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How To Clean Semi-Truck Battery Terminals?

How To Clean Semi-Truck Battery Terminals?

Semi-truck batteries deliver power to all its electric appliances. The batteries have two metallic terminals that are attached to them. These parts can go dirty with time.

How To Clean Semi-Truck Battery Terminals? You can clean semi-truck battery terminals by using hot water, detergent solution, diluted vinegar, Coca-Cola, or battery terminal cleaner. Use baking soda paste to neutralize the acid and rust from connectors.

Acid leakage from the battery and high temperature inside the battery can cause the buildup of rust and acid deposits on the battery terminals. Environmental pollution can also contribute to making them dirty. Truckers should inspect them regularly to maintain the battery functions.

Use hot water

Hot water is an excellent option to wipe out all the dirt and filth from anything. The battery terminals in the semi-trucks can also get dirty due to the presence of dirt and grime on their surface. In such cases, you can use hot water alone or in combination with a strong detergent to clean them.

Before starting the procedure, take all the precautionary measures. Turn off the ignition and all other electric appliances of the vehicle.

Locate the battery in the semi-truck and detach the battery terminals from their respective site. Try to detach the positive cable first and then remove the negative terminal. Then take water in a pan and boil it for about 2 minutes.

When the water reaches its boiling point, turn off the stove. Pour the hot water into the connectors and let it stay there for some time. It will help to remove all the dirt and accumulated acid from the terminal. You can make a solution of detergent to clean them thoroughly. It will give better results than hot water alone.

Use baking soda

Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate is another strong agent to neutralize the accumulated acid on the battery terminals. Take two tablespoons of the baking soda in a bowl. Pour some water into it and mix both of them with a spatula. Make a paste and apply it to the battery terminals of the semi-truck.

Leave it there for 5 to 10 minutes. It will neutralize the acid and dissolve all the dirt and filth from the metallic connectors. Then, take a damp cloth to wipe out the baking soda paste. Then, wipe out their moisture using a clean and dry cloth. After this, let them dry in the open air and reattach them to their respective site.

Use vinegar

Vinegar helps dissolve the dried-out acid from the semi-truck battery terminals. It also has an efficient role in removing corrosion from the metallic parts. You have to use it cautiously because of its ability to react with other compounds.

Take a spray bottle and add 10 ml of vinegar to it. Then, add an equal amount of water to make a solution. Spray the vinegar solution on the terminals. Let it stay there for about 5 to 10 minutes.

After this, rub a toothbrush on it to remove the acid-corroded metal and dirt from it. Then, use a cloth to remove dirt and debris from these parts.

After this, take a clean cloth to wipe out the excess solution from the terminals and other sides. After this, let them dry for some time. You can apply Vaseline on them to prevent corrosion.

Use Coca-cola

One interesting ingredient to clean the battery terminals is present in your fridge. You do not need to buy anything special to clean the semi-truck battery connectors. This secret ingredient is your favorite drink coca, Coca-Cola, which is always present in your kitchen.

Coca-cola can help remove the stubborn filth and dirt from the terminal due to its acidic nature. It contains carbonated water that can help dissolve the dirt. However, it is not effective against accumulated acid and corrosion.

Pour some Coca-Cola into the spray bottle and spray it on the metallic parts. Leave it there for 5 minutes and scrub the metallic connectors with a sponge.

It will help in removing the dirt more effectively. Then, pour hot water on them to clean them up. After this, let them dry in the open air and reattach them with the battery.

Use battery terminal cleaner

Different battery terminal cleaners are also present in the market. You can also purchase them to clean them thoroughly. They contain different ingredients that can remove the accumulated acid corrosion and filth.

They are preset in solution form or other formulations like foamy mist. They come in different-sized cans that contain an applicator for applying the solution to the affected areas.

Direct the nozzle of the spray can on the terminals and spray the solution on them. Let the solution sit there for 10 to 15 minutes. Use a brush to loosen the stubborn dirt from the metal.

After this, use water to remove the solution from the battery connectors. Let them dry and attach them to the semi-truck battery.

Use steel brush or sandpaper

Sandpaper and steel brush effectively remove the deposited acid from the battery terminals. They are suitable alternatives to the liquid detergent and baking soda. Rub a small piece of sandpaper on all sides of the battery connectors to remove the acid deposits.

These acid deposits are hard and take a lot of effort to loosen with a brush or sandpaper. Rub the surface thoroughly to remove all the dirt and corroded metal. After this, take alcohol swabs to wipe out all the dirt and acid deposits from the surface.

Use WD 40

Some drivers and truckers also use WD 40 to clean the semi-truck battery terminals. It can remove rust and corrosion from the metal surface. It also has a protective action against rust and corrosion. It lubricates the metallic parts and prevents acid deposits on the metal.

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