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How to reset Check Emission System on Honda Odyssey?

How to reset Check Emission System on Honda Odyssey?

It is challenging for many people to fix the check emission system light on their Honda Odyssey. These warning lights on the dashboard indicate some problem with the vehicle’s system.

How to reset Check Emission System on Honda Odyssey? You can check the emission system on Honda Odyssey by examining and cleaning the air filter. In addition, you can also check and reset the positive crankcase ventilation system in the vehicle. It is better to examine and re-adjust the evaporative emission control system and reset the exhaust gas recirculation system of the minivan. Furthermore, you can fix the problem by cleaning the filters, tune-up an engine, and changing its oil.

It is better to fix the issue on time to avoid further damage.

What is the meaning of Check Emission System?

Glowing light on the dashboard of your Honda Odyssey indicates that there is a problem with your vehicle engine.

These issues start from a faulty sensor and lead to poor acceleration ultimately.

It can affect the economy of your vehicle’s fuel, and you can see a sudden increase in a vehicle’s fuel economy.

You will also notice the smell of gasoline in the interior or exterior side of the SUV.

How do you reset the check emission system light on Honda odyssey?

You should check the condition of filters and positive crankcase ventilation system before resetting an emission system.

Examine and reset the air filter

There are two central air filters in your SUV that require regular examination and proper maintenance to ensure the functionality of the engine.

You can examine the air filters by visually inspecting the holes of the filters.

The filter is in good condition when it appears white in color, and you can see through the holes.

You have to change the filters when they appear darker in color, and the holes are clogged with debris.

Furthermore, it is better to examine whether your its filters are clogged or working well.

A foul smell from the engine due to the non-functionality of sensors indicates that the filters are not clean and do not allow the proper flow of air inside the combustion compartment.

Reset your vehicle’s positive crankcase ventilation system

A positive crankcase ventilation system is present at the end of the tube. Therefore, you can check whether it is working correctly.

Remove the valve from the tube and shake it vigorously for a few minutes. A metallic rattling sound indicates that it is working well.

Reset the vehicle’s evaporative emission control system

You can test your vehicle’s evaporative emission control system by conducting a smoke test.

For this, you have to blow smoke and see whether smoke escapes from its seal, tube, or valve.

Smoke leaking from the seals or the tube indicates that you have to fix this problem.

Reset your vehicle’s exhaust gas recirculation system

There are several ways to fix the exhaust gas circulation system.

First, it is better to take the negative cable off from the vehicle’s computer for 10 to 12 minutes and then drive for 15-20 minutes.

Why would the check emission system light turns On in Honda Odyssey?

Check emission system light turns on due to a problem in the sensor or in the exhaust gas recirculation valve.

It can occur due to the formation of cracks in the system. Moreover, the disconnection of the vacuum in the hose can turn the light on.

Dirty Air filters

Air filters inside the compartment of an engine restrict the contaminants like dust from reaching the engine.

These become clogged due accumulation of dust particles in the tiny holes.

In addition, the blocked holes restrict the air particles from reaching inside the engine compartments.

The fuel cannot burn due to less air and begins to accumulate on the surface of the spark plug.

It decreases the ability of the spark plug to transfer enough spark required to initiate the combustion process.

Therefore, you have to change the plugs if you want to improve the performance of an engine.

Leakage in EGR Valve

An exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve helps recirculate emission gases

It can efficiently reduce the volume of these gases by re-sending them inside the engine for burning.

Leakage in the valve can disturb its functioning and turn the light On. Also, the water can quickly get inside the engine compartment.

You can fix it by replacing a damaged catalytic converter or temperature sensor.

Furthermore, you can replace the backpressure manage valve to restore the function of the EGR valve.

In addition, you can change the leaky valve by replacing it with the new one.

Damaged Oxygen sensors

Many models of Honda Odyssey have separate oxygen sensors for all cylinders in the engine system.

Oxygen sensors manage the functions of the engine and are linked with the exhaust tube.

These are usually located under the SUV or under the hood.

Faulty oxygen sensors cannot pass the emission test due to poor gas mileage.

Furthermore, it can lead to damage to the catalytic converter.

You can change them frequently because they are not costly.

The amount of oxygen depends on the encircling air temperature, temperature, and engine weight.

A lean mixture without sufficient gasoline produces more pollution with nitrogen oxide.

Where is the reset button located in Honda Odyssey?

In some models of Honda, you will find the reset button near the fuel gauge of the instrument panel. While in others, it is located on the steering wheel.

It is better to check the instruction manual that comes with your vehicle to find its exact location.

How much does it cost to reset the emission control system on a Honda Odyssey?

An emission system’s repairing cost depends on the exact cause of its failure to perform the function. Therefore, it can vary according to the model and parts of your SUV.

For example, it usually costs between $150 to $579 to reset this issue.

The estimated labor cost to reset it is between $30 to $170. Its parts are a bit expensive and cost between 170$ to 550$.

What are the tricks to check if your SUV’s emission system is working correctly?

There are some things to consider before checking the functionality of the SUVs emission system. 

Check its oil

Oil transformation helps your vehicle maintain its emission system and offers many other benefits.

It keeps the engine clean and protects the engine components from rust and oxidation.

Furthermore, it can also prevent the knocking of the engine and helps to improve the gasoline efficiency so that the engine becomes slippery and performs well.

Tune up your vehicle’s engine

Tuning up your engine frequently can help fix this issue.

These are designed to help its engine run efficiently and start easier and faster.

In addition, it can reduce the chances of emission in your vehicle, and it is also economical for you.

Its engine tune-up consists of new spark plugs, a radical examination of engine components, and a lifetime warranty.

A second service includes replacing the air and oil filter in your SUV.

Moreover, another service involves removing dirt, carbon deposits, and varnish.

Therefore, it is better to consider the nearby service when selecting a tune-up service to maintain your SUV.

It is better to talk to a technician and ask him about the specific services available for your vehicle.

Use suitable oil

You can use two types of oil in your Honda Odyssey conventional oil and synthetic oil. Conventional oil is the maximum frequently used type of oil.

On the other hand, synthetic oils provide more performance and protect the engine.

In addition, conventional oil transformation is likely to be less expensive than synthetic oil blend transformation.

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