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How to Open Gas Tank on Ram 1500?

How to Open Gas Tank on Ram 1500?

The gas tank opens on a RAM 1500 with a quick manual push. You can do it without a power button to fill gas, clean the caps and change the filters. 

How to Open Gas Tank on Ram 1500? You can open the gas tank on Ram 1500 by exiting from the truck, moving towards the rear side, following the driver’s side, accessing the square-shaped door, and pushing it at the right lower corner. People open it to fill gas, remove the contaminants, and replacement for broken filters. 

Never leave it open because road dust contaminates the container. In addition, it clogs the filters and fuel lines, reducing the engine performance. 

What is the method to open the gas tank on RAM 1500?

RAM 1500 is a full-size pickup truck with a gas tank of around 26 US gal. You can open it without a powered button. Due to structural advancement, their manufacturers have simplified their usage.

It is a quick method and consumes around 2 to 3 minutes. Opening a gas tank means removing its cover, lid, or door from the filling spot. 

However, I have explained a comprehensive method for this. First, stop the pickup truck and stabilize it on stable ground. Then, open the door and exit the cabin. 

Next, approach it on the driver’s side. Finally, walk towards the rear side of your pickup truck.

On the side wall, you can find the door of your gas tank. However, it is a plastic door and has a square shape.

However, you cannot find a lock or handle because it has a push and pulls mechanism. For the procedure, push the door on the lower right side.

Within around 1 to 2 seconds, the lid pop-outs. Hold the door, pull it and make the filter, cap, and filling hole visible.

Why would you open a gas tank on RAM 1500?

People keep the door closed to protect the gas quality inside it. In a few circumstances, you can open it to access the broken parts. 

Gas filling

People fill and top up their gas tanks on these pickup trucks to access the optimized mileage. However, the filling activities are impossible without opening their doors and caps.

A few people leave the filling on the worker at a gas station. However, it results in incorrectly fixed caps and broken filters.

For the procedure, open the lid by manual push and make the fuel cap visible. Then, hold it with your fingers and rotate it anti-clockwise.

Open the cap and pump the gas inside the container. However, they have rotating plastic caps without locks due to built-in specifications.

In such conditions, rotate the cap according to the direction of the arrow and open it. Then, you can re-fix it by pushing the cap in the mounting spot, rotating it clockwise, and fix. 

For Cleaning

Dirt accumulation leads to incorrect accelerations and affects the performance of the engine. In such circumstances, people check their tanks to assess the quality and level.

Clogged filters cannot remove the contaminants from the fluid. As a result, the engine malfunctions and affects the speed and performance of pickup trucks.

For cleaning, open the doors of the gas containers on RAM 1500. Then, clean the surface and internal parts without removing them.

For this purpose, disconnect the fuel lines from the filter and engine. In empty condition, they are easily cleanable with minimum effort.

Before cleaning, they drive the pickup truck to its last drop. Then, add a cleaning solvent or detergent to the container for around 24 hours. Then, with pressurized water flow, they wash them and remove contamination. 

Replacement of broken filters

Fuel filters can trap dust particles, impurities, and corrosion. They protect their walls, injections, and engine. 

However, they break due to excessive contamination and insufficient gas flow. For their replacement, people open their gas containers.

Under pressurized conditions, they empty the tanks and remove the broken filter. Then, they adjust the new equipment inside the tank for optimized cleaning. 

What happens when you open a gas tank on RAM 1500?

It damages the caps and filters of the gas containers. Also, dust particles penetrate the fuel lines, block the passage, and result in incorrect gas flow. 

Entrapping air

Air entraps in the gas tanks through the open lids and caps. As a result, they produce bubbles and reduce the gas flow in their standard passages.

The undesirable air bubbles reduce the performance of the gas system. In addition, they become vulnerable to surface and internal damage in capless conditions.

Also, the display shows a sign of low gas/fuel. However, it is a false indication due to entrapped air because the tank has adequate gas levels.

Loss of cap 

Ram 1500 has screw caps without powered locks. They fix inside their mounting points with rotational tightening. However, a few people open the lids that expose the cap to the external environment.

Due to incorrect fitting, the caps become loose and pop out in high-speed conditions. Also, they fall on the roads and disappear.

In such circumstances, the gas evaporates from them. It affects the engine performance and causes internal damage. Due to reduced gas levels, the pickup truck shows a warning sign that can stop anywhere.

Accumulation of dust particles

Without a lid or cap, dust particles enter the gas containers and contaminate the fuel lines. Also, they accumulate in the injectors and bottom of the containers.

Blocked passage reduces the gas supply to the rotational and functional parts. Indirectly, it affects the engine’s efficiency and leads to its failure.

In such circumstances, cleaning and maintenance are essential. Also, close the door of your gas tank and prevent debris accumulation. 

Smell of gas 

Due to cap-less containers, the gas evaporates and spreads in the environment. As a result, you can sense a smell around the container and driver’s side of the RAM 1500. 

It makes people restless and affects the fuel economy. Moreover, constant inhalation of this smell produces allergies and suffocation. 

Where is the gas tank door release?

It is a tiny actuator that can open and close the door of a gas tank on different vehicles. The motorist can release the door while sitting inside the cabin compartment with it.

Due to design modification, RAM 1500 does not have this door release. Instead, they have a simple and classic lid over the gas cap. 

I bought a 2019 Ram 1500 last year and didn’t find a gas tank door release on it. With a professional consultation, I understood that these advanced pickup trucks do not have a door release.

Also, they lack the release flap around the door of the gas container. Instead, manually controlled tanks with pushable lids and screw-able caps.

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