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How to Replace Ford F150 Running Board Motor?

How to Replace Ford F150 Running Board Motor?

Fault in the electric motor of Ford F150 running boards causes them to stop working.

It is essential to replace the worn-out power source to maintain the proper working of the running boards.

How to Replace Ford F150 Running Board Motor? You can replace the Ford F150 running board motor by lifting the truck’s front side and removing the running board from the truck. Then remove the old power source by removing the bolts on the motor and wedges to detach it from the vehicle. After this, install the new electric motor, fix it with bolts and nuts, and plug it into the battery. It costs around $150 to $200 to replace it.

After getting the right tools, you can replace the Ford truck motor in your garage. Just follow these simple steps to replace it.

Unbolt the old motor

First, park your truck on a concrete floor and place put jacks on jack points to lift the front side.

Then turn off the power running board by changing the setting in the control module. Set it to the retracted position to easily remove it from the truck.

Then place it on the table and carefully inspect the situation of the motor. Next, read the manual to get the information about the bolts and nuts of the device.

Then spray lubricating oil on the bolts to move them inside the hole. Then unplug the wires of the electric motor from the battery.

Check the wiring of the wire harness for any fault or damage. When these wires are faulty, replace them with new ones. Then take a socket wrench to unbolt all the bolts present on the motor.

First, unscrew the bolts of the end shield cover. The cover is fixed around the motor with two bolts. Use a wrench and spin it in an anticlockwise direction to open it.

Then unbolt the bolts of wedges the motor will get detached from the device. It takes 15 to 20 minutes to detach it; after that, follow the same steps for the other side.

Install Ford F150 running board new motor

Buy a new motor from any repair shop that fits well with the running board of Ford F150 trucks.

Installing the new electric power source is the reverse of removing the old one.

Before installing, scrape off all the specks of dirt from the bars and holes of the bolts. Take a tiny brush to remove the debris from all the motor parts.

Then lubricate its joints and hinges to protect it from corrosion.

Place the motor in its place and fix it with bolts. Next, use a socket wrench or ratchet to tighten up all the bolts.

Then attach it with a wedge and tighten up the wedge bolts and nuts. Then cover it with a plastic shield and fix it with bolts.

Plug the wire harness with the power source and attach the wires correctly. 

Why would you replace the Ford F150 power running board motor?

The electric power source is the main part of retractable running boards in the Ford F150.

Like other electric appliances, these motors have a limited lifespan and wear out after some years due to many reasons.

Usually, the retractable running board power source lasts for about 4 to 5 years.

It gets damaged due to corrosion or overheating of its parts.

It is attached to the device and is exposed to the external environment every time we open the truck door. Due to dirt and water, rusty spots appear on the metallic surface.

Corrosion causes severe damage to it, and it starts behaving oddly. Due to malfunctioning of power source the running boards open and close slowly or get stuck in their position.

Accidental collision with any surface or other vehicle also causes the motor to get damaged, and it stops working.

When you drive the truck and do not take a break, the electric power source gets heated up due to overwork.

As a result, it stops working, and the tunning boards will not slide easily.

You have to replace it with a new one in case of any problem. Therefore, it is essential to maintain it in good condition to efficiently use the Ford F150 running boards.

Cost to replace the motor

Usually, the price of a new motor ranges from 150 to $200. However, hiring a mechanic to replace it will cost you almost $200 to $250.

You can decrease the cost by doing it yourself or installing the old motor after repairing it.

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