also primarily crucial to change the worn-out or torn tires because they entirely change the exterior.

You can add new and stylish wheels; they are costly, but they make your vehicle stylish. Painting of the wheels also protects the rubber from damage due to heat.

Old and damaged tires increase the risk of an accident and give them an aged appearance.

The use of stylish hubcaps to make the wheels more attractive. Use high-quality hubcaps and wheels to prevent them from rust.

Proper cleaning

It is necessary to clean the SUV to make them modern. Proper cleaning refers to clean the exterior and interior of the vehicle.

Always make a habit of removing waste and warpers from them. Clean the windows and glass by using shampoo and wiper.

Washing of tires is also important to make them clean and better appearance.

Dirty and trash in vehicles give them old and boring touch.

Use stickers on the front side of the SUV

You can also attach stickers on the SUV’s front bumper to give them a stylish touch. Add modern stickers and covers on the front bumper.

These can change the entire look, and you can’t recognize your vehicle. There are colorful stickers available in the market; you can choose them that best suit the bumper.

Many people use Vinyl stripes on the front bumper to make them modern. Different body kits are also present with a variety of colors and designs to modify the exterior.

The body kits not only make them attractive and unique but increase their aerodynamic feature.

Change SUV seat covers

It seems a very costly and time-consuming process to change the seats of the vehicle. But you can add a different variety of covers to them.

Your SUV looks old due to the old and torn seat. You should hide the tears and scratches in the seats.

Changing the upholstery can modify the whole interior of the vehicle. 

It seems to be better and attractive if you match the seat covers with the exterior color.

You can also add designing strips on the upholstery sides to make them more attractive and modern.

These are beneficial to use; they come in different colors and designs. Moreover, they are more durable than other upholstery covers.

Paint the SUV

When you are bored with the color of an SUV, you can paint your vehicle with a different color to change its appearance.

Painting it can modify its exterior and gives a cool touch. You can spray paint with different colors according to your choice.

The bright and dark colors like orange, red, and royal blue gives a cool and luxurious touch. Add these colors and add some sleeker lines of contrast color.

The paint on them makes the exterior more shiny and sporty. 

You can also paint them with a different design to give them a sporty touch.

Fix scratches and dent

The dents and scratches on the SUV give negative vibes to the people. People think that you cannot drive properly and always count your fault.

The dents or scratches give them a bad and old touch. If your vehicle is new, but some marks on them make them old.

It is necessary to fix these issues by the suction method or hot rubber pulling method. You can also remove them by some professional.

Use of different color headlights

You can modify the color of your SUV to make them cool and attractive. For example, you can add blue and white color bulbs; it is stylish and in fashion.

The white and blue bulbs in the headlight also give an attractive and sporty appearance.

Cleaning of headlights is also necessary because they become dull with dust and fog.

Use steering covers

Cover the steering wheel of the SUV with different styles makes them extraordinary. You can add any color according to your choice.

The steering is the most used part in your vehicle so that it can tear after some time, and its color may become a blur. However, you can change it to give a new and stunning look to the vehicle’s interior.

It seems beautiful to match the steering wheel cover with the upholstery seats. You can also add this cover to the dashboard.

Some traditional handmade things are also present that look attractive. Leather covers with beautifully designed strips are standard; they give them a modern touch.

Dress up the shift knob

Changing the cover of the shift knob is not a costly procedure, but it looks fantastic with stylish layout.

You can add stylish glittery covers to them to give them trendy touch. The color of the shift knob can change after many years, and it looks old.

You can add a variety of colors to make them new and attractive.

Different shift knobs are also present as a gold club or pool ball-like; you can replace the knob with these and give a new touch to your vehicle.

You can also do paintings with different designs to modify their structure.

High base speakers

Many people like to listen to songs when they are going on a long drive. It is a part of fun and enjoyment for them to listen to music during their long trips.

For this enjoyment, they cannot compromise the quality of the speakers. Therefore, you can add speakers in your SUV that have a high base and high sound quality.

It will make your vehicle more cool and enjoyable during your whole trip. If it does not have a high-quality sound system, then you can replace the stereo system.

Install new rims

You can add stylish rims to the wheels, so your SUV is more stylish.

Different colors of rims are available; the dark color is better than light ones. Moreover, the dark color, mainly black, gives a more luxurious appearance to the wheels.

I always use aluminum or alloy rims because they are long-lasting and stronger than steel. 

It is better to remove dust and grease from the rims to maintain the cleanliness and their original structure.

Cover the front end 

Covering the front end of the SUV with some vinyl covers is easy. Strips of different designs are available in stores; you can purchase them.

It takes little effort, and they are not costly, but they change the exterior structure and make them modern.

These leather strips are also beneficial to cover the front side. These protect from damage and make the front end long-lasting.

You can use thick vinyl stickers to cover the front end, and they can also protect against dents and scratches.

SUV looks cool with neon lights

I have added neon lights to my new SUV. Due to this light more people, you can attract the attention of the people.

This light comes in different colors; you can attach them to the lower inner surface. These colorful lights look beautiful.

You can also install LED neon; they are also beneficial and consume less electricity.

I install these colorful lights it gives a cool and Disco appearance to my vehicle. Moreover, it makes the exterior more pleasant and attractive.

You can also attach these neon lights to the interior and on the steering side. It also makes your journey enjoyable and nice.

The music and these colorful lights are the best combinations for enjoyment during long trips. However, always take that you should only choose the legal color of neon light for under glow.

Dress up your license plate

You can paint your license plate with different colors and add vinyl paints to them. You can also write some words on the license plate of your SUV.

Funny or Halloween-style stickers also make them cool and in fashion. You can also install license plates of different designs and colors.

Paint the license plates sides with wooden color makes the beautiful and nice. Then, hand paints the different designs on them; it gives classy touch.

Vinyl wrapping makes SUV look good

Vinyl wrapping is common to modify the structure of a vehicle. Adding vinyl coating on the SUV surface gives them a stylish and modern appearance.

The vinyl wrapping becomes fashionable nowadays, and it looks stylish. In addition, it is less costly, so the vinyl coat is a better option than spray paint.

It also hides the scratches and gives a brand new and attractive appearance. The vinyl wrap comes with a different design; you can choose the design according to your choice.

They can last on your vehicle for almost 3 to 6 years with proper care and handling. In addition, the bright color vinyl wraps seem to be more stunning and pleasant than light colors.

It can also protect from damage and dents in case of accidents.

Covers on front mirrors

Cover the front mirrors with shiny designs to give them a stunning appearance. You can also use chrome covers they prevent scratches during parking.

The shiny covers on the backside of the mirror also look attractive and stylish. You can also add different designs to enhance their beauty.

The addition of golden and silver sheets makes the surface more shiny and attractive.

Apply wax on its surface

It is crucial to apply wax on the surface of an SUV to maintain its original look and shine that makes them extraordinary.

The dirty and blur surface gives an old and unpleasant look to the exterior structure. 

Wax maintains the original shine and gives cool touch. It also prevents scratches and damage to the paint.

It is necessary to apply wax coating after paint or vinyl coating.

Add decors on the dashboard

Place a small decoration piece on the dashboard that can be easily seen from the front side; it gives a cool look to your SUV.

You can place some art covers on the dashboard. It also looks cool if you place wooden dice on them to enhance its beauty.

You can also place beautiful shaped wooden rocks and dried flowers in the gel.

It is beneficial to place small baskets to put phones and other accessories in them.

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