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How to Recharge 2016 Honda Civic AC?

How to Recharge 2016 Honda Civic AC?

Recharging a car’s AC is a procedure to fill a high-quality and compatible refrigerant in the cooling system to access the cold air. However, the Honda Civic air conditioning system requires a recharge after around 1.2 to 2.5 years.

How to Recharge 2016 Honda Civic AC? You can recharge the 2016 Honda Civic AC by selecting the correct refrigerant R-1234yf and draining the leaking liquid and gases through a recovery machine. Connect a kit to the lower port, run the engine, adjust it at the cold limit and put a filled canister. 

Canisters are metallic vessels that filter the air conditioning system, contain desiccants, and absorb heat and moisture. Civic AC is rechargeable with the systematic removal and refilling of the refrigerant.

What is the method to recharge the 2016 Honda Civic AC?

Several people recharge the air conditioners of their vehicles due to a malfunctioning compressor and excessive internal leakages. However, the overall procedure is time-consuming due to its complexity.

The method consumes around 50 to 58 minutes to drain the old leaking liquid and fill the new refrigerant. I have explained a step-wise guide to recharging the AC on your 2016 Civic.

Choose a refrigerant

Select the correct refrigerant for your 2016 model Honda Civic. R-1234yf is compatible with its air conditioner because it has multiple benefits. In addition, it is one of the most remarkable coolants introduced by General motors in 2013. 

It contains hydro fluorine as a combination of hydrogen, carbon atoms, and fluorine. 

Also, check the coolant-carrying capacity of your car air conditioner. Generally, the 2016 Civic has an average capacity of around 17.5 to 18.9 ounces. 

Drain the old liquid

Before draining the old and leaking liquid, wear protective goggles and safety gloves. You cannot dispose of it without preventive measures because it can cause skin allergies. 

Open the Honda Civic hood compartment and find the port with low pressure near the line assembly. You can access the low-pressure passage and port on the rear side of the compressor.

Then, connect the hose of a service machine with the under-pressure port. Start the machine with a kick and remove the vapors of liquid and toxic gases from the system. 

The machine can automatically convert the liquid into vapor for correct draining. Moreover, it turns off without manual control when the hose empties. However, the draining procedure consumes around 5 to 14 minutes. 

Recharge the AC through the kit 

On a 2016 Honda Civic, you can recharge the air conditioning system without the help of a mechanic. For this purpose, purchase a high-performance and efficient kit online or from the auto part stores. 

Adjust the hood in a specific position with the stand. Then, access the lower assembly port of the system and connect the kit with it.

Next, turn on the electric supply of your car and run the engine for around 8 to 10 minutes. However, the vehicle’s engine can achieve its standard working temperature during this period. 

Furthermore, access the settings of your air conditioning system and adjust it to a cold temperature range. Then, add a high-quality thermometer to the system to monitor and regulate the fluctuation of temperature.

Under the monitoring procedure, observe the alteration of internal temperature and maintain it at the coldest limit. Next, open the doors of your vehicles for maximum ventilation.

It protects from the accumulation of evaporative gases on the interior. Furthermore, find the valve of your commercial kit and push them downward. 

In such circumstances, monitor the gauge of your kit and close the valve when it is empty. Now, remove the kit from the lower and pressurized port of the AC system.

Next, put a new canister of R-1234yf inside the hose. Then, allow the process for around 4 to 5 minutes without removing the canister.

Now, check its temperature and wear protective gloves to handle cold objects. Furthermore, again adjust a thermometer inside the canister and check the temperature of the ducts of the air conditioning system. Then, turn off the cold air system and engine. 

Why do you recharge the 2016 Honda Civic AC?

You can recharge it due to internal wear and blockage of the air system. However, the following are a few reasons for these time-consuming activities. 

Follow the service date

Its air conditioning system has a service time for recharge and maintenance. However, the automakers mention them in their manuals. 

You can check the duration and follow the instructions. Also, you cannot leave the system without recharging after the mentioned date. Negligence can damage the compressor and cooling fans.

Leakage of refrigerant

The old age hoses crack due to excessive usage. In addition, the seals of the gaskets crack due to excessive internal heat. Over time, the coolant flows out of the hose and accumulates around the connection. 

As a result, the temperature of the entire cooling system modifies. Therefore, you should recharge the cooling system in your Honda Civic with a compatible liquid to stop the leakage. 

Blockage of air fan

The built-in air fans of the AC system cool down the condenser. However, the external dirt particles and debris clog the fan. The malfunctioning air fans cannot support the condenser and disturb the entire system. 

The condenser does not get the correct temperature, and the system emits hot air. Through visual examination, you can find cracks in the fan due to contamination and blockage. Also, recharge the system and replace the broken electronic components to remove the problems.

Faulty compressor 

The compressor of a car’s AC works continuously and depends on the circulation go refrigerant. However, the refrigerant cannot flow due to excessive use. Therefore, it reduces the work efficiency of the equipment.

The leakage of the refrigerant reduces its levels, and the system requires an instant recharge. 

Damaged condenser 

It is present between the radiator and grille of a Honda Civic. However, it condenses the gas into a liquid and supports the work efficiency of the system.

It blocks due to the accumulation of road debris. Also, the broken electric wires and blow fuses affect the condenser. 

In such circumstances, inspect the internal condition of the condenser, change the broken parts and refill a new refrigerant.

How much does it cost to recharge the 2016 Honda Civic AC?

The average cost to recharge AC on a 2016 Civic is around $105 to $295. However, with DIY techniques, you can carry out the activity for about $130 to $150. 

However, R-1234yf is expensive and costs around $118 to $122 per pound. For this procedure, you can take the assistance of a professional mechanic for damage-free results. 

Skilled labor charges around $140 to $302 for these activities.

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