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How to Release Middle Seat Belt In Kia Sportage?

How to Release Middle Seat Belt In Kia Sportage?

Kia Sportage is a luxurious 5-seater SUV that offers high-end safety to its customers. It comes up with seat belts on the middle seats. You can see retractable seat belts on the second-row passenger seats for extra safety. These are best to provide safety to your children sitting on the middle second-row passenger seat.

How to Release Middle Seat Belt In Kia Sportage? You can release the middle seat belt in Kia Sportage by grabbing the latch and the anchor. Remove the latch from the center connectors. You can see the small slot on the center buckle and insert the tongue plate inside the opening to unbuckle the belt. Adjust the latch into the plastic sheet and retract the seat belt. Position it into the assembly that is present on the ceiling and lock it.

Retractable belts for the middle seats are present on the ceiling of your vehicle. You can take them out and connect them with the connectors. It is necessary to properly store them on the roof assembly after use to decrease the mess in the interior cabin and tangling issues.

How do you release the middle seat belt in Kia Sportage?

It is easy to release the seat belt when folding the second-row seats of the Kia Sportage to expand the cargo area to transport bulky items. It is an easy procedure, and you can perform it within seconds without using any handy tools.

Remove the latch from connector

Many people find it challenging to release the seat belt in their SUV because it requires experience and knowledge. You cannot unbuckle them when you do not have enough information about their mechanism and location.

It is necessary to know about the location of the anchors when you want to unbuckle the belts to get out of your Kia Sportage.

It provides a 3-way security system, and you can see one anchor on the right side while the other is on the left side, which is used to release the buckle.

The process is easy and requires little time and effort from the drivers. You can see the latch of the belt inserted inside the connector.

Grab the latch with your hand and press the release button located in the center to separate the latch from the connectors.

Remove the latch or tongue plate from the connectors to release it.

Release middle buckle

You can see the small metallic slot on the center connector. These metallic slots allow the release of the middle buckle. Insert the metallic tongue of the latch into the slot of the center anchor.

The release mechanism allows the buckle to come out from the connectors when you activate the mechanism by inserting the latch in the slot in your Kia Sportage.

The middle buckle suddenly comes out from the center anchor when you press the slot with the tongue. Avoid pressing them forcefully because it can damage the releasing mechanism.

You can see the plastic cover above these buckles to store the latch or tongue plate. Insert the tongue plate in the plastic sheet that is located above these buckles.

Retract seatbelt

Proper storage of belts after their release is necessary so it cannot cause interruption during cleaning, seat folding, and cargo arranging.

You can see the middle seat belt assembly on the roof. It contains a retracting mechanism, which provides a proper place for their storage. You can retract the belts from this assembly when using them.

Insert the latch into the plastic sheet and retract it inside the assembly that is located on the ceiling. It is also necessary to insert the lock after retracting them so they do not come out.

You can remove the lock and take them out when you have to buckle the seat belts during trips. It is necessary to keep the strap straight while retracting them so it cannot get stuck inside the roof assembly and cause issues.

Careful retraction is necessary because twisted webbing cause problem for you while buckling and unbuckling.

Why would you release the middle seat belt in Kia Sportage?

Kia Sportage is a smaller-size SUV that provides accommodation for 5 people. It contains two-row seating, including front driver and passenger and second-row passenger seats.

It is the most reliable SUV for small families because of its high-end features and safety measures. These are specially designed to offer extra safety to passengers in the middle seat.

These contain the seat belt, and you can secure your position while sitting on them. However, sometimes people want to unbuckle these belts when they have to fold the second-row to create additional cargo space.

These SUVs provide larger cargo areas with foldable seats for transporting luggage from one place to another. You can easily transport furniture and other small item from one location to another.

I always prefer to unbuckle the middle seat belts for their smooth and comfortable folding. These can cause problems and can also cause the seats to get stuck with them.

In addition, many people want to release them when they are not comfortable during the trip. My friend was traveling with me, and I noticed he could not use his seat belt.

He removed it after 1-2 hours to make him feel comfortable and relaxed. You can also remove them when placing the larger items on the rear seats for transportation.

These can create more cargo space and simplify loading and unloading. Release the belt when installing the child seats on the rear side.

You can also unbuckle them for cleaning procedures. You can completely clean the base of the seats and buckle so dust accumulation cannot damage their material.

My children usually sprinkle food crumbs on the rear side, which can get stuck on their sides. I prefer to properly clean the food particles from the surface after unbuckling the belts to remove dust from the connectors.

Why is the middle seat belt not releasing in Kia Sportage?

Many people complain that releasing middle seat belts becomes challenging because of the jammed and damaged retracting mechanism. Small openings inside the anchors can collect dust from the surrounding material, and latches can get stuck inside them.

In addition, release buttons can also become faulty. It gets stuck inside, and you cannot press them to unbuckle the latches from the anchor.

These are metal parts; corrosion can also come on them because of water exposure and surrounding temperature. Corrosive parts can get stuck because of their rough surfaces.

Corrosion affects their smooth functioning, and you have to wiggle the anchor to release the latches from them. The problem also comes from poor friction between the anchor and the tongue plate.

Latches can also get stuck inside the buckle because of faulty mechanisms and damaged parts. Food particles from the seats enter inside the anchors and make it challenging for you to unlatch the tongue plate.

You can also face the issue when the belt is twisted and cannot correctly contact the retractors. Retractors can also become dirty because of the latches’ dirty, grimy, rusty, and oily surfaces.

It is necessary for you to keep the retractors neat and clean. You can use the butter knife to remove the dust, debris, and small particles from them.

I saw some hair and food crumbs inside the connectors that were hindering the proper buckling of the belt. I used the black hairpin to remove the hair and small food particles. I clean my Kia Sportage every Sunday to prevent such issues.

You can also consult with qualified mechanics of Kia service centers if there is any mechanical issue with their retracting system and these are not coming out from the anchors.

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