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How To Report Semi-Truck Driver?

How To Report Semi-Truck Driver?

Mainly, road accidents occur because of the negligence of the semi-truck drivers. These larger vehicles can cause serious damage when they hit smaller cars or pickup trucks. Reporting their drivers is helpful to reduce the risk of accidents.

How To Report Semi-Truck Driver? You can report semi-truck drivers by calling the How’s My Driving sticker number, reporting to the Federal Motor Carrier and Safety Administration (FMCSA), and calling emergency help services. In addition, you can also directly send emails to the trucking company and submit a complaint to the Department of Transportation (DOT).

You have the right to take legal action against the drivers and respective trucking companies to pay for the damages.

How do you report semi-truck drivers?

Highway patrol is always present on the roads to ensure the safety of the trucks and other vehicles. Many people prefer to get help from their representative and report the semi-truck drivers who are not following the safety regulations.

Call on how’s my driving sticker number

Commercial vehicles are equipped with how’s my driving sticker on their rear side. The yellow-colored sticker contains the phone number to submit complaints in adverse situations.

These stickers contain specialized numbers, and you can directly call on these to ensure the safety of your vehicle on the road.

You can call on the given number if you experience poor driving behaviors of the semi-truck drivers. Company investigates their drivers for not following the rules and regulations.

You can directly contact their respective industries to make them aware of the driving habits of their employees.

Report to FMCSA

Federal Motor Carrier and Safety Administration (FMCSA) is part of the DOT. It is specific to the truckers and trucking industry to ensure the safety of commercial vehicles on the roads.

The primary responsibility of FMCSA is to regulate the larger trucks and buses to reduce the number of accidents, fatalities, and crashes.

You can call their helpline when you witness any unusual driving behaviors of commercial vehicle owners while moving on highways.

You can call on 1-888-368-7238 to report the drivers. Moreover, you can submit the report on their official website by filling out the form.

Giving complete and authentic information is necessary to make the investigation process easy. I prefer to complete the online form because it becomes part of their record.

FMCSA always ensures the investigation and resolves all the complaints to provide safety on the roads and highways. You should describe the vehicle and driver while submitting the complaint.

It is also better to give information about the trucking company by seeing the logo on their rear side. Provide the trucks’ license plate number and DOT number to the FMCSA.

It is better to write about the location and time of the violations, along with unsafe driving behaviors.

Calling emergency help service

You can call emergency help services by dialing 911 in emergencies. Getting help from these services is better to ensure your safety while driving on highways.

Call on these numbers when commercial vehicles are moving near you. Unusual driving behaviors of the truckers can also put the other vehicles in danger.

I also experienced the same situation while driving on the highway 2 days back. I called 911, and they reached there within 5 minutes to assess the situation.

It is the most reliable method to ensure safe driving conditions and report unsafe drivers. You should properly describe the semi-trucks so emergency services can easily track them.

Provide information about their license plate, company logo, location, and physical description. You can stop life-threatening driving behaviors by reporting law enforcement regulations.

Sending an email to the trucking company

You can see the company name and logo on the rear of the semi-trucks. It is easy to identify the names of the trucking companies from their specific logo.

It becomes easy for you to find their email address or contact information. It is a reliable method to directly send emails to the respective trucking companies about the reckless driving of their employees.

You can email all the necessary information to report the drivers. It is better to add short video clips in the emails for a better understanding of the safety officers of the trucking industries.

Add physical descriptions of the drivers and license plate numbers of the vehicles to make the recognition procedure easy.

These trucking companies take legal action against their employees. You can also ensure the safety of other vehicles and passengers by filing complaints about unusual driving behaviors.

Submit a complaint to DOT

Department of Transportation (DOT) is responsible for making the rules to ensure the safety of vehicles on the roads and highways.

You can call the DOT hotline to report safety issues you have witnessed while driving. Give information about the DOT number of the commercial vehicles mentioned on the driver’s side door.

It is easy for DOT to investigate and track the vehicles through the DOT number.

Why do people report a semi-truck driver?

It is necessary to report reckless drivers to ensure your and other vehicle’s safety on the road. You can submit complaints for safety concerns and not follow the rules and regulations that the law enforcement departments give.

Over speeding

You can report the commercial vehicle drivers if they are moving at high speed, which is dangerous for the other vehicles. Overspeeding can compromise the safety of other people on the road because of the increased risk of accidents.

Semi-trucks are large and have larger braking distances. Speeding causes serious accidents because the larger size and overloading increase the braking distance.

Poor driving behaviors

You can also submit reports against the drivers if you witness unusual behaviors. You can submit complaints if you experience unsafe driving conditions because of the distraction and drowsiness.

They become drowsy because of long-distance traveling and fatigue. In addition, alcohol drinking can also lead to distracted driving conditions and more vulnerability to collisions.


Overloading and unsafe cargo can pose severe safety threats to the other vehicles on the roads. In addition, overloading can affect stability and reduce the braking distance, eventually increasing the chances of collision.

You can report the semi-trucks if they are overloaded and drivers cannot maintain stability to fulfill safe driving conditions.

In addition, you can also submit complaints if they are not carrying hazardous cargo safely.

Traffic violations

It is necessary for commercial vehicles to follow the safety rules and regulations that are designated for them. Moreover, you can report them if they are not following the rules on the roads.

It is better to file a complaint against the semi-truckers if they are not moving in the designated lane, are involved in aggressive encounters with other drivers, are speeding, do not follow the traffic lights, and change lanes abruptly.

Traffic violations in city areas compromise the safety of other vehicles and can also affect pedestrians moving on the sides.

Can you anonymously report a semi-truck driver?

You can anonymously report the unsafe driving behaviors of the semi-truckers. You do not have to show or give your name while filing a complaint against the specific vehicles.

In addition, several law enforcement agencies and trucking departments always maintain confidentiality and do not show the name of the person who submitted the report.

You can report unusual driving behaviors and safety concerns without showing your identity or name. These authorities give several platforms for complaint submission.

You can contact these authorities through emails, mobile phone apps, phone calls, and online forms.

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