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How to Sleep in a Day Cab Truck?

How to Sleep in a Day Cab Truck?

Day cab trucks are the specific type of heavy-duty automobiles specially used for day travel. The drivers do not need rest because of the consecutive duty hours. You can sleep in them by modifying the seats and making them comfortable.

How to Sleep in a Day Cab Truck? You can sleep in a day cab truck by placing the air mattresses, carpet padding foams, and throw blankets and pillows. In addition, many truckers also use the day cab extension kit to increase the sleeping space. The use of hammock slings and sleeper boards covered with foam are also suitable options.

Sleeping in day cabs is preferable for drivers who have extended duty hours. It is a better option than spending your money on booking a restaurant and compromises your vehicle’s safety while parking it on the road.

What are day cab trucks?

These are heavy-duty trucks but different from sleeper cabs. These do not contain sleeper units, so you cannot take a rest.

These are used for heavy hauling daily and are specially designed for short-haul deliveries that are most probably completed in just a few hours or a day.

In addition, the chassis structure is also lighter, which can help to improve fuel efficiency. These are equipped with fewer features because people use them for short deliveries.

These are less expensive due to their fewer features and accessories.

Can truck drivers sleep in a day cab?

Taking a nap in these heavy-duty trucks is not comfortable because of the absence of sleeper cabs. In addition, the structure and design of these vehicles are not suitable for this purpose.

In addition, the drivers cannot take a rest because of their consecutive duties. They do not have enough time to rest because of their job type.

The drivers have to move from one place to another in a limited time. The drivers can take a nap at the end of the day.

You can use them for resting purposes by making their front seats comfortable because of the absence of a sleeper unit.

The drivers are only permitted to rest when they are on an extended route and away from their homes.

An extended route means you can spend a day or night delivering cargo.

How do you sleep in a day cab truck?

Many drivers think sleeping in these heavy-duty day cab trucks is challenging because there is no extra unit behind them.

However, you can make it comfortable by adding different accessories to their seats so you can spend a night there in a difficult situation.

Use air mattress

You can keep the air mattresses with you while driving them because you are not aware of the duty charts that the companies design.

The air mattresses are made of plastic material and contain an opening for filling gas. You can fill the gas in them and put them on the front seats to take a rest.

The seats are hard, and you cannot lie on them for 2 to 3 hours. Therefore, it is necessary to take a rest when you are driving for consecutive 8 to 10 hours.

Most truckers keep air compressors with them to fill the air in the tires. You can also fill the air in these mattresses using compressors.

Carpet padding foams

The carpet padding foams are made up of foamy and comfortable fabric. The thickness of these foaming pads is also less than the standard mattress in our homes.

Purchase the good quality foaming pad from the battery and measure the dimensions of the seats. Then, mark the dimensions on the carpet foam and cut it using an electric cutter.

These are beneficial to use because you can fold them and put them in the interior cabin. In addition, these are foldable and take less space for their placement.

Keep pillows and throw blankets

The pillows and throw blankets are used to increase the comfort level of the firm and hard seats. In addition, many drivers also place them in daytime cabs to make the seats comfortable.

You can also support your back with these cushions when you tire of long driving. Moreover, place the throw blankets on the seats to make them cozy, and place the pillow under your head to sleep.

It becomes a cozy and comfortable resting place for 1 to 2 hours.

Extend the day cab

The day cab truck conversion kit is available in the market to extend the space in these trucks. However, many truckers who only use their fleets for short deliveries do not prefer this option.

It is best for the drivers who have to deliver for a day or during the night to transport luggage. It is necessary for them to take a rest from driving after getting tired.

Relaxing after a long time of driving is beneficial to improving your health. The extension kits contain a variety of equipment to increase the sleeping area.

The kits are present in different price ranges depending upon their equipment. You can hire an expert who can extend the interior cabin for this specific purpose.

Try hammock

The hammock is used for sleeping and swinging purpose. It is made up of need and fabric material containing the rope at both ends for their attachment to a specific point.

Many people love to add the hammock in the day caps to take a short nap. You can attach their ropes to the doors of the trucks.

It is beneficial to use because of its comfortable and soft fabric. Moreover, tall drivers can also use them for resting purposes.

Sleeper boards

These boards are the most commonly used for napping in the day cab trucks. Sleeper boards are made up of plywood material upholstered with thin foam.

You can directly place them on the seats and take a short nap of 1 to 2 hours on them. You can also make sleeper boards at your home.

It requires your skill and time, and you can easily save money by purchasing them from the markets.

Take a plywood board and mark its sides according to the dimensions and designs of the seats. Then, cover the board with a soft and thick fabric.

In addition, you can also cover the board with foam and faster them using the safety pins.

How many people can sleep in a day cab truck?

The day cab truck seat is just suitable for sleeping a single person. This is because only one person can lie on the seats comfortably to take a nap.

The front side only provides the seating space for 2 to 3 people, and only one person can adjust in this short space.

Most of the time, single drivers drive the trucks while working on short routes and for daily cargo delivery.

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