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How To Change Wiper Blades On Kia Sportage?

How To Change Wiper Blades On Kia Sportage?

Kia Sportage windshield wipers are the safety components, containing plastic blades to clean the dust, dirt, and snow from the windshield. These automatically spray the liquid cleaning solution on the windscreen, and the back or forth movement of blades is helpful in cleaning.

How To Change Wiper Blades On Kia Sportage? You can change the wiper blades on Kia Sportage by turning off the engine and moving its switch to the mist position. Cover the windshield and lift the wipers away from them and in the vertical direction. Open the lock and take out the blades from the wiper arm. Install the new blade, connect it to the wiper arm, and press the lock cover to secure its proper connection.

Changing the wiper blades when they get damaged, and bent is necessary. These are not designed to last with the longevity of the vehicle. You should replace them when these are not clearing the windscreen properly for better visibility and safe driving.

How do you change wiper blades on Kia Sportage?

Replacement of the Kia Sportage wiper blade is an easy procedure, and you can do this by purchasing the new component from the market. In addition, the complete procedure only requires 3 to 5 minutes, depending on the experience and skill of the drivers.

Turn off the engine

Many people turn on the windshield wipers on rainy days to clean the screen and ensure a clear road view. However, damaged and bent blades cannot clean the glass material properly, and you have to replace them with new ones.

It is better to turn off the engine to start the replacement procedure. You can see the EV button near the driver’s side cabin, and press this button to turn off the engine.

It is necessary to turn off the engine to reduce the emissions of harmful gasses and the environment and save fuel. These components contain motors that take power from the batteries and work when the engine is turned off.

Move the wiper switch to the mist position

You can see the windshield wiper control switch or lever near the driving side cabin. Kia Sportage is a modern 5-seater SUV that contains the mist mode.

Mist mode means you can remove the slight condensation and clear the windshield. Mist mode allows the blades to move at once, and then they automatically stop working.

You can activate the mist mode by moving the lever upward.

Cover glass windshield

Covering the windshield with a soft cloth to protect them from damage during the replacement procedure is necessary. Cover the windscreen with a towel, newspaper, and soft cloth to decrease the risk of scratches and marks, eventually reducing the driver’s visibility on the road.

Spread the towel and newspaper properly and ensure it covers the sides. Windshield coverage is necessary because wiper blades can accidentally fall on them during installation, producing scratches on their surfaces.

Avoid using tape to attach the newspaper and towel because you have to remove them after some time. Moreover, the tape can also damage the paint when you remove them.

Lift wipers away from the windshield

You do not have to move the wipers manually in an upright position. Mist mode allows them to come perpendicularly to make the replacement procedure easy.

Come out from your SUV to position the wiper blades. Grab them in your hands and lift them slightly away from the windshield for protection against the glass material.

Lift them slowly because these can also stress the wiper arm and increase their damage chances. I recommend replacing the plastic blade from the driver’s side first and then moving toward the passenger side.

Open lock cover

You can see a small black colored lock cover on the Kia Sportage wiper arm, which is used to remove old blades. These safety locks ensure their secure connection with the arm for smooth back-and-forth movement.

Use your nails to open the lock cover from the arms. Slightly lift the metal clip for unlocking purposes and remove the blades.

You can see the lock of the wiper blade and press it. Position the locking plate in a horizontal direction and move the blade towards the downward direction for disengagement of the lock.

Remove the old blades from the arm after disengaging their lock.

Installation of new blade

It is necessary to select the correct size of blades for the driver and passenger side when replacing them with new ones. The correct size measurement is essential for their efficient functioning and decreasing the risk of damage.

In addition, it is also necessary to select their size according to a specific model of the Kia Sportage. You need a wiper blade of 24 inches on the driver’s side and 16 inches on the passenger’s side if you have any model Kia Sportage that comes between 2011 to 2016.

The old Kia Sportage model before 2002 requires a wiper blade of 20 inches on the drive and passenger side. The SUVs that come into the market after 2017 have wiper blades of 26 inches and 16 inches on the passenger and driver sides, respectively.

Install the new blade in the wiper arm and move it upward to engage the lock. Lower it and carefully place it on the windshield.

Check the replacement

It is also necessary to ensure the wiper blades’ correct functioning after installation. Correct installation of the driver and passenger side according to size is necessary for smooth functioning.

Turn on the engine by pressing the EV button. These electric vehicles contain EV buttons to activate and deactivate the EV mode.

Use its control switch located near the steering wheel. Move it in the uppermost and lower directions to check its smooth functioning.

Why would you change Kia Sportage wiper blades?

You have to replace the Kia Sportage wiper blades with new ones because these are made of plastic and cannot last longer. Plastic material can deteriorate with age because it cannot bear harsh weather conditions.

Sunlight exposure and moisture can affect the plastic material and reduces its durability.

They cannot properly clean the windshield because of their damaged material. In addition, it can also leave marks on the windscreen, which reduces visibility on the road.

It is necessary to replace them for safe and comfortable driving on the road and reduce accidental cases that usually occur because of decreased visibility in certain weather conditions.

These can also wear out because of the presence of dust and snow on the windscreen. Damaged and bent plastic blades cannot make proper contact with the windshield.

Sometimes these also start to procedure marks and scratches on the glass material because of their unsmooth movement. You have to replace them because they can damage the windshield, which is costly.

Maintenance and replacement of these components are necessary during severe weather conditions for the safety of drivers and passengers.

Moreover, you also have to change them because of the cracked rubber material, which is not capable of wiping the cleaning solution.

How often to change the wiper blades of the Kia Sportage?

You have to replace the wiper blades after every year or twice a year, but it depends on several conditions. Environmental conditions and extreme changes can affect the rubber material.

I always prefer to replace them twice a year because of their frequent usage and extremely low temperature in my area.

Frequent use and snowy conditions decrease the efficiency of the rubber blades. In addition, it also depends on the use of your vehicle.

Maintaining their parts regularly when you use them daily is better. You can occasionally replace their parts when your Kia Sportage is not used daily.

I always change them whenever I hear a chattering sound while using them, which occurs because of their poor and unsmooth contact with glass material.

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