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How to Replace Power Window Motor on Ford F150?

How to Replace Power Window Motor on Ford F150?

Replacing a power window motor is a time-consuming process. You have to remove the door handle, panels, and other attachment tools. The professionals can cost up to $200 to $500 for these replacement activities. 

How to Replace Power Window Motor on Ford F150? In general, you can replace a power window motor on a Ford F150 by removing the terminals of its battery. Next, detach screws and discard the window panel. Next, remove the door and discard its motor, and unplug the wiring harness and remove the regulator. Finally, install a new power window motor and adjust its mounting screws. 

Always purchase high quality and relevant power window motor. It has excellent adjustment capability and gathers the removed tools in a polythene bag. 

How to Replace Power Window Motor on Ford F150?

I have added 11 easy steps to replace the power window motor on your Ford F150. Park your truck and collect all the required tools before starting this process.

Discard power supply from Ford F150

You have to disconnect the power supply from the overall system. Then, access the battery of your Ford F150. 

Approach the positive terminal and loosen it. You can use a specific tool for such removals.

The equipment is beneficial for those structures which have corrosive layers over them. Detach the terminal and cut off the electric power.

Make sure all other appliances are also not working. Leave the system and allow its cooling. Never touch the window motor in the damaged conditions.

Handle its bolts

The handling of bolts is necessary because they require efficient tools for opening. In addition, the bolts of the battery have electric wires and other such control systems.

Hold the bolt and pull it outwards. Use a wrench for the accurate removal of such things. Adjust it around the structures and rotate it anticlockwise.

Never exert extra pressure because it can break the terminal. It is not an advisable condition and can generate irreversible problems. After the removal of this bolt, the terminal detaches from the battery. 

You can keep it aside and store it for future use. Ever break these terminals because it may increase the cost of the overall procedure.

Detach screws from the door handle

Approach the screws of the door handle. You have to remove them from the interior side.

Adjust the screwdriver over these structures. Loosen them and then remove them. 

You have to utilize counterclockwise movements for the separation of small structures. In this way, you can also lose other devices on the same surface.

Discard all of them one by one and save them in a polythene bag, and they offer support in the reinstallation procedure. 

You can also purchase new screws of the accurate size. It may cost you a bit, but the process becomes error-free. 

Locate the armrest of the power window

Access the armrest of the power window on a Ford F150. Identify the points of attachment for accurate removal. 

Access the bolts on the surface. You can pull them manually if they are vulnerable due to damages. Use tools like a wrench and bolt puller for these activities. 

Adjust the bolt puller on the structure and pull it outwards. Of course, you have to perform this procedure with strength. 

Adjust yourself on a seat and then carry out the activity. A wrench is also a suitable option, but in few cases, it does not fit inside. So instead, use the pulling power for such detachments. 

Remove its panel

The removal of panels is necessary to get the visibility of internal structures. Identify and approach the window panel.

It has an attachment under the rivets. These structures have a popping appearance. 

You have to pull the panel to loosen it from the attachment point. This is because the door structure comprises metal as a manufacturing material. 

It attaches the panel firmly. The detachment is tricky due to firm connections. Pull it with the precise amount of strength. 

Detach it from the door and put it aside. Never discard the panel because it is an expensive product in few cases. Always keep it in one corner to adjust in the future.

Pull and remove the power window motor

Its motor also contains a regulator. Thus, it is a beneficial structure for the overall performance of the power window. 

There are mounting bolts that adjust the motor. You have to remove these bolts with the pullers and sufficient tools. Then, detach them and collect them for reinstallation activities. 

They are 2 to 3, and it also depends on the overall design of the window motor. Use anticlockwise movements and keep them gentle. 

Discard them and handle the motor manually. It can drop on the surface after such removals. It is not a beneficial condition because it can harm the performer. 

Remove its plug

The adaptor plug of the motor system has a wiring harness. Therefore, the detachment of this electric wiring network is necessary.

Unplug the connecting points and remove the adapting device. The overall system of the window motor depends on the regulator and gears.

They have the adapting abilities for the power control of these windows of Ford F150. Remove the regulator and detach the motor from the window.

Never leave a single connecting point between these structures. Instead, take the help of an expert to understand the complex internal connections. They make the detachment process less time reducing and convenient.

Handle its regulator

The detachment and replacement of the window motor regulator depend on the overall design. Therefore, the condition of this structure also provides estimation about the procedure. 

You can leave it inside the system and perform the process with expertise. However, the removal is advisable for the visibility of internal machinery.

The control of the system is also necessary for such situations. Understand the design of the power window and make a decision accordingly. 

Install new power window motor on Ford F150

Purchase a new window motor according to the Ford F150 design and size of the overall setup. 

Insert it inside the design and observe the adjustment capability. Then, adjust the new motor with the gears and modify its position.

Rotate the mounting screws in the clockwise direction. Tighten them until you cannot exert more strength.

Add the bolts of the precise size and adjust them with the wrenches. Next, readjust the clips of the door panel. 

Spread the panel all over the window surface. Adjust it firmly and paste it. 

Push it into the rivets and press it. You can hear the sound of a click that ensures adjustment. 

You can also add additional screws with the drill and screwdriver. 

Add the bottom bolts of the panel and tighten them firmly. Next, reinstall the plug and wiring harness which you have removed. 

Reinstall the door and add the attachment tools. 

Readjust all removed part

Drill a hole for the hand crank and adjust it against the bolt of the structure. Insert the crank inside the groove and push it for accurate fixation.

Observe the ability by pulling it gently. During such situations, keep the movements outward. Remove the adjustment errors and fix everything. 

Adjust the Philips screwdriver over the screws. Tighten them with gentle rotational movements. 

Coordinate the systems

Coordinate the window gears, regulator, and motor. They have to work according to the commanding signals. 

The window cannot turn on without the electric passage. Therefore, provide the right source by keeping the battery in high-quality conditions.

Reinstall the positive terminal on the battery. Adjust it on the connector and add the bolt. 

Tighten it with the wrench and leave it for seconds. Then, pull it to check the stability. 

Turn on the battery to offer an electric supply to the system. If it does not respond quickly, then check for the errors.

Remove the interrupting problems and turn it on. Observe the functions of the power window motor of a Ford F150.

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